23 Free Earth Day Word Search Puzzles

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Earth Day word search puzzles are a fun, educational activity to help your students or children celebrate the holiday. They can strengthen their vocabulary skills while being reminded of what makes our planet so special. The following Earth Day word search puzzles are free to print, and there are a few you can complete online. They are organized by skill level and recommended grade level.

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    Easy Puzzles

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    The Earth Day word search puzzles below have 15 or fewer hidden words to find. These easy puzzles are great for kids in grades 1 to 3.

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    Medium Difficulty Puzzles

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    These Earth Day word search puzzles have a moderate difficulty level with between 16 and 29 words to find. They work best for students in grades 4 and 5.

    • Planet word search: Find the 16 words that are hidden forward, backward, diagonally, up, and down.
    • Elementary-age word search: There also are 16 words hiding in this puzzle from TeacherVision that's meant for grades 3 through 5.
    • Earth Day worksheet: Print out this Earth Day worksheet to find the 18 hidden terms, such as planet, soil, water, environment, and conserve.
    • Save the planet word search: There are 20 hidden words about recycling and conservation in this free puzzle. You'll need a free membership to log in.
    • Earth Day holiday word search: You'll also need to find 20 words in this puzzle that celebrates the Earth Day holiday.
    • Earth word search: Why is our planet so special? Explore the highlights of Earth in this fun word search that would be perfect for Earth Day. You'll need to find 20 words to solve it.
    • Earth Day word search: There are 20 hidden Earth Day words in this puzzle. Can you find them all?
    • Science word search: You'll be on the hunt for 27 hidden Earth-related words in this free puzzle from Science Kids.
    • Sustainability word search: This free printable worksheet also has 27 hidden words to find that is all about conservation and protecting the environment.
    • Earth Day every day: This Earth Day word search puzzle has 28 words to find, all themed around protecting the planet.
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    Challenging Puzzles

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    Try these Earth Day word searches if you dare. There are so many letters jumbled up in the puzzles that they're sure to make you think. They're built for kids in grades 6 and up as well as adults.

    • Difficult Recycling word search: This Earth Day word search is on the more difficult side with 15 words to find. The words run forward, backward, diagonally, up, and down.
    • Earth Day challenge: There are a whopping 64 words to find in this free, printable Earth Day word search. And many of the words have a substantial number of letters. Fortunately, a clear answer key is provided.
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    Online Puzzles

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    These Earth Day word search puzzles vary in skill level and are all online, which means you don't have to print them to complete them.

    • Earth Day word search game: Win this word search game by finding 16 hidden words, such as energy, pollution, habitat, and litter.
    • Interactive word search for kids: Find 11 words in this free online puzzle that's built for elementary-age kids.
    • Planet Earth online word search: There are 25 hidden words in the puzzle that all have to do with our planet, Earth. You can customize a ton of settings here like sounds, fonts, grid lines, and turning on and off a kid mode.