13 Free Apron Patterns

A mom tying her daughter's apron strings in a kitchen

Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury/Getty Images 

Take on one of these free apron patterns so you can make an apron to give as a gift or to use yourself. Making a DIY apron is a simple sewing project that even the beginner will be able to complete successfully.

No matter what type of apron you like, you'll find one you absolutely adore here. There are a wide variety of apron styles here including contemporary, modern, feminine, elegant, and farmhouse. There are patterns for men, women, and kids in a variety of sizes.

These patterns have everything you need including a supplies and materials list, cutting directions or pattern pieces, and step-by-step sewing directions. By the time you're finished, you'll have a great apron that you'll love so much you'll never forget to put it on.