Crochet Fringe: 10 Free Patterns with a Fabulous Edge

Designs with Decorative Details

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Crochet fringe is the perfect touch. It adds a fun design detail, changing the style of any crochet pattern.

Fringe can be long or short. It can be used on one, two, or more edges of a project. It can be subtle or it can completely make or break the design.

If you know how to make fringe for crochet, then you can add it to anything you make. However, there are also some crochet patterns that have been specifically designed for the effect of the fringe.

Here are ten of those fringe crochet patterns to delight you.

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    Crochet Wall Hanging with Fringe

    Crochet Wall Hanging with Fringe

    Handcrafted Vintage

    Fringe is something that we see in all different types of yarn crafts, not only in crochet. In fact, long fringe is especially common in weaving where it is used as a detail in wall hangings and other works of art.

    That detail is replicated in this crochet wall hanging, where a simple panel of crochet has been accessorized with two colors of long fringe.

    Working with this simple crochet fringe pattern will also teach you how to create layers of fringe on your crochet, which is a detail you might wish to use on the hems of skirts, shawls and other items that you make in the future.

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    Southwest Afghan Free Crochet Pattern with Fringe

    Southwest Afghan Free Crochet Pattern with Fringe

    Sunshine's Creations

    Here's a crafter's secret: crochet fringe can be a great way to avoid weaving in ends. When you have to change colors in every row of a striped crochet blanket, you end up with lots of ends to weave in. Instead of weaving them, though, you can keep them long, knot them together in groups, and use the fringe as a detail in the design. It can look really beautiful, especially in a very colorful design. Learn how to do it with this free crochet blanket pattern.

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    Crochet Fringe Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

    Crochet Fringe Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

    Sol de Noche (deco crochet)

    The great thing about crochet fringe is that it adds an extra element to the most basic designs. This is a double crochet scarf with extra long fringe. There are chain spaces between the double crochet stitches to create a more open mesh design.Plus,he t fringe on this crochet scarf is in a different color, which shows you how you can make a big difference in the final product that you crochet just based on the yarn that you select for your fringe.

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    Tassel Fringe Infinity Scarf Free Crochet Pattern


    Mama in a Stitch

    There are actually many different ways to make crochet fringe. This pattern demonstrates how to make a crochet tassel and then how to apply a set of such tassels to one row of a simple infinity scarf to create a beautiful fringed bottom.

    The crochet scarf pattern works up quickly with an N hook that also gives it a very openwork design, making it great for springtime and other warmer weather days. The scarf pattern looks lovely without the tassel fringe but the fringe really makes it special.

    Here it is all worked in a single color but, of course, you could make the tassels in a second color for a unique pop!

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    Braided Fringe Crochet Flower Scarf Free Pattern

    Crochet Braid Scarf Fringe

    Dawn's Crochet Blog

    This is a floral crochet scarf made up of many small motifs. The detail that ties it all together is the fringe; this is where we see that braids can be incorporated into crochet as fringe.

    This is a great detail for the design, and this fringe is really easy to make since almost all of us already know how to make a basic braid. This type of fringe could be used on the ends of all different types of scarves and other accessories.

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    Crochet Cowl Free Pattern with Short Fringe

    Crochet Cowl Free Pattern with Short Fringe

    Just Crafting Around

    This gorgeous ombre crochet cowl pattern doesn't even need the fringe to capture your attention. The shifting shades from dark to light grab your eye and the great texture created by post stitches worked back and forth across one another will certainly keep your attention, whether you are looking at this piece or crocheting it yourself.

    So it doesn't need the crochet fringe, but if you take a look at the way that the fringe sits on the neck when you wear the finished item, you'll likely agree that it gives it a regal look that makes it a perfect accessory. The free crochet cowl pattern comes with a photo tutorial for creating the short yarn fringe as a finishing touch.

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    Ombre Poncho Free Crochet Pattern with Fringe

    Ombre Poncho Free Crochet Pattern with Fringe

    Two of Wands

    Fringe is a popular addition to ponchos of all designs. This one is a triangular poncho designed in an ombre reminiscent of a seascape or a river in a canyon. It's a beautiful design that could be worn as a beach cover-up in summer and an extra layer in colder months. The fringe is long and full, making it a key detail in this free pattern.

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    Broomstick Lace Fringe Crochet Scarf Free Pattern

    Broomstick Lace Fringe Crochet Scarf Free Pattern

    E.M. Puff, Ravelry

    Broomstick Lace is a terrific, unique niche of crochet where loops are pulled up on to a needle to create a really open design. This free crochet scarf pattern is even more unique than your average broomstick lace design; the pattern ends with some loops that aren't closed off in the typical fashion so that instead of creating a row, they create a fringed, looped bottom. It's a really fun technique with great impact, and it's something that you could adapt to use on other crochet patterns, even ones that aren't made entirely in broomstick crochet, once you get the hang of the technique.

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    Bruges Lace Scarf with Corkscrew Fringe

    Bruges Lace Scarf with Corkscrew Fringe

    Elaine Phillips

    Here is another scarf that will let you practice a niche crochet technique. This time it is Bruges Lace. The lace creates the bulk of the scarf and is beautiful in its own right. However what really packs a punch is the terrific long corkscrew fringe. Even if you don't want to work with Bruges Lace, you could use this crochet pattern to learn how to make this unique and fun fringe and then add that to other crochet scarf patterns.

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    Macrame Knot Fringe Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

    Macrame Knot Fringe Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

    Undeniable Glitter

    Crochet fringe is often added to cowls, scarves, and shawls. It's a little bit like adding a necklace to the bottom of your neckwear, a jeweled detail that makes the piece a little more eye-catching. This is a triangle shawl with an openwork style and fringe at the bottom. Yet, this scarf is different from many others.

    What is unique here is that the fringe isn't just rows of hanging yarn. Instead, the designer has used a simple macrame knotting technique to create a few rows of knots that make the yarn look more intriguing. It's a polished design where the crochet blends into macrame and ends with fringe. It is fabulous.