45 Hard to Extremely Hard Free Word Search Printable Puzzles

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These printable word searches will be sure to challenge even the most advanced puzzler. You'll find three different levels of hard word searches below, each growing in difficulty based on the number of words you need to find.

There are the hard word searches with 30-39 hidden words, the very hard word searches with 40-49 words you'll need to find, and the extremely hard word searches with 50 or more hidden words. I suggest starting with the first section and then moving on to the other puzzles after you feel confident that you can tackle them.

If these puzzles aren't challenging enough for you, you can also consider making your own hard word search. Trade with a friend and see who can complete theirs the quickest.

Many other free word searches are available for just about every holiday and season as well as daily word searches, online puzzles, and word searches just for kids. Both adults and kids will love the challenge and fun these puzzles bring.

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    Printable Hard Word Searches

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    These word searches are considered hard because they have 30-39 hidden words to find. Can you find them all?

    • Famous Artists: There are 30 names of famous artists hidden in this hard word search puzzle.
    • Healthy Foods: You'll need to find 31 hidden healthy food words in this word search puzzle.
    • Famous Cars: This hard word search has 32 famous cars that need to be found.
    • Arguments: A tough word search puzzle with 33 hidden words.
    • Here Comes the Bride: A 33-word puzzle all about weddings.
    • The Beach: There are 34 beach words in this word search puzzle.
    • Music Artists: Find the names of 34 music artists.
    • Busy Schedule: Can you find all 35 words in this word search printable?
    • Movie Night: There are 36 movie titles hidden in this word search.
    • Lots of Words: A generally hard word search with 38 non-related words.
    • Famous American Football Players: Find 38 famous American football players in this puzzle.
    • Dogs: Find 38 breeds of dogs in this hard word puzzle.
    • Have Fun: A general word search with 38 words to find.
    • Your Body: You'll need to find 39 words to solve this science word search puzzle all about the body.
    • United States of America: There are 39 hidden words in this hard word search over the USA.
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    Printable Very Hard Word Searches

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    40-49 words that you'll need to find.

    • World Capitals: This is a very hard word search puzzle with 40 world capitals to find.
    • The Great Lakes Basin: Find 40 things you might discover in the Great Lakes basin.
    • Baseball Players: Find 42 names of famous baseball players in this word search.
    • Health Issues: Find 42 health issues in this very hard word search puzzle printable.
    • Les Miserables: Here's a 42 word hidden word search puzzle that's all about everyone's favorite musical.
    • The Great Lakes: There are 45 hidden words in this word search puzzle.
    • Horse Breeds: 46 names of horse breeds are hidden in this difficult word search puzzle.
    • Pearl Harbor: Print out this very hard word search puzzle and find all 48 words.
    • What's the Point: Here's a fun word search printable where you'll need to find 48 words or phrases that all have points associated with them.
    • Hilarious Movies: If you like funny movies, you're going to love this word search! There are 48 titles of some of the best comedies out there all hidden within this tough word search puzzle.
    • Relationships: This printable word search puzzle has 49 words hiding in it.
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    Printable Extremely Hard Word Searches

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    Watch out for these extremely hard word search puzzles with 50 or more hidden words. Pick one with unfamiliar words you to increase the difficulty and make it your own personal hardest word search.

    • Strange Words: Can you find all 50 strange words in this word search puzzle?
    • European Countries: Find the 50 countries in Europe in this extremely hard word search puzzle.
    • Fifty States: You'll need to find all 50 states to complete this word search puzzle.
    • Fifty State Capitals: Another extremely hard word search puzzle where you'll need to find 50 state capitals.
    • Camping: You'll have to find 50 camping words in this puzzle.
    • Popular Girls Names: Find 50 of the most popular names for girls.
    • Popular Boys Names: There are 50 names of boys in this word search.
    • Harry Potter Word Search: Find 50 Harry Potter-related words to solve this word search.
    • Our Family: There are 50 family words to find in this word search printable.
    • Self Help: You'll need to find 50 words to solve this puzzle.
    • Gardening: There are 50 hidden words that all have to do with gardening in this hard word search printable. Make it more of a challenge by finding the Lady Bird Johnson quote with the remaining letters. 
    • Flowers of the 50 States: Can you find the name of each state flower? There are 50 to find!
    • Golden Age of Hollywood: Find 50 actors and actresses' names in this difficult word search puzzle.
    • Box Office Hits: Relive your favorite movies with this free hard word search puzzle that asks you to find 50 box office hits.
    • Bio-mechanics: There are 50 bio-mechanics words to find in this very difficult word search puzzle.
    • '80's Cartoons: This is an extra difficult puzzle because the titles of the '80's cartoons are so long. Good luck finding all 50 of them!
    • Accounting: Find 55 accounting terms in what's one of the more difficult word search puzzles. If you enjoy this puzzle you may also enjoy free math word puzzles.
    • Deserts of the World: There are 60 deserts hidden within this tough word search puzzle. The remaining letters spell out a secret message.
    • Around the House: There are an unbelievable 100 words to find in this extra-tough word search puzzle. Can you find all the words that you can find around the house?
    • Harry Potter: In this hard word search printable, you'll need to find a whopping 180 words that all have to do with the Harry Potter universe.