8 Free DIY Furniture Plans Perfect For Your Home

Build your own furniture with these 8 easy to build plans.

Take your furniture assembling skills past the simple Ikea assemble-it-yourself stage, and try building your own furniture with these free furniture plans created by Designs by Studio C that are suitable for a wide range of woodworking skills including novice builders.

Not only does building your own furniture allow you to customize the finish of a piece of furniture to match your room but it often is a great way to save money on furniture while still ending up with furniture that is made with...MORE wood instead of particleboard. Here are 8 free furniture plans perfect for a variety of rooms in your house, from the bedroom, living room, dining room or office.

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    DIY Buffet Cabinet
    DIY Buffet Cabinet. Designs By Studio C

    Perfect for your dining room this buffet offers lots of storage space with six drawers and two cupboards to store your china and serving platters. Or consider using this buffet as a dresser or media storage console, the stylish piece offers a lot of storage versatility. 

    DIY Buffet Cabinet from Designs By Studio C

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    DIY Queen Canopy Bed Frame
    DIY Queen Canopy Bed Frame. Designs By Studio C

    Add a romantic touch to your bedroom with this dreamy canopy bed frame for your queen sized mattress. Finish the canopy bed with your choice of paint or stain, and drape your choice of fabric over the top to create the canopy. 

    DIY Queen Canopy Bed Frame from Designs By Studio C

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    DIY Console Table
    DIY Console Table. Designs By Studio C

    This build it yourself console table is perfect for all woodworking skill levels. Create your own table for your front entrance as a place to store keys and mail or place it behind your sofa for a surface for your lamp or beverages. 

    DIY Console Table from Designs By Studio C

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    DIY Modern Cube Bookcase
    DIY Modern Cube Bookcase. Designs By Studio C

    Similar in design to Ikea's Kallax bookcase this easy to build DIY plan has more spacing between the cubes for a unique stylish look. Use the cube bookcase as a room divider, or vertically or horizontally to help organize your home. 

    DIY Modern Cube Bookcase from Designs By Studio C

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    DIY Star-base Side Table
    DIY Star-base Side Table. Designs By Studio C

    Create a set of star-base side tables for your living room that are easy to build using affordable plywood sheet and 2x4s. Finish the table with your choice of stain or paint, or try doing a two tone finish with staining the top such as a rich earthy walnut and paint the base with metallic copper. No matter what you choose the table is certain to be an eye-catching furniture piece. 

    DIY Star-Based Side Table from Designs By Studio C

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    DIY Sleek And Modern Nightstand
    DIY Sleek And Modern Nightstand. Designs By Studio C

    Build your own modern nightstands with this streamlines bedside table plan that has two storage drawers for ample storage. Similar to Ikea's popular Malm nightstand this trendy sleek design will work no matter what your bedroom style is. 

    DIY Sleek And Modern Nightstand from Designs By Studio C

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    DIY Tradesman Dining Chair
    DIY Tradesman Dining Chair. Designs By Studio C

    Build your own chairs inspired by World Market's Tradesman Chair that would look amazing paired with your dining room table. The streamline design can be finished to anywhere from rustic to modern depending on your choice and stain. The base of the chair can also easily be upholstered to give additional comfort. 

    DIY Tradesman Dining Chair from Designs By Studio C

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    DIY Cosmo Dresser
    DIY Cosmo Dresser. Designs By Studio C

    Tight on space, but need storage space for your bedroom? This DIY Cosmo dresser is perfect with its narrow profile design it won't take up much precious floor space but the three wide drawers will still provide enough room to store your clothes. Simple enough to be built by a beginner when it comes to furniture building this dresser is sure to please with its classic design. 

    DIY Cosmo Dresser from Designs By Studio C