20 Completely Free Macrame Patterns

Wall Hangings, Plant Hangers, Bracelets, and More

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    Stylish Free Macrame Patterns You'll Want to Make Today

    These free macrame patterns will add some originality and boho vibes to your home and are budget-friendly enough, that you can make a dozen of them! They make great gifts as well; your friends and family will love that you took the time to make them something with your own two hands.

    Most of these projects only use macrame cord and a few other supplies. There are free macrame patterns for traditional macrame items like plant hangers and wall hangings, as well as some unique items like trivets, keychains, table runners, curtains, and even chairs and chandeliers. 

    Use these basic macrame knots to make these projects today.

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    Macrame Plant Hanger

    Create a classic macrame plant hanger that you can hang indoors or out. It's a classic design that even uses its own cording to create the hoop that it will hang by. 

    Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial from Hey Lila Hey

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    Macrame Mason Jar Plant Hanger

    Here's another version of a macrame plant hanger to try. This one is designed specifically to hold a mason or canning jar. All you need is a jar, some macrame cord, and scissors to make this project.

    Macrame Mason Jar Plant Hanger from The Spruce

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    Macrame Wall Hanging

    A macrame wall hanging in a home
    Stacy Fisher

    Macrame wall hangings are a popular way to showcase your knotting skills and this free pattern and tutorial gives you step-by-step directions on how to create this wall hanging by using just a few basic knots.

    Macrame Wall Hanging from The Spruce


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    Macrame Laptop Mat

    Here's a free macrame pattern for a laptop mat, which could also be used for a placemat, small table runner, or even a trivet. It uses the square, horizontal half hitch, and diagonal half hitch knots to create an intricate design.

    Macrame Laptop Mat from Koel Magazine

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    Dyed Macrame Necklace

    With leather lace, some string, and fabric dye, you can make this stunning macrame necklace. Customize this quick afternoon project by changing the color of the dye or leaving it undyed for a more boho look.

    DIY Dyed Macrame Necklace from The Merrythought

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    Macrame Key Chains

    Here's a free macrame pattern that is quick to make and would make a great gift for anyone. The pattern makes two different keychains that use macrame cord along with wooden beads and embroidery floss

    Macrame Key Chains from Hallmark Think. Make. Share.

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    Giant Macrame Rope Lights

    Make a statement with this giant macrame rope light. It will add a surprise element in any room in your house! You'll need cording, along with a lamp cord and socket kit to make this unique macrame piece.

    Giant Macrame Rope Lights from Vintage Revivals

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    Scandinavian Style Knotted Trivet

    Add a touch of Scandinavian design to your dining room or kitchen with this free macrame trivet pattern from We Are Scout. A wooden embroidery hoop plus a few beads make this trivet a budget-friendly project that doesn't compromise on style. 

    Scandinavian Style Knotted Trivet from We Are Scout

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    Macrame Top

    Take a t-shirt and with a few snips and knots, you'll have a macrame top. This one shows a white t-shirt that has been dyed, but you could use any t-shirt in your closet to create this stylish look. 

    Macrame Top from Mollie Makes

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    Macrame Feather Wall Decorations

    Create a wall display that your friends will envy with this free macrame pattern for giant feathers. You could easily modify the pattern to make smaller feathers that would be great for keychains or even ornaments. 

    Macrame Feathers from Honestly WTF

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    Macrame Earrings

    Grab a hoop earring and some macrame cord and you're all ready to create these stunning earrings. The directions are extremely easy to follow and you'll have yourself a new pair of earrings in less than an hour. 

    DIY Macrame Earrings from Cuckoo 4 Design

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    Macrame Dream Catcher

    To call this simply a dream catcher doesn't do it justice. This stunning wall hanging would look great in a nursery, bedroom, or anywhere in your home. 

    Macrame Dreamer from A Pair & a Spare

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    Hanging Macrame Chair

    With a plastic chair frame and a lot of patience, you can create a hanging macrame chair that looks like it came straight out of a high-end boutique. This tutorial shares a lot of trial and errors to help you successfully make it. 

    DIY Hanging Macrame Chair from Classy Clutter

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    Macrame Curtain

    If you need a room divider or a closet door, this macrame curtain will provide some separation, a little bit of privacy, and a whole lot of style. ​

    Make Your Own Macrame Curtain ​from A Beautiful Mess

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    Boho Macrame Wall Hanging

    Here's a boho-style macrame wall hanging pattern that uses just four knots to create a fairly simple design that looks impressive. It's such a versatile pattern, you'll want to make one for everyone you know. 

    Boho Macrame Wall Hanging from Foxy Twine

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    Macrame Table Runner

    Add some warmth and texture to your dining room with this free macrame table runner from The DIY Mommy. Inspired by one at Anthropologie, this table runner will give you that sophisticated boho look ​that everyone will envy. 

    Macrame Table Runner from The DIY Mommy

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    Macrame Bracelets

    Although smaller than the other macrame projects, this free macrame bracelet tutorial packs quite the punch. Use jewlery cord and connectors to create these stylish bracelets. 

    DIY Macrame Bracelet from Honestly WTF

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    Macrame Chandelier

    Here's another macrame statement piece—this time in form of a chandelier. Cording and a lampshade will create this jaw-dropping chandelier that will take you a good part of the day to complete. 

    DIY Macrame Chandelier from​ A Pair & a Spare

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    Macrame Garden Chair

    Here's another macrame chair pattern, but this one uses the frame from a lawn chair and different colors of cord to give it a retro feel with a modern twist. 

    Macrame Garden Chair from Mollie Makes

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    Macrame Bookmark

    This free macrame pattern is for a bookmark that would look great sitting among your coffee table books. It's a quick piece to make and it would also be a great gift for any occasion. 

    Macrame Bookmark from Koel Magazine