Free Harry Potter Themed Quilt Patterns

Create characters and scenes from the books and movies

Hogwarts Crest Quilt Pattern
Jennifer Ofenstein

Jennifer Ofenstein's Fandom in Stitches website is an excellent resource for Harry Potter quilt patterns. The patterns are all free; Jennifer discourages selling patterns, quilts, and other items inspired by trademarked or copyrighted works such as J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series. Free Harry Potter quilt patterns by several designers are available at Fandom in Stitches.

About the Harry Potter Quilt Patterns

  • Patterns by Jennifer and others are easy to download as PDF files.
  • Most are paper pieced patterns and some may require you to add a few details to enhance the finished quilt blocks.
  • Patterns are rated to give you an idea of their difficulty.
  • Pattern sizes vary but can be reduced or enlarged. Use sashing strips to frame small quilt blocks that you'd like to sew next to larger blocks.

This slideshow offers a peek at 11 quilt and quilt block patterns that range in difficulty from easy to a bit more advanced. Start paper piecing with a few easy patterns if it's new to you and move on to more difficult projects when you're comfortable with the technique. Once you've sewn a paper pieced quilt, you'll understand how to sew any paper pieced project.

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    Harry Potter Catching the Snitch

    Harry Potter Quilt Pattern
    Kristi Lehane

    Kristi Lehane, who designed the Harry Potter Quidditch pattern on this page, got hooked on themed quilts while making a quilt for her niece. Jennifer and other quilt designers inspired Kristi to begin creating her own patterns. 

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    Hogwarts Express Quilt Pattern

    Hogwarts Express Quilt
    Kristi Lehane

    Kristi Lehane loves to add little details to all of her quilts and quilt blocks. Quilts that depict a scene are her favorite designs, like this image of Harry running towards Platform 9-3/4 on his way to Hogwarts.

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    Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt Pattern

    Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt Pattern
    Jennifer Ofenstein

    This is Jennifer Ofenstein's second Harry Potter bookcase quilt. You'll find options that help you switch one design for another to personalize and rearrange the contents of your bookshelves.

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    Harry Potter Portrait Quilt Block Pattern

    Harry Potter Quilt Pattern
    Michelle Thompson

    Michelle Thompson designed this detailed portrait of Harry Potter. It's one of many Potter-themed portraits that Michelle has designed. Michelle began quilting when her daughter was born. Her first project was a Sunbonnet Sue quilt for her daughter.

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    Easy Hogwarts Crest Quilt Block Pattern

    Hogwarts Crest Quilt Pattern
    Jennifer Ofenstein

    This quilt block is one of two Hogwarts Crest patterns designed by Jennifer Ofenstein. This simple version is based on the original but is much easier to sew. The advanced option is more intricate and much closer to the "real" thing.

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    Advanced Hogwarts School Crest Quilt Block Pattern

    Hogwarts Crest Quilt Pattern
    Michelle Thompson

    Michelle Thompson's Hogwarts Crest includes lots of detail, making the quilt block a bit more difficult to construct than some of the patterns, or at least more time-consuming. Even intricate paper pieced quilt blocks, however, are created in the same way as simpler designs. The trick is to work slowly to complete each portion of the block.

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    Hedwig Quilt Block Pattern

    Hedwig Quilt Pattern
    Jennifer Ofenstein

    You can create a quilt featuring Harry's faithful companion, Hedwig, translated to cloth by Jennifer Ofenstein. This version is not specifically Potter-based, so an owl-lover would enjoy owning it. You'll find more Hedwig quilt blocks at Fandom in Stitches.

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    Hogwarts Castle Quilt Block Pattern

    Hogwarts Castle Quilt
    Kristi Lehane

    Kristi Lehane designed this simple Hogwarts Castle quilt block. The Quidditch hoops are a nice added touch, and you can personalize your version by adding quaffles, a snitch, or even players.

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    Mermaid Quilt Block Pattern

    Merpeople, Harry Potter Quilt
    Michelle Thompson

    Michelle Thompson's mermaid quilt block is perfect for a Harry Potter quilt but just as suitable for anyone who likes mermaids. You can change up the colors to match the hair or decor of a would-be mermaid in your life.

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    Lord Voldemort Quilt Block Pattern

    Voldemort Quilt Block Pattern
    Michelle Thompson

    Try making Michelle's version of Lord Voldemort. This version of he who cannot be named should be a cinch, even for new quilters.