Free Needlepoint Belt Designs

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    Needlepoint Belt Design Charts

    Diamond Bargello Needlepoint Belt Full Design. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to

    Work a needlepoint belt in alternating warm colors with this free diamond Bargello design. The easy-to-stitch geometric lines of the Bargello diamond make it an ideal project for beginners and experienced stitchers who want to learn how to make a needlepoint belt from start to finish.

    The full-color needlepoint belt design charts are all you need to stitch a beautiful accessory. The main design for this needlepoint project is a repetition of a single charted Bargello diamond pattern worked entirely with straight stitches (except for the outside border rows for finishing). The number of pattern repeats required to make an attractive needlepoint belt will depend on waist size and the chosen belt style.

    Diamond Bargello Needlepoint Full Design

    Now would be a good time to download and save the full needlepoint belt design chart so that you can follow along with these instructions. Each color on the chart is a close match to the ones used in this project. The motifs are fully charted; while background stitches are partially charted so as not to confuse you as you stitch.

    Working the Bargello diamond pattern is very simple.

    1. The first stitch is worked vertically over four canvas mesh. Each subsequent stitch is also worked over four canvas mesh threads, but either two threads up or down from the previously placed stitch (similar to the brick needlepoint stitch).
    2. Following the design chart, the pattern is continued around and across the canvas to form a diamond shape.
    3. The background fill between the diamond shapes is stitched in the same way with some stitches worked over four threads and others over two threads. Read this for more help in understanding how to work Bargello needlepoint stitches.

    Selecting Scrapbuster Thread Colors

    Using leftover threads from other projects creates unlimited design opportunities. All you need to do is ransack your needlepoint stash for leftover solid and overdyed stranded silk and cotton threads or other fibers you like for this needlepoint belt project.

    Even if you only have a few strands of two colors that match your color palette, you can get creative by alternating them to work a single stitch in the center of each diamond. Complete cards or skeins of other selected colors can then be used to work the inner portions as well as the outline of the diamond shapes, and as background fill between the repeating diamond patterns.

    Once the full color palette has been selected (three color motifs plus two colors for background fill), label each color motif as follows: Color Motif #1, Color Motif #2 and Color Motif #3), and store each thread selection in its own plastic bag to make it convenient for stitching.

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    Diamond Bargello Needlepoint Motifs Chart

    Diamond Bargello Needlepoint Motifs Chart. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to

    The outline of each diamond shape defines the Bargello or long stitch pattern. Establishing this outline is not difficult. Once you have worked the outline for the first motif, it is super easy to complete the rest of the Bargello needlepoint belt.

    Following the Diamond Bargello Needlepoint Motifs Chart pictured above, work the outline for all three color groups and fill in each section as a guide for future motifs. Pay careful attention to the alternating motifs. For example, Color Motif #1 is repeated after each of the other two motifs across the canvas until you reach the desired length of your belt.

    Each diamond motif is worked over 36 canvas threads, which results in a finished belt that’s 1.75 inches wide (easily able to fit through standard belt loops on skirts and pants). If this size is too large, then simply ignore the outermost diamond outline and work the outline next to it throughout.

    Find the center of the needlepoint canvas belt width-wise and count 18 threads from this point upwards and make a mark. Next count 18 canvas threads down from the center and again, make a mark. Using a yardstick, draw a line belt length-wise (waist size) from each of these marks to both ends. The Bargello diamond motifs will be worked between these lines with the outermost stitch of each motif placed over the marked canvas threads.

    The outside top and bottom border stitches that will be used in the finishing process are not charted; but should be worked as you stitch the diamond bargello motifs and the background fill areas—especially if the canvas has been mounted in a belt roller frame.

    Read more tips and detailed instructions for stitching the belt.