The Best Places to Find Free Crosswords Online

Keep Your Mind Sharp With a Daily Word Challenge

Crosswords are challenging, but they're also great fun that keeps your mind sharp. There's a crossword puzzle for everyone, too! From simple freeform crosswords for children to the most challenging newspaper puzzles, you have many options for quality puzzles at every level.

Let's explore some of the best websites available to get your daily dose of crossword clues. They're all free and include the popular American-style grids, daunting cryptic crosswords, and a few that are...MORE perfect if you're studying a second language. All of these puzzles can be played online and some can be printed out as well.

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    Kids Crossword Puzzle
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    Themed crossword puzzles are perfect for kids because they can focus on a central subject. These easy puzzles can help build their vocabulary and problem-solving skills and the level of difficulty is perfect for young children.

    Crosswords with holiday themes are very popular. Kids love the holidays and all the fun stuff that comes with them, so it's only natural that they enjoy puzzles associated with them. Whether you're looking for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Valentine's...MORE Day, there are some fun crosswords you'll want to print out.

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    For adults and younger people who don't have much experience with crosswords, it's best to start out with easy ones. Crosswords challenge your memory and quick thinking skills, and it's a unique way of thinking that takes a bit of training. 

    Boatload Puzzles offers thousands of novice-level crossword puzzles that can test your skills before moving onto the bigger challenges. They're free and easy-to-solve in an American-style, 13 x 13 grid.

    The puzzles also use common words that...MORE exist in the basic vocabulary of most people, so you don't need to be a human dictionary to figure them out. They're clued in such a way that anyone who's new to crossword solving should have no trouble arriving at the solution. Yet, if you get stuck, the computer can help you out.

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    Newspaper Crossword and Spectacles

    If you're like most cruciverbalists, you enjoy solving a new crossword puzzle every day. Luckily, there are many places to find them and the websites for daily newspapers are among the best.

    With the L.A. Times' Daily Crossword, you can explore almost two weeks of archived daily crosswords. The website also offers a variety of crosswords, including jumble, Sheffer, Penny Dell, and Thomas Joseph for different skill levels and abilities. They have some fun word games and puzzles for kids as...MORE well.

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    Check back each day to be challenged by the crossword offered in USA Today. Choose regular mode if you'd like to get hints and be notified of mistakes. Expert mode is for puzzlers who want to go it alone and have complete confidence in their clue-solving skills. The website also offers a number of other free games that will keep your mind sharp.

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    Japanese Newsstand
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    Known for having some of the best crossword puzzles, there's no need to wait for your copy of The Washington Post to play. The archive has almost two weeks of puzzles available and it's an easy to use online interface that includes a timer. If you prefer the old pencil and paper method, it's really easy to print out these puzzles as well.

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    Black man doing crossword puzzle
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    Hours of fun await you with this online crossword puzzle. The AARP website offers both a daily crossword and Crossword Expert games for avid puzzlers, with over 1,000 puzzles to solve.

    The puzzles are challenging, but not too hard that you'll be stumped right away. It's very easy to navigate and use and the interface is clutter-free. Better yet, if you create an account, you can track your scores and compete against others in the community.

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    Popular in Britain and Australia, cryptic crossword puzzles include diabolical clues that can present a challenge to any crossword puzzle solver.

    In these crosswords, each clue is a word puzzle in and of itself. The clues consist of two parts and use wordplay such as anagrams, charades, container words, reversals, deletions, double definitions, hidden words, homophones, palindromes or &lits.

    Ready to try your hand at these challenging word puzzles? The Guardian offers a daily cryptic crossword...MORE on their website. You can explore previous puzzles or one of their other crosswords as well.

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    Foreign Language Crossword Puzzles

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    Finally, for those whose mother tongue is other than English or those learning a second language, there's a challenging crossword puzzle for you. These free crossword games are also good vocabulary builders for language students.

    What is nice about these online puzzles is that you can use a tool such as Google Translate to transform the page into English. Use that to read directions and get a feel for the puzzle if you're not very fluent yet. However, the translators won't affect the...MORE puzzle itself. Plus, you have to remember to type the words in the language given or the answer's wrong.

    • Mots-Croisés: French crosswords are not only in a different language, they also change the grid. If you want to test your French, try a daily mots-croisés puzzle from LCI, a TV station in France.
    • Crucigramas: El Pais is Spain's most-read newspaper and their website offers a daily crucigrama. This Spanish version of the crossword is fun and definitely a challenge, no matter how fluent you are.
    • Kreuzworträtsel: How's your German? Put it to the test by playing the daily Kreuzworträtsel from Hamburg's evening newspaper, Hamburger Abendblatts. It's a very interesting grid that's a puzzle in itself, but it sure does look like fun.