Free Fish Clip Art and Graphics

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If you're looking for free fish clip art, this list of the best art websites will help you download high-quality fish clip art all for free. No matter what type of project you're working on, this list is sure to get you that perfect fish clip art image. If you're looking for clip art of real fishes, you'll find fish clip art of clownfish, lionfish, salmon, sharks, dolphins, angelfish, marlin, tuna, blowfish, pufferfish, crawfish, swordfish, and many other different types of fish.​

There are also free fish clip art pictures of fish that don't exist, but they'll sure to stretch your imagination. There are even a few silly pictures of fish that might be just what you're looking for.

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    Colorful Fish Clip Art

    An illustration of an orange fish

    Clipart Panda

    Clipart Panda has 80 free fish clipart images that include both color and black and white fish images. You'll find all types and colors of fish here and they're swimming, blowing bubbles, smiling, and having lots of fun.

    To download one of these free images, click on the thumbnail of a fish you like and then use the "Download" button to save it to your computer. You'll be able to view the file type, dimensions, views, and downloads on the download page. ​

    Colorful Fish Clip Art from Clipart Panda

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    Cartoon Fish Clip Art

    A blue and green illustrated fish


    There are more than 150 fish clip art images here that are all free for you to download. They are big bright images that can be used as-is or sized down for your project. You'll find all shapes and sizes of fish here including fish bones and underwater mammals like dolphins and whales.

    When you're ready to download one, click on the fish clip art image you'd like to download. There you'll be able to see the license (most are free even for commercial use) and the sizes that you can download the image here.

    Cartoon Fish Clip Art from Pixabay

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    Fish Clip Art

    A blue fish with a mouth full of teeth

    Clker has a ton of free fish clip art and you'll want to look through all of it. There are pages and pages of fish of all different colors, shapes, and sizes. You'll find bluefish, goldfish, salmon, orca, crawfish, and many other types that are free to download. Most of the images are large and high-quality, making them appropriate for any project that you're working on.

    There are a few options for each free fish clip art like how large you want the downloaded image to be. You'll also be able to view related clipart, making it easy to find another image that you might like.

    Fish Clip Art from

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    Free Fish Clip Art and Graphics

    A goldfish swimming in a fish bowl

    Classroom Clipart

    Classroom Clipart has several pages of free fish clip art that are perfect for the classroom but will work with any type of project. There are pufferfish, sharks, tuna, and flying fish among many other types. These images are so fun and colorful! Kids especially are going to love these.

    There are different file types you can download the free fish clip art as, but JPG file downloads are the only free option. The free files are still large and bright, making them a great choice.

    Free Fish Clip Art and Graphics from Classroom Clipart

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    Fish Clip Art

    A blue and gray fish


    eDigg has free clip art under many categories, with fish clip art being one of them. You'll find angelfish, brown fish, marlin, tuna, and others that you can freely download. There are instructions for how to download the free fish clip art below every image. After you click the download button, you'll be brought to a page that has the largest image available as well as file details and some download instructions.

    Fish Clip Art from eDigg

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    Fish Clipart

    A yellow and white striped fish
    Open Clipart

    Open Clipart has a whopping 40 pages of free fish clip art and you can find just about any fish, real or fictional, here. If you're looking for a certain type of fish use the search bar at Open Clipart and you'll be able to search that way as well.

    Fish Clipart from Open Clipart

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    Vintage Fish Clipart

    An orange wide bodied fish

    The Graphics Fairy

    If you're looking for more realistic fish clip art, you'll want to check out these vintage images from The Graphics Fairy. These are huge, high-quality images that will work for just about any project. There are 7 fish here in total, and they all have something special about them. To download, just click on the fish of your choice. Then you'll be able to see the full-sized image and save it to your computer.

    Vintage Fish Clipart from The Graphics Fairy