5 Free Go Kart Plans

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Have you dreamed of building a go-kart? Make it a reality with these free go kart plans that are a fun woodworking project for you or to complete with your child or grandchild. There are many different styles of go-kart plans here all the way from the modern to the old-fashioned ones. Be sure to scroll through them all before deciding which one you want to build.

These free go kart plans include written building directions, diagrams, photos, and materials lists so you just need to get the parts and begin building.

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    Two-Seat Go Kart Plan

    Picture of an orange 2 seat go-cart

    Kart Fab

    This plan from Kart Fab is a 26-page PDF file that explains building a go-cart with 2 seats. It starts off by listing all the parts, tools, and materials you'll need to build the go-cart. The instructions tell you where certain nuts and bolts will be placed, among other things, so it's very detailed. Both diagrams and photos will help you build this go-kart.

    The plan includes every step of the construction process, like building the frame, bumper, floor, seat, and everything else. Instructions are written out next to detailed illustrations to make them easily understandable.

    Two-Seat Go Kart Plan from Kart Fab

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    Wooden Go Kart Plan

    Illustration of a wooden go-cart


    This free go Kart plan is offered up by HomeSchool.Co UK and builds a classic wooden go-cart that any kid would be proud to own. The plan is in a 5-page PDF file that shows lots of drawings and dimensions from various angles so you can understand how the parts fit together. A full materials list is shown on the second page.

    There are no written directions here but if you follow closely along with the diagrams and notes you should be able to successfully build this wooden go-kart.

    Wooden Go Kart Plan from HomeSchool.co.uk

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    Free Off-Road Kart Plan

    Drawing of a go-cart

    Kart Building

    This is a free step-by-step guide from Kart Building that can be used for building a go-kart. It's a very detailed building plan that shows you how to build everything from the engine to the steering.

    All of the different parts of this plan can be viewed online through the different layout pages or you can also download a 24-page PDF that includes all of these sections in one place.

    Free Off-Road Kart Plan from Kart Building

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    Push Go Kart Plan

    Illustration of a push go-cart

    Kart Building

    This is another free go-kart plan from Kart Building but is instead built as a push go-kart without a motor of any kind. This is a nice safe option for younger kids who want to still have the go-cart experience. Since there's no motor, this go-cart works best in the grass.

    There are lots of notes, a parts list, and plenty of useful drawings in this plan so you get a clear view of how to build it. The different drawings can be seen in image files as well as in PDFs.

    Push Go Kart Plan from Kart Building

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    MI's Highway Kart Plan

    Black and white picture of a go-cart

    Vintage Projects

    This go-kart plan from Vintage Projects is for a one-seater go-kart. It's a bit different than most plans in this list because it incorporates headlights, taillights, and turn signals so that it can be driven legally on the road.

    Something that may be concerning about this plan is that the diagram for building the go-kart is simply an exploded view of the go-kart instead of step-by-step instructions, so it could turn out to be more difficult to build than when using similar plans. You'll need to have some idea of what you're doing before you tackle this vintage go-cart project.

    MI's Highway Kart Plan from Vintage Projects