34 Halloween Games Online for Kids

Boy dressed up as pirate using digital tablet to play Halloween games
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Free Halloween games for kids can be a great way to keep your kid entertained in the weeks before Halloween. With all the excitement of buying new costumes and going to Halloween parties, this can be a great downtime activity played from their computer, tablet, or phone.

Your kids can go through this list and find some online Halloween games that are a little spooky and some that are silly, but they all are geared for kids. Who knows, maybe you'll have fun playing them as well!

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    The Halloween Game

    A witch flying in the sky with bats and pumpkins

    The Kidz Page

    This online Halloween game for kids has you direct a witch so she can collect as many pumpkins as possible. Watch out though because there are obstacles in your way like dragons and ghosts.

    The Halloween Game from The Kidz Page

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    A man with a lantern in a haunted cellar

    Primary Games

    Oh no! You're a cute little vampire and you crawl out of your coffin only to discover that a bunch of pesky villagers has broken into your castle. In this online Halloween game for kids, you can win by turning all the villagers into the undead and make it back to your coffin before dawn.

    Transylmania from Primary Games

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    Transylmania II

    Dracula and skeletons in a basement

    Primary Games

    Transylmania II is the sequel to the popular online Halloween kids game, Transylmania. The villagers are back in this one but they are tougher than ever. It's your job to get Vampy across the land and sea to get his Dead Bear back where it belongs.

    Transylmania II from Primary Games

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    Bones dropping from the sky in front of a haunted house

    Halloween Games

    Bungle looks like a simple game but don't let that fool you—it's actually a really fun online Halloween game for kids. In Bungle, you have to use your reflexes to make your jack-'o-lantern jump at just the right time to climb up the bones.

    Bungle from Halloween Games

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    A group of Halloween cartoon characters


    Boo! is a totally addicting online Halloween game for kids. It's patterned after the old Simon game where you have to follow a pattern to win. In Boo! you'll need to click on the monsters in the right order to get your name on the high scoreboard.

    Boo from GamesLoon

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    Whack O' Wheen

    Using brooms to kill ghosts and gather candy
    A Game

    In Whack O' Wheen, it's your duty to help Wendel, the wicked witch, protect her pumpkins from ghosts who are trying to steal them. This is a fun online Halloween game for kids that will keep them entertained for quite a while.

    Whack O'Wheen from Y8

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    Blending up a potion

    Primary Games

    Are you ready to mix up some spooky potions for Halloween? In this online Halloween game for kids, you get to follow a recipe and combine all kinds of gross ingredients like fingers, eyeballs, brains, and worms to create a potion.

    WitchMart from Primary Games

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    Jacko Matcho

    An online Halloween matching game

    The Kidz Page

    Jacko Matcho is a simple online Halloween game for kids where you match different jack-o'-lanterns together. You'd be surprised how challenging this game is since all the jack-'o-lanterns look similar. It will give your brain quite the workout!

    Jacko Matcho from The Kidz Page

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    Witchy Words

    Witchy Word search game

    The Kidz Page

    Witchy Words is an online version of the perennial favorite word search puzzle. Kids get to use their mouse to spell out Halloween words like black cat, broom, green, magic, and more.

    Witchy Words from The Kidz Page

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    Mario GhostHouse

    Guiding Mario through a haunted maze

    Mario Games

    Are you ready to help Mario out in this fun online Halloween game for kids? Guide Mario through the haunted house and help him solve puzzles so you can get out safe and sound.

    Mario GhostHouse from Mario Games

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    Pumpkin Supply

    Pumpkin Supply


    In this online Halloween game for kids, it's your job to catch the pumpkins and put them in the wheelbarrow. Just watch out for those evil pumpkins!

    Pumpkin Supply from Pepere

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    Halloween Sierra

    Dressing up a woman in Halloween costumes

    Primary Games

    Halloween Sierra is an online Halloween dress-up game for kids. Your kid can have fun dressing Sierra up in new shoes, hats, jewelry, and more.

    Halloween Sierra from Primary Games

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    Halloween Smash

    Switching places with Halloween shapes


    Halloween Smash is an online Halloween game for kids that's very similar to Bejeweled. Line up three like objects horizontally or vertically to make a match and clear them from the board. See how many you can get before time runs out!

    Halloween Smash from FreeWebArcade

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    Frankenstein's heads on a table


    Watch these moving heads closely because one of them has a brain under it! This fun online Halloween game for kids will challenge your mind while you have fun playing it.

    Frankenbrain from Y8

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    Yummy Halloween Mahjong

    A Mahjong Halloween themed game

    The Kidz Page

    It's not Halloween without a Halloween Mahjong game in this fun online Halloween game for kids and adults alike. Match the candy tiles to clear the board and be declared the winner.

    Yummy Halloween Mahjong from The Kidz Page

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    Scooby-Doo and the Creepy Castle

    Scoopy-doo exploring a creepy castle


    Scooby-Doo is the star of this creepy online Halloween game for kids. Help Scooby find his way through the Creepy Castle in search of the rest of the gang. Watch out for dark corners, though!

    Scooby-Doo and the Creepy Castle from Boomerang

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    Candy Bags

    Candy on a shelf

    Primary Games

    Candy Bags is a unique online Halloween game for kids where you're playing against the computer to get the most candy. The challenge in this game is that you have ​to get the most candy of a certain type before the computer does.

    Candy Bags from Primary Games

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    Creepy Halloween Differences

    Two similar Halloween pictures

    Addicting Games

    Compare the two spooky pictures and point out the differences in this challenging online Halloween game for kids. How many differences did you find?

    Creepy Halloween Differences from Addicting Games

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    Halloween Pumpkins

    Matching Halloween pumpkins

    Novel Games

    In this online Halloween game for kids, you'll need to shoot the pumpkins together to make groups of three. Once you've matched three pumpkins together they'll be destroyed.

    Halloween Pumpkins from Novel Games

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    Halloween Tripeaks

    Halloween Tripeaks

    Solitaire Paradise

    Halloween Tripeaks is an addictive online Halloween game for kids and adults. Win as many rounds as you can by finding cards that are lower or higher in sequence to the card you're playing.

    Halloween Tripeaks from Solitaire Paradise

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    The Typing of the Ghosts

    Typing words over ghosts

    Sheppard Software

    In this online Halloween game for kids, you'll need to have some sharp typing skills. To win, you'll need to type the words on the ghosts to destroy them.

    The Typing of the Ghosts from Sheppard Software

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    Halloween Sudoku Puzzle

    A Halloween Sudoku game board

    The Kidz Page

    If your kid likes Sudoku then they're going to love this online Sudoku Halloween game for kids. Instead of numbers, this Halloween Sudoku game uses spooky symbols like spiders, skulls, and eyes.

    Halloween Sudoku Puzzle from The Kidz Page

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    Ghoul Racers

    Exploring inside of a house

    New Grounds

    Ghoul Racers is a fast-paced online racing Halloween game for kids. Steer your coffin and hit all the checkmarks to be the first to finish in this ghouly race.

    Ghoul Racers from New Grounds

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    Boogie Bones

    A skeleton playing the drums


    A fun Halloween game for kids where they get to play the drums. The Halloween twist is that there's a pretty creepy skeleton on those drums and he's using bones to play them.

    Boogie Bones from AGame

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    Pumpkin Smashing

    The title screen of Pumpkin Smashin


    Pumpkin Smashing is a Halloween game for kids where you catapult a pumpkin and you try to hit as many trick-or-treaters as possible. How far can you throw your pumpkin?

    Pumpkin Smashing from Juggernart

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    Monster Shop

    Monster shop game

    Big Fish Games

    You're the owner of the Monster Shop in this Halloween game for kids. Complete all the tasks and make the required profit before moving onto the next level. This is a very addictive Halloween game and adults will love it too.

    Monster Shop from Big Fish Games

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    Floating Phantoms

    Bouncing on monsters and ghosts

    Primary Games

    The Floating Phantom game is an online Halloween game for kids that's a lot of fun!

    Move the trampoline to catch the monsters as they jump off the haunted house. Earn extra points by making them land on one of the floating phantoms.

    Floating Phantoms from Primary Games

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    Whack a Monster

    Whack a mole game but with monsters

    Primary Games

    In this online Halloween game for kids, you're a little cat and your teddy bear has been stolen by a monster.

    Luckily, you've got a mallet and you get to whack those monsters as payback.

    Whack a Monster from Primary Games

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    Monster Munch

    Monster munch

    Big Fish Games

    In Monster Munch, you get to guide your monster through a winter wonderland where he can munch on some snowflakes.

    Watch out for the snowballs and icicles in this Halloween game for kids because it will only slow your monster down.

    Monster Munch from Big Fish Games

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    Monster Mayhem

    Two monsters fighting on a beach


    Monster Mayhem is an online multi-player Halloween game for kids. Knock out your opponent for the win in this 10 round monster duel.

    If you don't have someone to play with, you can face off with the computer in Monster Mayhem.

    Monster Mayhem from Box10

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    Typing Monster

    Typing fast to kill a monster

    Primary Games

    You're going to love this free online Halloween game for kids that helps kids strengthen their typing skills.

    Type as fast as you can to beat the monster!

    Typing Monster from Primary Games