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Daily word search puzzles are a great way to start your morning or take an afternoon break. Not only are they are a lot of fun, but they also help keep your mind sharp and young.

You'll find both printable daily word search puzzles and online puzzles in here, so you're covered if you have a preferred way of completing your word search puzzles.

If you've had your fun with these daily word search puzzles, try out these extra hard word searches, or word search puzzles for kids that are really great for anyone. You could also play a free online word search game or even make your own word search.

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    Free Daily Online Wordsearch

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    Lovatts Crosswords & Puzzles

    Lovatts' puzzles can be completed online. You can choose other days of the week for other types of puzzles. These word search puzzles are easy to play and easy on the eyes—just drag the mouse in any direction to select a word out of the puzzle. The puzzles here can keep track of the time it takes you to complete it, but sometimes that can be distracting, which is why you can open the puzzle's menu to disable the timer.

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    Best Daily Word Search from Best For Puzzles

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    Best for Puzzles

    You can complete these Best for Puzzles word searches online or use the "Printable Puzzle" link below the puzzle to get it in a printable form. You can optionally start a timer while you're playing, but you don't have to. You're also able to reveal specific words if you're stuck on one​ or solve the whole puzzle at once. Use the other links below the word search to find puzzles from previous days and a handful of word search puzzles by topic.

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    The Daily WordSearch

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    Each day, you'll find a new word search puzzle from AARP that includes a fun fact about the day in history. Each puzzle has a theme adding a new level of fun. You can find the words going up, down, backward, and diagonal. The puzzles have 15 words each and you have three hints you can use during each game.

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    Theamed Daily Word Search

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    Learning Planet

    The word search puzzles from Arkadium are geared towards older kids and adults. These are meant to be played online.

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    Daily Word Search from Penny Press Dell Puzzles

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    PennyDellPuzzles cover a wide variety of subjects, and the level of difficulty tends to range from easy to medium. You can easily view the previous day's puzzle or visit the puzzle archive to see all the past daily puzzles. Make this word search more challenging by hiding the bank of words or encrypting the letters in the puzzle. This website runs javascript so may not function on all browsers.

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    Daily Word Searches

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    Mirror Eyes

    With each new day comes a new printable word search puzzle from Mirror Eyes. Each puzzle has 35 hidden words and phrases that you'll need to find. If you want even more of the daily puzzle, you can look over each day's puzzle for the last several years.