7 Free Monogram Makers

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These free monogram makers will help you make a monogram for yourself or for you and your partner in just a few minute's time. They're easy and quick to use, and you'll end up with a quality monogram you can use over and over again. 

You can do just about anything with these free monogram makers. Enter your initials and can change the style, font, and colors to exactly what you want. Your monogram can then be downloaded and used on everything from wedding invitations to water bottle labels to address labels.

Your finished monogram will usually be available to you as a PDF or JPEG file. You can use a PDF reader or a photo editor to open these up and use them.

If you'd rather create your own monogram, here are some free monogram fonts that will make them look great.

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    Monogram Maker

    A screenshot of the Mark and Graham monogram generator

    Mark and Graham

    Our favorite free monogram generator is hands down the one at ​Mark and Graham. There are 27 different monogram styles to choose from and you can great them in your choice of 16 colors.

    Mark and Graham's free monogram maker is very easy to use too. Type your initials into the text box (1 to 3 characters), select your style you like, and then select the color you want it to appear in.

    This generator is really easy to use and you can quickly change the style and color of your monogram and see it update right away in the preview window.

    After you've created your final version, you can have the file emailed to you or share your monogram on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

    Monogram Maker from Mark and Graham

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    Custom Monogram Generator

    A screenshot of the Wedding Chicks monogram generator

    Wedding Chicks

    The Wedding Chicks has 33 monogram styles in their online monogram generator and the image here is just one of those designs.​​

    You'll be surprised at just how highly customizable the monograms here are. Choose a product and a separate window opens up and lets you change the colors of the design elements, pick your custom initials with your chosen color, and change any other text in the design.

    With a click of a button, you can print or save your monogram as a .png file.

    Custom Monogram Generator from Wedding Chicks

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    Free Wedding Monogram Maker

    A screenshot of the Invys' monogram maker


    Invys has a free monogram maker with 16 unique monograms that are just waiting to be customized for your wedding or any other event.

    Choose the monogram you'd like to customize and then use the tools in the maker to choose your colors, font, alignment, and text size. You can also add extra text if you'd like.

    Once you're finished you can have a high-quality.JPG and .PDF filed emailed to you.

    Free Wedding Monogram Maker from Invys

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    Monogram Maker

    Creating a monogram in Chicfetti


    Chicfetti has another monogram maker that has 6 general monogram designs for the individual and 3 monogram styles for a wedding that incorporates both the couple's names. 

    In addition to monogram styles, you can add additional images and text if you'd like. There are other design elements that include various frames, shapes, and illustrations. 

    This generator is really easy to use but if you get stuck, there's a video to help you figure out all the features so you can create your monogram. 

    Monogram Maker from Chicfetti

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    Free Monogram Generator

    A monogram being created online

    Monogram Frames 

    This free monogram generator couldn't be easier to use. Simply type in your initials, choose one of their 15 fonts, and then select one of their frames. There are over 150 frames here in every shape and style, meaning that you're sure to find one that you love. You can also change the size and color before you finish.

    Once you're happy with your monogram, you can download it in SVG, DXF, or PNG files.

    There are also tons of other resources here included video tutorials and inspiration monograms created by other users.

    Free Monogram Generator from Monogram Frames

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    Free Monogram Creator

    Choosing a color for a monogram

    Carolina Clover

    Carolina Clover has a monogram creator that has 5 different styles, 26 colors, and dozens of patterns that you can use to create a 3-letter monogram.

    After you've created your monogram, you can save it as a .PNG file or print it directly from your browser. 

    Free Monogram Creator from Carolina Clover

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    Customize Your Free Monogram

    An online monogram creator

    Minted Weddings

    There are around a dozen monograms you can customize at Minted Weddings. They vary in style, some are modern, some simple, while others are on the traditional side.

    Once you choose the monogram style you like, you can change the text color and the accent color. You can customize your text by changing the bride's and groom's initials or names as well as the wedding date.

    Once you're finished creating your monogram, you'll be emailed a high-resolution image file.

    Customize Your Free Monogram from Minted Weddings