Free Pattern to Sew a Large Pet Bed - A perfect medium or large dog pet bed

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    Materials and Cutting Variation to Make a Large Pet Bed

    High Angle View Of Cat Sleeping In Pet Bed
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    Note: These directions provide a variation of the Free Small Pet Bed Pattern

    Materials:* Materials are almost the same as for small pet bed with the following exceptions.

    • This large pet bed will require 5 yards of fabric.
    • 5 -- 20 oz. bags of stuffing.
    • Enough thick interfacing for two floor base pieces. (If your interfacing is not wide enough, butt the edges and zigzag the joint.)

    Pattern Variations to create the large pet bed pattern:

    • Make the

    Using the Inner Base of Pet Bed (Pillow) pattern piece

    • Add 3" to both sides on a folded paper the same way you did to make the original pillow base. This creates the large floor base
    • Add 2" on each folded side to create the large floor pillow base, the same way you did the other pieces, using a paper folded in quarters.

    Cutting Variations to Create a Large Pet Bed

    • Cut 3 of the floor base
    • Cut 6 -- 15" strips for the sides. Use three sections for each side section
    • Use a 90" piece of piping on the upper edge of the sides.
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    Assembly Variations

    Assembly is almost the same as the small pet bed with the following exceptions:

    • Rather than fight the large stuffed pillow being attached to the side pillow, join two floor pieces with interfacing to the side pillow, in the same manner you would join the pillow base on the small pet bed. I found it easier to machine sew after hand basting, using button and carpet thread, about an inch from the edge. This held the stuffing back from the sewing area.
    • Assemble the pillow as shown in the small pet bed, rather than attach it to the sides, finish the seam or enclose the seam allowance with double fold bias tape or s sturdy seam finish. Push the pillow into the bed. This also allows the pillow to be removed for washing.