12 Free Halloween Games Online for Kids

Boy dressed up as pirate using digital tablet to play Halloween games
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Get free Halloween games online to keep your child entertained in the weeks before Halloween. With all the excitement of buying new costumes and going to Halloween parties, this can be a great downtime activity played from their computer, tablet, or phone.

Browse this list with your children to find a Halloween game online that catches their eye. All of them are seasonally themed—some are a little spooky, some are silly—but all are geared toward kids.

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    A man with a lantern in a haunted cellar

    Primary Games

    Oh no! A cute little vampire has crawled out of its coffin only to discover that a bunch of pesky villagers have broken into its castle. In this online Halloween game for kids, you can win by turning all the villagers into the undead and make it back to your coffin before dawn.

    Transylmania from Primary Games

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    Whack O' Wheen

    Using brooms to kill ghosts and gather candy
    A Game

    In Whack O' Wheen, it's your duty to help Wendel, the wicked witch, protect her pumpkins from ghosts who are trying to steal them. This fun online Halloween game will keep kids entertained and challenged for quite a while. You'll have to download the free Y8 browser to play this game.

    Whack O'Wheen from Y8

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    Halloween Sierra

    Dressing up a woman in Halloween costumes

    Primary Games

    Halloween Sierra is an online Halloween dress-up game for kids where participants can have fun dressing the main character Sierra up in new shoes, hats, jewelry, and more.

    Halloween Sierra from Primary Games

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    Frankenstein's heads on a table


    Watch these moving Frankenstein heads closely because one of them has a brain under it! This fun online Halloween game will challenge their mind while they have fun playing it. You'll need to use the free Y8 browser to play this game.

    Frankenbrain from Y8

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    Halloween Pumpkins

    Matching Halloween pumpkins

    Novel Games

    In this online Halloween game for kids, you'll need to shoot the pumpkins together to make groups of three. Once you've matched three pumpkins together they'll be destroyed and you'll rack up points.

    Halloween Pumpkins from Novel Games

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    Halloween Tripeaks

    Halloween Tripeaks

    Solitaire Paradise

    Halloween Tripeaks is an engaging online Halloween game for kids and adults. Win as many rounds as you can by finding cards that are lower or higher in sequence to the card you're playing.

    Halloween Tripeaks from Solitaire Paradise

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    Ghoul Racers

    Exploring inside of a house

    New Grounds

    Ghoul Racers is a fast-paced online racing Halloween game for kids. Steer your coffin and hit all the checkmarks to be the first to finish in this ghouly race. You'll need to download the free New Grounds browser to play this game.

    Ghoul Racers from New Grounds

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    Transylmania II

    Dracula and skeletons in a basement


    Transylmania II is the sequel to the popular online Halloween kids' game Transylmania. The villagers are back in this one but they are tougher than ever and it's your job to get Vampy across the land and sea to get his Dead Bear back where it belongs.

    Transylmania II from Gamezhero

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    Bones dropping from the sky in front of a haunted house

    Primary Games

    Bungle looks like a simple game, but don't let that fool you—it's actually really fun and challenging. You'll have to use your reflexes to make your jack-'o-lantern jump at just the right time to climb up the bones.

    Bungle from Primary Games

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    The Typing of the Ghosts

    Typing words over ghosts

    Novel Games

    In this online Halloween game, your kids will need to have some sharp typing skills. To win, they'll need to type the words on the ghosts in order to destroy them.

    The Typing of the Ghosts from Novel Games

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    Boogie Bones

    A skeleton playing the drums

    Scary Maze Game

    As the play name implies, this is a fun game for kids where they get to play the drums. The Halloween twist: There's a pretty creepy skeleton on those drums and he's using bones to play them.

    Boogie Bones from Scary Maze Game

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    Typing Monster

    Typing fast to kill a monster

    Word GameTime

    As a parent, you're going to love this free online Halloween game for kids that helps them strengthen their typing skills. They'll have to type as fast as they can to beat the monster with a fireball.

    Typing Monster from Word GameTime