827 Graduation Clip Art Images for Free

Download These Graduation Clip Art Images for Free

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These free graduation clip art images will look great on graduation invitations, announcements, party invites, decorations, and whatever else you need to spruce up for graduation.

You'll find images of caps, gowns, diplomas, awards, and graduates celebrating all on the free graduation clip art images below.

You can find more graduation freebies like free graduation invitations, graduation thank you cards and graduation congrats cards to help you save even more for your celebration.

Tip: Be sure to read the terms of use on each website to find out how you can and can't use the free graduation clip art.

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    Graduation Clip Art from Clipart Panda

    Graduation clip art of a hat and diploma
    Clipart Panda

    Clipart Panda has almost 100 free graduation clip art images of graduation hats, diplomas, graduates, owls, gowns, and more.

    To get the largest size available, click on the image you'd like to download. Here you'll see the number of views, downloads, filetype, and dimensions. 

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    Free Graduation Clip Art at Free-Clipart-Pictures.net

    Clip art of two graduation students with diplomas wearing caps and gowns

    The free graduation clip art here includes pictures of graduates, caps, diplomas, students, and yearbooks.

    You can copy these free graduation clip art pictures straight off the Free-Clipart-Pictures.net website or right-click them to download them to your computer.

    This website also has some free school clip art that may go great with these graduation images.

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    Classroom Clipart's Free Graduation Clip Art

    Free graduation clip art of a boy with lots of graduation caps

    You'll be delighted to find that there are over five pages of free graduation clip art over at Classroom Clipart.

    The great thing about these images is that some of them are updated with the current graduation year. You'll find graduation logos, banners, caps, diplomas and everything else graduation related.

    Click on the graduation clip art you'd like in order to make it larger, and then use the download button to save it.

    Note: Some if not all of these graduation clip art photos have a "classroomclipart.com" watermark off to the side of the image.

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    Graduation Clip Art at Clker.com

    Screenshot of a happy graduate clip art

    Clker.com has over a two hundred free graduation clip art images of all kinds!

    You'll find images of graduation awards, students, caps, diplomas, certificates, and much more. You may also find some graduation related images in Clker.com's teaching clip art here.

    Most of these clip art images can be downloaded as a small, medium, or large PNG file as well as downloaded in the SVG format.

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    Free Graduation Clip Art at Clipartix

    Screenshot of graduation clip art of a cap and diploma

    Clipartix has dozens of free graduation clip art in the form of caps, boy and girls wearing caps and gowns, graduation party banners, celebratory clip art, and others.

    Click these images once to make them larger and get to the download page, where you can then right-click them to download the biggest version to your computer.

    Also on the download page is a view count, download count, the format the image is in (like PNG), dimensions, and size of the file.

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    Free Graduation Clip Art at MyCuteGraphics

    Graduation clip art of three boys

    Most of the graduation clip art found here are of graduates themselves, like the example you see here, but there's also a couple graduation owls, a diploma, and an isolated clip art of a graduation cap.

    Choose the clip art you want so that it gets bigger, and then follow the directions below the picture to download the picture.

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    Jane Andrew's Free Graduation Clip Art

    A pastel graduation hat and diploma
    Jane Andrew

    Over 100 other free graduation clip art images can be found at Jane Andrew's website called Graduation Invitations & Graduation Party Ideas.

    All of these images are on a single page, which makes looking through them very easy. Just right-click the ones you want and choose to save them to your computer.

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    Bry-Back Manor's Free Graduation Clip Art

    A rolled up diploma
    Bry-Back Manor

    Several more free graduation clip art images can be downloaded at Bry-Back Manor.

    There's are graduation owls, diplomas, caps, and a boy wearing graduation attire.

    Just right-click these photos to download copy or download them to your computer.

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    School Clip Art's Free Graduation Clip Art

    Screenshot of a blank diploma clip art

    There's only a small handful of graduation clip art images here at School Clip Art, and they're relatively small, but each of them are free to take.

    Follow the directions on the top of the School Clip Art page to download this free graduation clip art to your computer.