Free Labor Day Clip Art

Where to Find Free Labor Day Clip Featuring Flags, Stars, Eagles and More

Happy Labor Day holiday banner with brush stroke background in United States national flag colors and hand lettering text design.
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Labor Day clip art can be used for any type of projects such as a website, card, newsletter, invitation, or worksheet.

You also could also use the free Labor Day clip art to create some decorations if you're having a Labor Day gathering. Insert them into any word processing document and then print them out.

The free Labor Day clip art below includes images of eagles, flags, stars, phrases, workers, and people enjoying the long weekend.

Looking for even more patriotic clip art? Check out our list of free Memorial Day clip art and free 4th of July clip art for even more images that would go great on any of your Labor Day projects. 

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    Free Labor Day Clip Art at WilsonInfo

    A red and blue Labor Day clip art image

    You'll find some large, bold images at WilsonInfo's collection of free Labor Day clip art. The clip art here is a mixture of funny and serious, giving you some great options. 

    Some of the pictures here are animated GIFs, suitable for a website or ecard.

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    Clker's Free Labor Day Clip Art

    An arm holding a tool

    There are only a few images at Clker's website for Labor Day but they are clear enough to really capture the meaning of Labor Day.

    You can download the free clip art here in a large, medium, or small size.

    There's also some clip art images of laborers which are a great addition to the collection. If you want more images to use for Labor Day, try searching the Clker website for related keywords like labor, worker, etc.

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    Free Labor Day Clip Art at ClipArt Best

    A pair of US flag flip flops

    Though the selection is next to none, ClipArt Best may have a few images missed by some of the bigger websites above.

    Don't miss out on some of the other Labor Day collections you can find on this website here, here, and here, that aren't included in the link below.

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    Openclipart Free Labor Day Clip Art

    Clip art of a man with a hard hat and working tools

    The Labor Day-specific clip art collection at Openclipart is actually pretty small, but these "worker" images might be exactly what you're looking for this Labor Day.

    There are hundreds of these types of images here, like people working and construction signs, that are perfect for combining with the other clip art from above, like flags and such.

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    Free Labor Day Clip Art at All Things Clipart

     All Things Clipart

    All Things Clipart has a handful of Labor Day clip art that's completely free for you to download.

    These images each wish you a Happy Labor Day in their own unique way.

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    Free Labor Day Clip Art at

    A construction worker wishing you a Happy Labor Day

     fg-a provides let another source of free Labor Day clip art. Like some of the others from this list, this website mixes in funny clip art with serious themes.

    The animated Labor Day clip art at is enjoyable, but they, of course, are only useful if you're sending the image over the Internet.

    Just right-click these images to save them to your computer.

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    Clipart Panda's Free Labor Day Clip Art

     Clipart Panda

    Clipart Panda has 40+ free Labor Day clip art images that include colorful images of flags, workers, word art, balloons, stars, grilling, butterflies, construction workers, and more. 

    Click on one of the Labor Day clipart thumbnails and you'll be able to see the number of views and downloads, the filetype, and the size of the image. Use the green Download button to download the image onto your computer.