13 Free Monogram Fonts

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These free monogram fonts can be used to create a monogram for yourself, your family, or as a couple. You'll find styles ranging from formal and traditional all the way to more modern and casual.

You can use a word processor or photo editor to install these fonts and create a monogram. If you're not quite sure how to go about making a monogram, here are some tips on how to write a monogram.

If you're looking for a quicker way to create a monogram, these free monogram generators will get you there faster. You won't have quite so much control but many of the generators have different style and color options that you may find just what you're looking for.

These monogram fonts are great to use as a wedding font in your save the dates, programs, table numbers, and place cards.

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    "FHN" monogram in Landsdowne font.

    Paul Lloyd for Dafont

    The free monogram font Landsdowne, by Paul Floyd for Dafont, is a classic feeling font with a touch of medieval feeling that makes it strong and a little mysterious. Landsdowne comes with upper-case and lower-case characters as well as numbers and a few special characters. Landsdowne is also available as Landsdowne Shadowed which adds a nice shadow to the font adding to the drama.

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    Taller Evolution

    "SMF" in the Taller Evolution font.

    Zetafonts for Dafont

    Taller Evolution, by Zetafonts for Dafont, is a sans serif monogram font that you can download for free to use for your monogram or any other text you want to add some oomph too. This is a modern monogram font that uses clean lines and interestingly comes across as minimal but also bold. All letters in Zetafonts are uppercase, one set narrow and the other wide. There are a ton of special characters included which makes it really fun to create an interesting monogram.

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    "SWR" in Comfortaa monogram font.

    Johan Aakerlund fro Dafont

    Comfortaa, by Johan Aakerlund for Dafont, is a great free monogram font that is a good choice for anyone who loves a smooth modern design. Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and tons of special characters are included in Comfortaa, making it easy to create a unique monogram for yourself or your family.  Comfortaa also is available in light and bold font, which can also be downloaded for free.

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    Rasty Lop

    "EFB" in Rasty Lop font.

    Paula Lopez for Dafont

    The free monogram font Rasty Lop is another sans serif font by Paula Lopez for Dafont that while modern has a bit of a whimsy look to it without going overboard. There's only an uppercase group available but with such a clean font, you wouldn't want to dress it up too much anyway.

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    Monogram KK

    "VSM" in Monogram KK font.

    koeikat for Dafont

    Monogram KK is your traditional monogram font from Koeikat for Dafont with fancy cursive letters just waiting to make a statement. Uppercase letters are available and the lowercase set is simply a smaller version of the uppercase ones.

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    "FKL" spelled out using the Cursif font

    Cursif from Christophe Beaumale for Dafont

    Cursif by Christophe Beaumale for Dafont is a lovely script font that would look good on everything from wedding invitations to monograms. It has beautiful lines and unlike some cursive fonts, it's extremely easy to read. The free monogram font Cursif is available in upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and a lot of symbols.

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    Ecuyer Dax

    The font Ecuyer Dax spells out the monogram "PL."

    Daxad for Dafont

    Ecuyer Dax is a free monogram font from Daxad for Dafont that doesn't hold anything back with its strong horizontal lines inside of thick bold letters. Wherever you use it, it's sure to make a statement. Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols are all included in the download of this free monogram font. It's free for personal use but you'll need to purchase a commercial license if you'd like to use it for more.

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    "MC" in Bittersweet NF font.

    Nick Curtis for Fontspace

    Bittersweet from Nick Curtis for Fontspace is a unique monogram font that is available in two different versions. This is a truly beautiful font that feels very 1930's and will take you right back to those flapper parties. It doesn't go overboard ​though, it's still a classic font with a modern twist. Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and a handful of symbols come with this free download.

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    Party at Gatsby's

    "PGJ" in Party at Gatsby's font.

    tysmagic for Fontspace

    Get transported into the world of Great Gatsby with the free monogram font by Tysmagic for Fontspace, Party at Gatsby's. This is a clean, thin font that's easy to read and sophisticated enough to put on just about anything. Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and a few symbols are available in this free download.

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    Remachine Script

    The Remachine Script font in a monogram

    Mans Greback for Fontspace

    Remachine Script by Mans Greback for Fontspace is a retro font where modern meets vintage to form this lovely monogram font that is free for personal use. A commercial license is available for a fee if you'd like to use it for anything beyond that. Uppercase and lowercase letters are included as well as a few basic punctuation symbols.

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    The Above font

    HeroFonts for Fontspace

    1920's along with a twist of modern created the Above font HeroFonts for Fontspace. It makes the perfect monogram font but works for just about anything else as well. The uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and the basic symbols are included in this free monogram font.

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    Janda Stylish Monogram

    The Janda Stylish Monogram font

    Kimberly Geswein for Fontspace 

    This free font by Kimberly Geswein for Fontspace is made especially in mind for creating monograms. To get a true monogram look, use lowercase letters for the outside letters and uppercase letters for the middle letter This free monogram font includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and a handful of symbols.

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    KG Modern Monogram

    The initials "KTA" in a monogram font

    Kimberly Geswein for Fontspace

    Here's another free monogram font by Kimberly Geswein for Fontspace that comes in a plain style as shown here, or in a regular style with a decorate illustration that goes above and below the letters. This font was made specifically for monograms and you can get the look here by using a lowercase letter, followed by an uppercase letter, followed by another lowercase letter. Included in this free monogram font download are uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and some basic symbols.