Free Miniature Quilt Patterns

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The next time you want to create a small project, consider making a miniature quilt. Some of the miniature quilts are quick pieced and others are assembled using the foundation (paper) piecing method. This collection of miniature quilt patterns features a wide variety of options for every skill level.

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    Little Oddfellows Star Miniature Quilt

    Little Oddfellows Star Quilt Pattern
    Little Oddfellows Star Quilt Janet Wickell

    This design is a foundation (paper) pieced miniature quilt pattern that finishes at 20.5 inch square. The pieces are small, and there are lots of them, so it might not be the best pattern to start with if you are new to paper piecing.

    Do keep in mind that paper piecing isn't difficult. If you can sew on a drawn line, you can make a paper pieced quilt of any size.

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    Walk Around the Block Miniature Quilt Pattern

    Miniature Medallion Quilt Pattern
    Miniature Medallion Quilt Pattern Janet Wickell

    Here's a simple miniature quilt pattern that explains how to make a little quilt that measures 22 inch square.

    Start by choosing a pictorial fabric for the center (or a square from a printed panel or any other fabric you love) and surround the square with patchwork and borders. This little medallion quilt pattern is a beginner-friendly project.

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    Miniature Attic Windows Quilt Pattern

    Fantasy Attic Windows Quilt Pattern
    Fantasy Attic Windows Quilt Pattern Janet Wickell

    Mix and match attic window sizes when you make this quilt, instead of the traditional method of sewing same-size windows next to each other in horizontal rows.

    Choose from three different window configurations to make a 24.5" square quilt, or create extra attic windows if you would prefer to sew a larger quilt.

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    Scrappy Miniature Whirlwinds Quilt

    Scrappy Miniature Whirlwinds Quilt

    Sew 16, three-inch square Whirlwind quilt blocks to assemble this mini quilt. The easy quilt blocks are paper pieced. The layout is achieved by simply sewing half of the blocks as mirror images of the others.

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    Amish Style Miniature Double Nine Patch Quilt

    Miniature Double Nine Patch Quilt Pattern
    Miniature Double Nine Patch Quilt Janet Wickell

    Use this easy mini quilt pattern to make a 25.5 inch square miniature quilt in the Amish style. If you prefer, change the fabrics entirely to create a different theme.

    This little Double Nine Patch quilt is a perfect choice if you'd like to make a scrap quilt.

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    Grace's Spools Miniature Quilt

    Little Grace's Spools Quilt

    This mini quilt is named in honor of Aunt Grace, the original brand of 1930's reproduction fabrics designed by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Fabrics.

    Grace's Spools is made with 16, six-inch traditional Spool blocks that are flip-flopped from side to side in their horizontal rows to help create visual flow across the quilt.

    Although the quilt blocks are not technically miniature, this small spools quilt is beginner friendly and makes a nice doll quilt 

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    Log Cabin Christmas Tree Quilt Pattern

    Log Cabin Christmas Tree Quilt Pattern
    Log Cabin Christmas Tree Quilt Pattern Janet Wickell

    Use 36, three-inch square log cabin quilt blocks to make this little Christmas tree, or sew it in other colors to represent a different season of the year. The quilt finishes at 22.5 inch square—make it larger by adding a border or two.

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    Mini Patchwork Tree Quilt Patten

    Miniature Patchwork Tree Quilt
    Miniature Patchwork Tree Quilt Janet Wickell

    Here's a 29 inch by 30.5 inch miniature tree quilt pattern that's easy to tailor to any season. The little quilt is sewn from just two types of patchwork—simple squares and quick pieced half square triangle units.

    The quilt is a non-rag version of a larger tree rag quilt.

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    Make a Dollhouse Miniature Quilt

    Dollhouse Quilt on Bed
    Dollhouse Quilt on Bed Janet Wickell

    Try these tips and techniques to make dollhouse miniature quilts. The article includes a link to a foundation piecing templates for one-inch log cabin blocks.

Miniature quilts are not difficult to make when you consistently check the accuracy of individual patchwork units. If the units are cut, sewn, and pressed with care, they'll fit together as they should when it's time to assemble the quilt.

Now that you have some excellent pattern options, all you need to do is decide on a favorite and make your very own miniature quilt.