13 Free Natural and Earthy Fonts

These fonts have an organic vibe

A farmers market sign written in a bold, red, all-caps font

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Something about certain fonts can evoke the feeling of nature. Whether you are designing a logo for your business, a sign for a farmers market, or an invitation to a farm-to-table dinner, these 13 versatile, whimsical, and elegant fonts offer plenty to choose from.

The fonts are free for personal use, and most have the option to buy a commercial license if needed. All come with a complete set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and many symbols unless otherwise noted.

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    Organic Fruit

    A sample of the "Organic Fruit" font

     Alex Dominguez / dafont.com

    This font only offers lowercase letters and no numbers or symbols. It has a playful flair with lettering that's plump like fruit, but it's still very easy to read. It would look great on an informal party invitation for children or adults.

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    The Skinny

    A sample of "The Skinny" font

    Jusebox / dafont.com

    The Skinny may be, well, skinny, but it still has a presence. Think of it as tall, slender trees lined up in a forest. The font only comes with capital letters and no numbers or symbols, yet its light weight ensures that it's not overbearing.

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    DK Tobu

    A sample of "DK Tobu" font

    Hanoded / dafont.com

    Using simple lines, this font is fun and versatile. It's reminiscent of handwritten messages in the sand at the beach. And its youthful quality could work well on a children's party invitation or birth announcement.

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    Virginia Sky

    A sample of "Virginia Sky" font

     Brittney Murphy Design / dafont.com

    Virginia Sky is a beautiful handwritten script that's very easy to read. It would be perfect for adding a naturally elegant feel to a formal invitation, or it could make for a stylish logo, too.

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    Written on His Hands

    A sample of "Written on His Hands" font

     Kimberley Geswein / dafont.com

    Give your projects an authentic look while maintaining an organic, handwritten quality with this charming script. It's probably not legible enough for signs, but it could work nicely for a wedding invitation or engagement announcement.

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    Live Laugh Love

    A sample of "Live Laugh Love" font

    Vanessa Bays / dafont.com

    This fun font has a "free spirit" kind of vibe, making you feel like you're lying in a field of flowers. Its lettering is neat enough that it could be used for signs, logos, cards, and many other projects both for kids and adults. As a bonus, it features some quirky symbols, including a heart and smiley face.

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    A sample of the "Cezanne" font

    Public Domain 

    Cezanne has more of a rustic feel that could be perfect for some natural signage. The lettering has a heavier weight that might be somewhat difficult to read on a smaller scale. So for best results, stick to using it for a few enlarged words, such as a title on an event poster.

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    Ripe Dusk

    A sample of the "Ripe Dusk" fonts

    Xerographer Fonts / dafonts.com

    This handwritten font gives off a wild and free impression. Its youthful vibe suits it for a children's project, such as a birthday party invitation. Because it's a bit untidy, avoid using it in a small size that could be difficult to read.

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    Haiku's Script

    A sample of "Haiku's Script" font

    Poemhaiku / dafonts.com

    Haiku's Script is a beautiful, free-flowing font that combines a touch of nature with elegance. It has nicely legible lettering that would look great on a formal announcement or invitation. And it has some fun surprises in the symbol department, including a few silly faces.

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    Dandelion in the Spring

    A sample of "Dandelion in the Spring" font

     Brittney Murphy Design / dafonts.com

    Clean, round lines make this font feel cheerful and bright like a dandelion. Its lettering gives off a casual, handwritten vibe, but it's still very easy to read. This font would look excellent enlarged for a sign or poster, and it could be used for a smaller card or invitation, too.

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    Sweetly Broken

    A sample of "Sweetly Broken" font

    Brittney Murphy Design / dafonts.com

    The handwriting of Sweetly Broken has soft lines and a windswept feel. It would be excellent for an elegant invitation or announcement. However, it could become difficult to read at a small font size, so save it for simple cards with larger text.

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    From the Woods

    A sample of "From the Woods" font

    Skyhaven Fonts / dafonts.com

    The blocky letters of From the Woods give off a bit of an aged impression—like initials carved into a tree. It only comes with capital letters, so it's not ideal for projects with a lot of writing. Instead, try it on signs and posters to easily get your message across.

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    Bamboo Brisk

    A sample of "Bamboo Brisk" font

     Skyhaven Fonts / dafonts.com

    This weathered-looking font was actually created using bamboo pens, and it retains the slender beauty of its namesake. It only includes capital letters, but they don't feel overbearing. Use this font to add a touch of whimsy to a project, such as a party banner.