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Bread Baking Aprons

Bread baking is messy, and, if you are anything like me, you are bound to get flour on your clothes. Fortunately, aprons are coming back into style. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or know someone who does, these full apron (they cover your front top and front pants) patterns are just what you need. Each of these ten links has free online instructions on how to make your very own apron. Once you find a favorite pattern, you can make an apron for every holiday, season, and mood. These are beautiful gifts for yourself and others!

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    BBQ Apron

    BBQ Apron
    BBQ Apron. Debbie Colgrove

    Call it what you want, this is a great kitchen apron! A very easy pattern and easy to follow instructions, this is a quick apron you can make for yourself and for every baker on your Christmas list.

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    Make an Apron from Two Cloth Napkins

    This apron pattern is absolutely ingenious! It is made with two large square napkins and some ribbon. Being someone who's always checking out the clearance items in the cooking departments of the local stores, I've seen so many interesting cloth napkins marked down that I now have the perfect excuse to pick up a few.

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    Smock Apron Pattern

    This smock apron reminds me of the smock my mother bought for me one school year for art class. This apron pattern is very basic and sews up so nicely that I will definitely be making a few of these for the Christmas holidays. The smock apron covers and protects your top and the length ends above the knees.

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    Perfect Hostess of Holiday Apron

    This is a fancy apron - the kind of apron you would wear during the holidays or when company is over. The full apron has ruffled shoulders and a wide tie in the back for form the perfect bow. Very pretty!

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    Cute Apron Pattern

    Looking like a summer dress from the front, this pretty apron has a feminine top and the skirt is slightly gathered at the waist.

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    Edwardian Pattern Instructions

    Whether you wear dresses in the kitchen or you are super messy like me, this Edwardian apron will cover your whole front. Called a dress protector, this full, plain apron pattern can be kept simple or it can be dressed up to suit your mood. There are two side pockets in the apron - something many cooks appreciate - and the apron covers the sides of the hips and legs.

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    Jeans Apron

    An apron made from the pant leg of a pair of jeans? How cool! This is a super easy apron to make and a great project for teenagers. I would use this heavier apron for when I am working with wet doughs and making sour doughs. This jeans apron would definitely keep stains from going through to my clothes.