11 Free DIY Deer Stand Plans

illustration of a deer stand being built

The Spruce / Mary McLain

If you're a deer hunter or know someone who is, you should consider using one of the below free deer stand plans to take your deer hunting to the next level.

These free building plans include free-standing deer stand plans, deer stands in trees, and box deer blinds. They are in a variety of sizes, all with different features, so you should find just the deer stand that will work best for your hunting ground.

You'll find diagrams, step-by-step building instructions, photos, material lists, cut lists, and more helpful resources as a part of these free deer stand plans. They have everything you need to help you succeed with your build.

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    Deer Blind

    A green deer stand in a field built from a free deer stand plan

    My Outdoor Plans

    This 6x6 deer stand can hold several people at once and has windows on all sides.

    A list of materials and tools are given, and each object that's needed to build the deer stand are marked on an overview image so as to give a very easy-to-understand visual on how all the pieces fit together.

    In addition to an overview, the plan explains how to build a deer stand with step-by-step instructions and pictures.

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    Two-Level Deer Stand

    A two-level deer stand built from a free deer stand plan

    Free Deer Stand Plans

    This plan has you put together a deer stand that reaches 15 feet along a tree, with both a platform at the top and one at just 6 feet off the ground.

    In 5 parts, you'll find a walkthrough that includes a list of materials, cutting instructions, info on putting the top and bottom levels together, and finishing the top.

    Depending on where you source your materials, you can expect to spend around $150 for this deer stand.

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    Deer Tree Stand

    A deer stand up in a tree in the woods built from a free deer stand plan

    Hydrogen Electrolysis

    This plan describes building a deer stand around a tree, so it also includes a hand-rail, platform, and a ladder.

    The instructions call for a 16-foot ladder and have details for putting all the pieces together, along with all the specific measurements.

    Over a dozen actual images of DIY deer stands are found at the bottom of this plan after the building instructions and illustrations.

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    Octagon Deer Blind

    Illustration of an octagon deer blind plan from a free deer stand plan

    Download this PDF file to get a deer blind plan that's raised off the ground with a ladder entrance, but doesn't require a tree for support.

    This plan doesn't have as much of a text explanation as some of the others ​on this list. Instead, there are lots of drawings and measurements that you must focus on to understand how to build the deer blind.

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    Ultimate Economy Deer Hunting Stand

    Picture of a deer stand with a swivel chair taken from a free deer stand plan

    Free Deer Stand Plans

    Though there's zero protection from wind and other weather conditions, this deer stand can be built much cheaper than most.

    It stands 8 feet tall and 42 inches wide with a swivel seat at the top.

    Follow along with the plan details for a materials and cut list, info on building the ladder, top, and seat, as well as assembling all the pieces together and setting up the stand.

    The original builder spent $50 building this deer hunting stand, so you can expect similar costs.

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    DIY Deer Shooting Blind

    A wooden deer shooting blind built from a free deer stand plan

    My Outdoor Plans

    This deer box stand plan has plenty of diagrams and directions to help you build it. It builds a great elevated deer blind that you can place anywhere you'd like.

    You'll also find lots of user photos and comments to make changes to your deer stand to include a blind and other features.

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    Tower Box Deer Hunting Stand

    Picture of a deer stand with a closed layer taken from a free deer stand plan

    Free Deer Stand Plans

    This is another free deer stand plan from FreeDeerStandPlans.com, but instead of being open to the elements, this stand has two layers, both of which has a top and one that's entirely closed in.

    Like most of the deer stand plans in this list, FreeDeerStandPlans.com has all the materials you need plus written instructions to understand how it's built.

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    Scheierl Deer Stand

    The front view of a deer blind built from a free deer stand plan

    The Scheierl deer stand is a ladder and floor/platform built alongside a tree, and it's one of the easier ones to build.

    All the instructions for this deer stand are in one image that you can save and print off.

    It includes a full list of materials that you need, 14 steps to get you through the building process, and measurements for all the cuts that need to be performed.

    This plan also has some modified versions of it that may be more suitable for what you're after.

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    How to Build a Tree Stand from Musket Hunting

    A deer stand in a tree

    Musket Hunting

    Musket Hunting has a free deer stand plan that's a simple yet sturdy seat in a tree with a ladder connected so you can easily get to it.

    There's a materials list, building instructions, and color photos to help you build this simple structure. 

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    Small DIY Deer Blind

    A diagram of a small deer blind you can built from a free deer stand plan
    How To Specialist

    How to Specialist has another free deer blind plan that will build you a small blind that has just enough room for one person.

    This free plan includes a materials list, tools list, diagrams, building instructions, and finishing tips. 

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    DIY Box Blind for Deer Hunting

    A wooden deer blind from a free deer stand plan

    The Outdoor Texan

    The Outdoor Texan has this free 4x8 deer blind plan on a single page with several images to follow along with.

    This deer blind may take around 10 hours to complete and is estimated to cost around $300.