10 Free DIY Shoe Rack Plans

A shoe rack in front of a yellow wall

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Corral that pile of shoes by the front door with a DIY shoe rack plan that you can build yourself in just one or two afternoons. This quick project is a satisfying one and in the end, you'll have a great-looking shoe rack that you can put anywhere.

There's a style here for everyone with some of the shoe rack plans being traditional, others being industrial, and others being more contemporary. Whatever style you've chosen for your space, you'll be able to find a shoe rack to fit.

These shoe rack plans are available in a wide variety of sizes, from a basic shoe rack with shelves, to a bench with shoe storage, and even some large shoe storage options that would be great in a closet. No matter where you decide to place your new shoe rack, you'll be glad you have a place where you can put them away when you're not using them.

This is a great beginner woodworking project and you can take all the bragging rights knowing that you did it yourself. You'll end up with a nicely built shoe rack that costs a fraction of one at the store.

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    Closet Shoe Organizer and Rack

    A shoe rack with different sizes of shoes

    Our House Now a Home 

    This DIY shoe rack has enough room for six rows of shoes! There's even some extra tall storage space for boots. There's also lots of deep storage available for shoes that you don't wear often. This shoe rack is meant to go into a walk-in closet, but it really could be put anywhere you need it, including somewhere by the front door. It's a budget-friendly project that just uses plywood and paint.

    Shoe Organizer and Rack for a Closet from Our House Now a Home

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    Scrap Wood Shoe Cabinet

    A shoe cabinet in an entryway

    Reality Day Dream 

    Just because you're making something functional doesn't mean that it can't also be beautiful. This DIY shoe cabinet doubles as an entryway bench with the front opening up to hold three rows of shoes. This is a great solution for a small entryway, giving you something that looks great that also doubles as storage. It's made out of scrap pieces of melamine but also includes a cut list if you need to buy new panels. Download this full set of plans that includes a supplies and tools list, a cut list, diagrams, instructions, and lots of photos.

    Scrap Wood Shoe Cabinet from Reality Day Dream

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    Easy Mudroom Bench With Shoe Storage

    A mudroom with shoe storage on the floor

    Bitterroot DIY 

    This extra long mudroom bench has a shelf below made out of dowel rods that's perfect for storing shoes. You can also use the floor below the shelf for extra shoes. With all this shoe storage, you won't have shoes laying around the house anymore. A tools and supplies list, cut list, step-by-step building directions, and diagrams will help you complete this easy build.

    Easy Mudroom Bench with Shoe Storage from Bitterroot DIY

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    Industrial Shoe Rack

    A wooden and metal shoe rack

    Two Feet First 

    If you're tight on space, here's a great smaller shoe rack that you can build and tuck away in a corner or sit by the door. This industrial-style shoe rack plan uses wood boards along with pipes to create a great looking small shoe rack for any area of your home. You could easily adjust the plan to make a larger shoe rack or even a bookcase, using the same hardware and wood.

    DIY Industrial Shoe Rack from Two Feet First

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    Floating Bench With Shoe Shelf

    A mudroom with a floating bench shoe rack duo

    The Schmidt Home

    This stunning floating bench can be used in a mudroom, entryway, or laundry room. Underneath the floating bench is a tucked-away shelf that's perfect for shoe storage. It needs to be built against a load-bearing wall for support so be sure to find a great space for it before building it. It has a nice wide shoe shelf below the bench for lots of shoes, plus extra floor storage.

    Floating Bench with Shoe Shelf from The Schmidt Home

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    DIY Shoe Cabinet

    A white shoe cabinet by a set of stairs

    House Becoming Home

    This DIY shoe cabinet has an unbelievable amount of room for shoes, with seven drawers in various sizes to hold shoes for both kids and adults. With all this storage space, you can fit a lot more in it than just shoes. It's a twist on a DIY dresser and would look great anywhere in your home.

    DIY Shoe Cabinet from House Becoming Home

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    Two-Tier Hallway Shoe Rack

    A shoe rack next to a rug

    Crafty Lumberjacks

    Here's something modern that's going to look great in your apartment. This DIY shoe rack plan is made out of dowels and copper pipe fittings, giving it an industrial look. It's an easy project and in addition to the written directions and photos, there's also a video to help you make this project a reality.

    Two Tier Hallway Shoe Rack from Crafty Lumberjacks

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    Shoe Storage Bench

    A blue bench by a coat rack

    Jaime Costiglio 

    This shoe storage bench project has four large crates to hold shoes and a bench on top for putting on and taking off shoes. This is the perfect solution for storing kids' shoes and keeping everything in separate crates for each child. The plan makes it easy to make a smaller bench if this one is too long for your area.

    Shoe Storage Bench from Jaime Costiglio

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    Crate Shoe Rack

    A shoe rack made of crates


    This DIY shoe rack is made entirely out of unfinished crates that you can find at your home improvement or hobby store. The crates are simply painted and then arranged in any way that fits your needs. Keep in mind that if you have small children or pets you'll need to secure the crates to each and to the wall. Besides shoe storage, you could use them as a bookshelf or toy storage.

    Crate Shoe Rack from C.R.A.F.T.

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    $35 DIY Shoe Rack

    A shoe rack by a door

    The Poor Swiss

    This 3-tier DIY shoe rack can be built for $35 with some spruce boards and wood stain. Even though it's a budget project, it builds a beautiful piece of furniture and you'll have this shoe rack for years to come. It's a pretty quick project that will give you more than enough room for you and your family's shoes. There are three shelves to fit all of them! The bottom shelf is just above the floor so there's no reason to sit anyone's shoes on the floor.

    $35 DIY Shoe Rack from The Poor Swiss