Free Pattern & Directions to Sew a Dish Liquid Apron

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    Materials & Cutting Directions

    Dish soap sitting on the counter maybe an essential but it doesn't have to be an eyesore! Are you looking for a quick project to spiff up a kitchen or a small house warming gift? Here's one that can be made to match any decor! Use scraps from your kitchen curtains or small appliance covers to tie everything together.
    The included pattern piece includes the hem line for the short dish liquid bottles.

    Materials List:

    • Fabric
    • or graphic format
    • Narrow double fold bias tape to compliment your fabric
    • Thread
    • Sewing Machine
    • Optional: narrow lace, small buttons, assorted trims

    Cutting Directions:
    Place the indicated line on the pattern piece on to a straight grain fold of the fabric. Do not cut the fold.
    The pattern piece has two hem lengths to allow for the shorter dish liquid bottles and the taller bottles. Cut for the size bottle you will be dressing.

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    Trim & Edges

    Apply Trim and Edge Finish
    Applying Trim and Finishing the Edges. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Assembly Directions:

    Apply trim as desired to the dish liquid apron front.

    Zigzag or finish the hem edges. Turn up to the wrong sides, a scant 1/4" (or roll the zigzag to the wrong side) and top stitch the hem.

    If you are working with a quilted fabric as shown here, you may want to zigzag all of the edges, just to make them more condensed for working the hem and the bias tape later.

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    Top Edge Trim

    Top Edge Trim
    Top Edge Trim. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Apply a length of double fold bias tape, approximately 2 3/4" long, to the neckline edge as shown in the photo.

    Trim to match the edges of the apron

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    Neck & Tie

    Neck & Ties
    Neck & Ties. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Top stitch approximately 10" of the bias tape on itself. Insert the under arm edge of the apron into the bias tape and top stitch. When you reach the end of the "arm hole" sew approximately 5" for the neckline and reinsert the other "arm hole" inside the bias tape, the same way you did the first one. At the end of the "arm hole", proceed to top stitch the bias tape, the same way as the other end, to create the apron ties.

    Place the "neck line" over the top of the bottle and tie the apron strings around the bottle.