Free Crochet Thread Patterns

Crochet doilies
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This is the ultimate collection of free patterns for thread crochet. Find thread crochet patterns for bedspreads, doilies, bookmarks, scarves, edgings, and more.

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    Thread Crochet Bedspread Patterns

    Thread Crochet Bedspread
    Thread Crochet Bedspread - Photo © Amy Solovay

    Pictured at left is a bedspread made using this free pattern for a criss-cross granny square. The open spaces in the design make for an eye-catching pattern when the squares are joined together.

    Our website features many more square and motif patterns that would be suitable for use in making thread crochet bedspreads:

    • Summer Bedspread Granny Square Pattern: Any granny square can be made out of crochet thread, but our summer bedspread granny square was designed specifically for crocheting with thread; of course, you could make it out of yarn as well if you prefer to do that.
    • Granny Square Patterns: Feel free to crochet any of our grannies using thread.
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    Thread Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Thread Crochet Cotton Scarf
    Thread Crochet Cotton Scarf - Photo © Amy Solovay

    This cotton scarf is crocheted in size 3 cotton crochet thread; while it looks intricate and detailed, it's actually an easy pattern to crochet, dispelling the myth that thread crochet is always difficult to do.

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    Thread Crochet Edging and Trim Patterns

    Thread Crochet Trim With Cross Stitched Heart Motifs
    Thread Crochet Trim With Cross Stitched Heart Motifs - Photo © Amy Solovay
    • Filet Crochet Heart Trim - Made with love! This pretty trim features a repeating pattern of hearts that alternate. We love the filet crochet version; we also thought of another way to use the same chart. We designed a similar trim pattern where the heart design is cross stitched onto the trim (pictured at left).
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    Thread Crochet Jewelry Patterns and Tutorials

    Crocheted Necklace With Beads and Dichroic Glass Pendant
    Crocheted Necklace With Beads and Dichroic Glass Pendant - Photo © Michael Solovay
    • Beaded Crochet Necklace With Dichroic Glass Pendant - We've crocheted my sample necklaces using metallic embroidery floss, which is hefty enough to support both the seed beads and the small dichroic glass pendant which are an integral part of the necklace design. The embroidery floss takes a bit of skill and patience to work with, but the results are worth the effort!
    • Layered Flower Necklace in Thread Crochet - This pretty necklace features two parts: the layered necklace band, and the matching flower. You can crochet and use either part separately.
    • Beaded Bracelets - These beaded bracelets are all crocheted with metallic embroidery floss. You can create your own new versions and colorways pretty easily by adapting the basic bracelet pattern.​
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    Miscellaneous Free Patterns for Crocheting With Thread

    Thread Crochet Cell Phone Holder With Beads
    Thread Crochet Cell Phone Holder With Beads - Photo © Amy Solovay, Licensed to, Inc.
    • Beaded Crochet Cell Phone Holder: You'll use size 3 crochet thread and contrasting colored beads to crochet this pretty little cell phone pouch. The pouch is sized for iPhones but could hold any similarly sized gadget.
    • Thread Crochet Animal Charts for crochet -- Most of these are charted patterns that could be worked in thread if you wish.