Make Your Own Handbag Style Gift Bags

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    Free Handbag Style Gift Bag Template

    Handbag Gift Bag
    Handbag Gift Bag. Kate Pullen

    Use this free printable template to make a pretty handbag styled gift bag. It's simple to make and is ideal for party favors or for use as unusual gift packaging. You can dress the bag up with embellishments and adornments. Of course, you can always use a different color scheme to theme the bag to different occasions. 

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    Materials You Need

    •  Printed Template
    • Punch or circle cutter 
    • Scissors (art scissors are fine)
    • Glue or other adhesive 
    • Paper decorations like glitter or stickers

    A punch or circle cutter is useful for making the holes for the handle of the bag. However, if you don't have a circle cutter you can cut the holes by hand using scissors. The best way to do this is to make a small hole in the center first and use this as a starting point for cutting.

    When it comes to what to use to decorate your bag it all boils down to how crafty you feel like being. Anything you would use to decorate paper you can use on your bag. One fun idea is to use feathers to trim the opening of the bag. 

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    Print Your Template

     Print the handbag gift bag template onto scrap paper and transfer this to a piece of cardstock. You can size the template to your desired size. Smaller sized ones are usually better for table decorations but larger ones can be used to hold favors. Choose the size based on what your plans for the final product are. 

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    Cut around the template and score along the fold lines, this will give a good crisp edge to work with. 

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    Make It Pretty

    Now it's time to stamp and decorate your bags in any way you want. It is easier to do this step before assembling the bag. If you don't want to decorate your bags you can always use colored paper to give some life. You can decorate the handbags to look like your friend's favorite purses!

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    Glue The Sides

     Adhere the side edges together using glue or double sided tape. If you don't intend the purses to hold party favors then you can glue the top edge together as well. 

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    Finishing Touches

    After the sides are glued together you can add more decoration if you like. Some people like to make straps for their purses using ribbon. What will your imagination come up with?

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