17 Free Halloween Invitations to Print

Halloween costume party
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There's no need to spend money on store-bought Halloween invitations when you can customize and print your own. These free Halloween invitations can be printed from your home computer and mailed out on the same day. Your guests won't even know you didn't use store-bought Halloween invitations unless you let the (black) cat out of the bag.

Here are 17 options for free printable Halloween invitations.


Print these free Halloween invitations on cardstock for a more professional look. You can even design and print your own envelope template to hold them.

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    Bag O' Bones

    bag of bones Halloween invitation

    Mr. Printables

    This free printable Halloween invitation is sure to stand out from all the others and will be remembered for years to come. Simply download and print the free PDF, and add the name of the guest, when the party is, where the party is, and RSVP information. Then, cut out the pieces, and place them into an envelope. It's quick, easy, and oh so spooky.

    Bag O' Bones from Mr. Printables

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    Halloween Bash

    Halloween invitation shaped like a coffin

    Inspiration Made Simple

    Your guests will love this coffin-shaped Halloween invitation that has a smiling skeleton on the inside holding a sign with all of your party details. This free Halloween invitation is actually for a birthday party. But there is a printable that will let you turn it into a regular Halloween party invite if you'd like.

    Halloween Bash from Inspiration Made Simple

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    Spiders, Bats, and Haunted Houses

    Black Halloween Invites on a Table With Candy Corn

    Yellow Bliss Road

    Here are three free Halloween invitation options. They feature spider webs and spiders, bats, and haunted houses with the color schemes of black and white, black and yellow, and black and purple. You'll need to open these invites in a graphics program to add your party details before printing.

    Spiders, Bats, and Haunted Houses from Yellow Bliss Road

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    Little Witches

    A Halloween Party Invitation Leaning Against a Pumpkin

    Catch My Party

    "Witches and warlocks come out and play; it's time to celebrate this spooky day!" starts this wonderfully designed free Halloween invitation. There are also coordinating free Halloween printables including party circles, a banner, goodie bag labels, party labels, and a "cootie catcher" fortune teller.

    Little Witches from Catch My Party

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    Wicked Good Time

    A Halloween Invitation That Says "Wicked Good Time"

    Dimple Prints

    These Halloween invitations feature a witch riding on a broomstick, and they invite your guests to come to have a "wicked good time." After you've printed the invitations, fill in your details with the when, where, and RSVP information. Then, you're ready to mail them and prepare for the wicked good party.

    Wicked Good Time from Dimple Prints

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    Owl-Shaped Halloween Invitations

    Martha Stewart

    These free Halloween invitations somehow end up being a little cute and a little spooky at the same time. Print the owl template, and then use brads to make the owl wings moveable. Add your party details, and you're ready to mail.

    Owls from Martha Stewart

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    Vintage Witches Brew

    A Halloween Invitation With a Witch

    Serendipity Soiree

    This is quite the elegant yet spooky free Halloween invitation, beckoning your guests to a "bewitching soiree." Besides the invitations, there are also free bottle labels and cupcake toppers you can print. This will help to give your whole party a cohesive look.

    Vintage Witches Brew from Serendipity Soiree

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    A Halloween Invitation Shaped Like a Skeleton

    Martha Stewart

    These free Halloween invitations require a little assembly, but the results will be well worth the effort. Download and print the skeleton template. Then, cut out the parts, and assemble them per the instructions to make your Halloween invitation complete.

    Skeletons from Martha Stewart

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    Pumpkin Top

    A Pumpkin-Shaped Halloween Party Invite

    Martha Stewart

    Pull the top of these super cute pumpkin Halloween invitations, and the party details will be revealed to your guests. This Halloween invitation looks very impressive and seems like it would be complex to put together. But it only takes scissors and glue to create.

    Pumpkin Top from Martha Stewart

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    It's a Halloween Party

    A Halloween invitation with bats

    Party Planning Center

    This free Halloween invitation is on the tame side. It would be great for a kids Halloween party with its colorful and fun design. Included with the free Halloween invitations are printable Halloween banners, cupcake toppers, and treat bags to unify your party decor.

    It's a Halloween Party from Party Planning Center

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    You're Invited

    Black and White Halloween Invites With a Skull on Them

    Paper Crave

    These simple Halloween invites take only a few minutes to print, and then all you'll need to do is write on your party details. Print them on colored cardstock, and they'll look even better than the plain white. There are also free Halloween stickers you can download and print as well to decorate the invitations.

    You're Invited from Paper Crave

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    Scary Postcards

    A Halloween Invitation in Orange and Black

    Cottage Industrialist

    Print both the front and the back of these free Halloween invitations, and you'll have a complete postcard all ready to be mailed. The front features a spooky night scene. And the back will let your guests know all the details of your Halloween party.

    Scary Postcards from Cottage Industrialist

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    Festive Skulls

    A Halloween Invitation With Skulls and Candy

    Do-It-Yourself Invitations

    These Halloween invitations are a bit fun and creepy at the same time with the festive skulls and colorful candy. Simply download the PDF of the free invitation, add your party information, print it, and mail. The large center space allows you to add ample details if you need to.

    Festive Skulls from Do-It-Yourself Invitations

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    Pumpkin and Bat

    A Halloween Invitation With a Pumpkin and a Bat

    Print Free Cards

    These free Halloween invitations are a breeze to put together. All you need to do is print them and fill out the party details. For an added design touch, cut around the outline of the pumpkin and bat rather than leaving the invitation as a complete rectangle.

    Pumpkin and Bat from Print Free Cards

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    Guess Whooo Is Having a Party

    A Halloween Invitation With an Owl in a Tree

    Skip to My Lou

    This Halloween invitation is festive and friendly enough to be used for a kids party. Just download the adorable owl invite, and add your party information before printing. There's also a matching owl cupcake topper you can print if you want.

    Guess Whooo Is Having a Party from Skip to My Lou

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    Candy Corn

    A Halloween Invitation With Candy Corn

    Print With My Pic

    If you're looking for a super sweet and customizable Halloween invitation, then this one is for you. This invite features a realistic pile of candy corn that looks good enough to eat. All you need to do is add the party details and upload a custom photo before printing.

    Candy Corn from Print With My Pic