Free, Printable Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

Little girl cutting out paper Easter bunnies
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Kids will love these Easter bunny coloring pages, and you'll love that they'll be occupied for a few hours. After they're done coloring, you'll have some instant Easter decorations and memories, too.

You can print all these Easter bunny coloring pages for free and use them at home or in the classroom. They're a lot of fun for kids of all ages, and even the adults will love to take a relaxing break to color in images of the Easter bunny. Some of the printables are easier for younger kids while a few are a tiny bit more complex for older artists.

These coloring pages include images of the Easter bunny dying eggs, hopping around, holding Easter eggs, hanging out with kids, and having all kinds of fun. You can also find general Easter coloring pages and Easter egg coloring pages if the kids want even more coloring fun. Those are just a few of the Easter freebies you can find here.

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    Coloring Pages from Mom Junction

    The phrase "Happy Easter" with flowers and Easter bunny

    Mom Junction

    There are 15 free, printable Easter bunny coloring pages from Mom Junction that include Easter bunnies painting eggs, hopping around town, and more. Click on the thumbnail you'd like to print, and then use the "print" or "download" buttons to access the full-sized coloring page.

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    Coloring Pages from Free Coloring Pages

    An Easter bunny holding an Easter egg

    Free Coloring Pages

    Take a look at the titles of the free Easter coloring pages at Free Coloring Pages, and it's easy to pick out the coloring sheets that feature the Easter bunny. There's a happy bunny, a bunny on an egg, a girl hugging a bunny, a bunny in a top hat, and more. The simple images are ideal for tiny artists.

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    Coloring Pages from Free-N-Fun Easter

    The Easter bunny with an egg

    Free-N-Fun Easter

    Free-N-Fun Easter has more than 20 free Easter bunny coloring pages, including Easter greetings and more, all featuring the Easter bunny. To print these coloring sheets, click on an image, and then click "download PDF" to open the coloring page. Then print it from your browser.

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    Coloring Pages from Fun With Pictures

    An Easter bunny on top of an egg

    Fun With Pictures

    There are 20 free Easter bunny coloring pages from Fun With Pictures. Print from your browser or open them as PDF files. You'll find lots of coloring pages here that are fun for all ages.

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    Coloring Pages from Raising Our Kids

    An Easter bunny dying eggs

    Raising Our Kids

    There are three pages of free Easter bunny coloring images over at Raising Our Kids. You'll see Easter bunnies with eggs, flowers, children, carrots, and cards that are all just waiting to be colored. Create a whole coloring book as an added gift to pop into your child's Easter basket.

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    Coloring Pages from

    An Easter bunny hopping

    Two pages of printable Easter bunny coloring pages are waiting for you at Click on the Easter bunny coloring page twice to get an ad-free version all ready for printing or saving. You'll find bunnies with distinct and humorous personalities.

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    Coloring Pages from Hello Kids

    An Easter bunny, chick, and eggs

    Hello Kids

    Hello Kids has a cute group of Easter bunny coloring pages that has a loveable bunny hanging out with eggs, chicks, and even a pencil. Besides the array of coloring pages, you'll also find some adorable bunny icons, letters incorporating bunny shapes, and printable gift tags you can color.

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    Coloring Pages from Twisty Noodle

    An Easter bunny holding an egg

    Twisty Noodle

    Twisty Noodle has a great collection of free and classic Easter bunny coloring pages that has that bunny with eggs, baskets, hats, kids, chicks, and more. In addition to the Easter bunny coloring pages, there are also Easter bunny math worksheets, writing practices, printable books, and reading pages.​ Each Easter bunny coloring page can also be printed with writing practice in your choice of text and font.

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    Coloring Pages from Super Coloring

    An Easter bunny

    Super Coloring

    Super Coloring has two pages full of free, printable Easter bunny coloring pages. The kids will be able to color fun images of Easter bunnies doing all kinds of Easter things, from coloring eggs to celebrating springtime. You can color all these sheets online or print them out from your browser to color traditionally. 

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    Coloring Pages from Best Coloring Pages for Kids

    An Easter bunny with an Easter basket

    Best Coloring Pages for Kids

    There's a handful of Easter bunny coloring pages from Best Coloring Pages for Kids, each one cuter than the next. You'll find the Easter bunny painting eggs, filling Easter baskets, playing in the flowers, and just looking plain adorable. To print these coloring pages, click on the thumbnail, and then print them directly from your browser.