100 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns

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Best free crochet patterns for scarves for men, women, and children

Scarves are terrific crochet projects. They can be made simple or complex, depending on what you're looking for from your crochet project. Crochet scarves can be made for all seasons, gifted to all people, sent off to charity, or crafted for yourself. You can make your first crochet scarf when you are just a child and keep on making them into old age. And since crochet scarves are so popular, the number of crochet patterns out there is almost endless! Here you will find a gallery of 100 free crochet scarf patterns for you to enjoy.

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    Easy Unisex Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Crochet rainbow scarf handmade
    ~UserGI15769699 / Getty Images

    The above pattern was originally designed for men but its straightforward design works for women, too. This crochet scarf pattern is worked with just single crochet and slip stitches, so it's a great free unisex crochet pattern for beginners. 

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    3-Color Openwork Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Lacy Striped Crocheted Scarf
    Amy Solovay

    Vary the colors to get a variety of scarves from this single free crochet pattern.

    The intrigue of this free crochet scarf pattern is all in the colors that you choose. Three different colors worked in a lace pattern capture attention and imagination.

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    SC Fun Fur Scarf Pattern

    Turquoise-Colored Fun Fur Scarf
    M. Solovay

    Practice using novelty yarn with this easy crochet scarf pattern.

    This crochet pattern is a basic sc scarf pattern but it uses novelty yarn for a fresh look. If you're still getting used to eyelash yarn, this is a good pattern for practice. 

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    Crochet V-Stitch Scarf Pattern

    Completed Rows of Basic Crochet V Stitch
    Michael Solovay

    The V-stitch has recently become one of the most popular basic crochet stitches. This scarf is based on it.

     Use this free V-stitch crochet tutorial to create a scarf in whatever length you desire.

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    BLO SC Scarf Pattern

    Northwoods Scarf
    Sandi Marshall

    Make single crochet more interesting by working in the back loop only.

    This simple crochet scarf free pattern is easy and it's a great way to get used to working in just one loop.

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    Little Triangles Crochet Scarf

    Little Triangles Scarf
    Sandi Marshall

    Challenge yourself with this textured crochet scarf pattern designed for more advanced crocheters.

    This crochet pattern uses V-stitch as well as front post treble crochet (fptc) stitches so it's not for the beginner but it's a really fun free crochet scarf pattern

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    Side-to-Side V-Stitch Scarf

    So Easy It's Sinful Scarf Crocheted in V-Stitch
    Anastacia Zittel

    AnastaciaKnits shares this crochet pattern free on Ravelry.

    This free Ravelry download crochet scarf pattern is a basic v-stitch crochet pattern that is worked side-to-side for a great meditative project.

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    6-Row Skinny Crochet Scarf

    Skinny Striped Scarf
    Sandi Marshall

    Six simple rows and you've completed this easy free crochet scarf pattern.

    This crochet scarf pattern is simple since it's a skinny design worked in just a few rows, although you do have to know how to change colors to get the striping right on this design.

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    Cabled Crochet Scarf

    Crocheted Mini Cables Scarf
    Sandi Marshall

    Learn how to work easy crochet cables with this free crochet scarf pattern.

    Crochet cables use post stitches to get a textured knit-like look. Practice your crochet cables with this free crochet scarf pattern that uses mini cables in the design.

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    Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

    Easy Infinity Scarf
    Michael Solovay

    This infinity scarf crochet pattern allows you to quickly and easily design a scarf that loops over your neck.

    This lacy crochet scarf design is made using DK weight yarn and an I crochet hook. It works up fast and is a fun project. The lacy result is especially perfect for spring crochet projects. 

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    Mesh Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

    Easy Crochet Mesh Scarf
    Amy Solovay

    Even a true beginner in crochet can create this openwork scarf pattern.

    This free crochet scarf pattern relies on chain space to give you a pretty openwork design. Want to get creative with it? Weave ribbons through the grid when you're finished.

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    SC, DC Crochet Grid Scarf Pattern

    Grid Lace Scarf
    Amy Solovay

    Have fun making a pretty crochet scarf out of the basic stitches of chain, single crochet, and double crochet.

    The combination of two of crochet's basic stitches along with some openwork areas created by chain spacing make this a free crochet scarf pattern that is relaxing but also fun to stitch.

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    Square Motif Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Checkered Crochet Neck Warmer
    Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten

    This crochet infinity scarf or neck warmer is made by creating simple squares then joining them together.

    You only need basic crochet skills to create the squares for this motif-based crochet scarf pattern. It's a great pattern to practice your joining technique.

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    Textured Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Slanted Vs and Ridges Scarf by Sandi Marshall
    Sandi Marshall

    This crochet scarf pattern has a terrific texture.

    The free crochet scarf pattern for this textured design is worked in 15 long rows. It incorporates V-stitches and single crochets along with original spacing choices.

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    Openwork Crochet Shells Scarf Pattern

    Shells and Chains Crochet Scarf Pattern by Anastacia Knits Designs
    Anastacia Zittel

    This free crochet pattern is offered as a Ravelry download by AnastaciaKnits.

    Crochet shells are made more visible in this free scarf pattern because there are chains that allow a more breathable design.

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    Cupcake Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Yummy You Cupcake Scarf Designed by Twinkie Chan.

    Twinkie Chan designs food-inspired crochet accessories like this cupcake scarf.

     You can use Twinkie's free crochet cupcake garland pattern and adapt it to a scarf.

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    Mirror Image Crochet Scarf

    Boxed Shell Combo Scarf designed by Sandi Marshll
    Sandi Marshall

    This crochet scarf pattern is worked in two pieces so that they mirror each other when they are joined together.

    This free two-piece crochet scarf pattern combines different approaches to crochet shells in its original design.

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    Infinity Chain Crochet Scarf

    Jessie Rayot

    This free crochet scarf pattern from Jessie Rayot of Jessie At Home uses the basic chain in a creative fashion.

    Jessie's free crochet infinity scarf pattern turns the chain into an aesthetic feature of the final product.

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    Crocodile Stitch Infinity Scarf

    Kathryn Vercillo

    This free crochet scarf pattern shows off the crocodile stitch.

    This is a free crochet scarf pattern that uses the basic crochet crocodile stitch in two different yarn colorways and then gets stitched together into a tube for a creative design.

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    Easy Crochet Scarf Set

    A Set of Simple Crocheted Accessories -- Hat, Scarf, Headband and Fingerless Gloves
    Amy Solovay

    This easy crochet scarf stands alone but also works as part of a full set of accessories.

    This is a basic crochet scarf pattern that you can adapt into a full set with headband or hat and fingerless gloves.

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    4-Row Repeat Crochet Grid Scarf

    The Non-Leaning Version of the Grid Lace Scarf
    Amy Solovay

    This crochet grid scarf pattern is designed with an easy-breezy repeat.

    This free crochet scarf pattern begins with one row and then repeats the next three rows over and over again until you're done. It's just creative enough to keep you interested in the pattern but repetitive enough to allow you to engage in focused, intentional crafting or "slow stitching."

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    Buttoned Crochet Cowl Pattern

    Woman in lace crochet. Woman with colorful shawl. Knitted white-blue handkerchief for girl.
    Andrei Lavrinov / Getty Images

    Warmer weather calls for lacier crochet designs and lighter patterns like this one.

    This crochet lace cowl free pattern is a great alternative to a traditional crochet scarf for wear during warmer months where your scarf is more about accessorizing than keeping you cozy. 

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    Versatile DC Scarf Pattern

    Jessie Rayot

    This free crochet scarf pattern from Jessie Rayot is flexible in its instructions.

    This is a double crochet double-stranded scarf pattern. You can get creative in your choices of yarn to create a variety of different designs. The scarf has instructions for various sizes ranging from 4x40 to 10x70. And you can even choose if you want to work it vertically or horizontally.

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    Bobble Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Magda de Lange of Pigtails

    The bobble stitch gives great texture to this free crochet scarf pattern.

     This free crochet scarf pattern from Pigtails relies on the bobble stitch for its beautiful design.

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    Candy Ribbons Crochet Infinity Scarf

    Jessie Rayot

    This free crochet cowl/scarf pattern from Jessie Rayot is a great choice if you want to work with a colorful design.

    Jessie At Home gives us this free oversized crochet cowl (also known as an infinity scarf) pattern that is rich in candy colors.

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    Crochet Fan Stitch Scarf

    Jennifer of Fiber Flux

    Crochet designer Jennifer of Fiber Flux calls this free crochet scarf pattern Tulip Tree.

    This free crochet scarf pattern is worked using a lovely, lacy fan stitch. 

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    Dragon Scale Crochet Scarf

    Cats Rockin

    Cats Rockin' created this free crochet pattern using the "dragon scale" stitch.

    This is an advanced shell stitch crochet scarf pattern that is beautifully textured even though it's worked in a single color.

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    Puff Stitch Crochet Necklace Scarf

    Jessie At Home

    This free crochet accessories pattern works as a skinny scarf or a long necklace.

    Jessie Rayot created this free crochet necklace scarf pattern using the terrific texture of the popular puff stitch.

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    Lacy Summer Scarf Crochet Pattern

    Elk Studio

    This free crochet scarf pattern from Elk Studio incorporates several fun stitches.

    This is a free infinity scarf crochet pattern that uses post stitches, v-stitches, half double crochet and more all worked with a J hook for a cool finished design.

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    Thread Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Lacy Thread Crochet Scarf
    Amy Solovay

    Try your hand at thread crochet with this simple free crochet scarf pattern.

    Thread crochet intimidates a lot of people who are new to it but it's an easy niche of crochet to learn. This simple free scarf pattern is a great design for getting started.

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    Striped Openwork Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Grid Lace Pattern Crocheted in Two Different Colors
    Michael Solovay

    Switching from color A to B and back again through the pattern gives this crochet scarf a striped design.

    This crochet pattern is worked with single crochet, double crochet, and chain spacing to make a lacy grid that gets more interesting when you alternate colors for a striped scarf design.

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    Moss Stitch Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Moss Stitch Hat and Scarf Set Crocheted in Variegated Yarn by Red Heart Super Saver
    Amy Solovay

    This crochet pattern uses the easy crochet moss stitch and a variegated yarn for a colorful autumnal design.

    This is a free beginner crochet scarf pattern that gets attention because it's worked in a beautiful variegated yarn.

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    Simple Cable Crochet Scarf

    By Hook

    This free crochet scarf pattern from By Hook creates cables without post stitches.

    This textured crochet scarf pattern is designed to have a cable crochet look but without the use of post stitches so it's a good starter cable pattern for beginners.

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    Skylark Scarf Crochet Pattern

    Jessie Rayot

    The yarn does all of the work in this beautiful free crochet scarf pattern

    The rich colorwork in this terrific free crochet scarf pattern is all about the yarn—Boutique Unforgettable. This pattern is free from Jessie Rayot of Jessie At Home.

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    Long Crochet Infinity Scarf

    Marie Segares, Underground Crafter

    Marie Segares of Underground Crafter created this terrific long free crochet scarf pattern.

    This is an extra-long crochet infinity scarf pattern that incorporates a variety of stitches. So fun to work!

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    Tunisian Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Wink, A Creative Being

    This free crochet pattern from Wink of A Creative Being teaches us something about Tunisian crochet.

    This Tunisian crochet scarf pattern gives a good introduction to this niche of crochet and creates a great design that's rich in color.

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    Popcorn Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Hopeful Honey

    Hopeful Honey shows us how to do the popcorn stitch in this free crochet scarf pattern.

    Bobbles, clusters, and popcorns are all big textured stitches that have a similar look. Hopeful Honey created this free crochet scarf pattern that highlights that texture.

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    Jeweled Crochet Scarflette Pattern

    Easy Crochet Neckwarmer Pattern for Beginners
    Amy Solovay

    This neck warmer (also known as a cowl or scarflette) is an easy crochet pattern that looks fancy because of the jewel closure.

    Get creative with how you adapt this easy crochet scarflette pattern to fit your own personal style.

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    Double Crochet Prayer Scarf Pattern

    Beginner-Friendly Vertical Mesh Scarf
    Amy Solovay

    Many people know about prayer shawls but you can crochet prayer scarves as well.

    The easy double crochet repeat on this crochet scarf pattern makes it a good choice for this type of mindful crochet.

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    Extra Long Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Extra Long Scarf
    Sandi Marshall

    This crochet scarf has appeal because of its extra-long design.

    This easy free crochet scarf pattern relies on a scalloped edge and extra length to capture your interest.

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    Floral Crochet Scarflette Pattern


    This free crochet scarflette pattern is from BellaCrochet

    This free crochet scarflette pattern comes with a crochet flower pattern to go with it. What a sweet final look!

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    2-Sizes Crochet Scarf Pattern

    "Forget the Scarf," a Crocheted Scarf by Anastacia Knits Designs
    Anastacia Zittel

    AnastaciaKnits created this crochet pattern in two sizes.

    This free crochet scarf pattern is written with the option to make it 6.5" or 7.5" depending on the width you are seeking.

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    Free Crochet Scoodie Pattern

    Jessie At Home

    This crochet scarf pattern doubles as a hood to keep you warm on windy days.

     This free Jessie At Home crochet scarf pattern is a perfect stash buster project.

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    Flirty Crochet Scarf Free Pattern

    SCCelinaLane, Simply Collectible Crochet

    This is a free crochet pattern from SCCelinaLane of Simply Collectible Crochet.

    This free crochet scarf pattern is described as flirty. If you like it in an even bigger size, there's also a shawl version.

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    Moogly Free Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Tamara Kelly, Moogly

    Moogly created this crochet stitch pattern and called it Neptune's Arrow.

    This free Moogly crochet scarf pattern has a wiggly, undulating design that looks like its always in motion. Adore it.

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    Crochet Necklace Chain Scarf

    Jessie Rayot

    This free crochet pattern from Jessie Rayot can be called a necklace or a scarf—either way, it's cute.

     Jessie At Home gives us a free crochet scarf pattern that can be worn as a necklace-style accessory. Its simple design is created with crochet chains.

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    Side-Fringe Infinity Crochet Scarf

    Mama in a Stitch

    This is a free infinity scarf crochet pattern from Mama in a Stitch.

    This crochet pattern is an infinity scarf with fringe on one end, giving it a very original design that's easy to create.

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    Mindless Scarf Crochet Pattern

    Knotted by Nicole

    This free Ravelry download crochet scarf pattern has a calming pattern.

    Meditative crochet is made easy with this breathe-easy crochet scarf pattern offered as a free download on Ravelry from Knotted by Nicole.

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    Asymmetrical Wool Scarf Pattern

    Jessie Rayot

    This crochet scarf pattern is worked in 100 percent wool for a great feel.

    Jessie Rayot created this free crochet scarf pattern that shows off the beauty of an "askew" or asymmetrical design.

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    Sweetheart Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Crochet Valentine Scarf Pattern
    Amy Solovay

    This free crochet scarf pattern was originally designed for Valentine's Day.

    The red, white and pink coloring and the ruffled edges on this free crochet scarf pattern make it a perfect choice for a date night accessory.

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    Candy Colored Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Amy's Scarf of Many Colors
    Amy Solovay

    This colorful crochet scarf pattern looks good enough to eat!

    This free crochet scarf pattern incorporates all of the colors of the rainbow as well as some bright pink that makes me think of yummy candy.

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    Crochet Triangle Scarf

    Triangle-Shaped Head Scarf Crocheted in Cotton Yarn
    Sandi Marshall

    Crochet scarves don't have to be rectangular as this triangle pattern proves.

    This crochet triangle scarf pattern is an easy single crochet design that gives you an idea of different options for making scarves in a variety of shapes.

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    Raised Stripes Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Jessie Rayot

    This crochet scarf combines hdc and dc with post stitches for a beautiful, textured striped design.

    This is a free striped crochet scarf pattern by Jessie Rayot of Jessie At Home. Work it in a variety of colors to make one for each season of the year.

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    Crochet Pom Pom Scarf

    Crochet Gypsy

    Crochet Gypsy created this free crochet pattern that is offered through Ravelry.

    Pom pom novelty yarn is used to make this simple but super fun crochet scarf pattern

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    Braided Crochet Cowl Pattern

    Calleigh's Clips

    Calleigh's Clips offers a cute free crochet pattern for a graded crochet scarf.

    This crochet cowl/scarf pattern is worked by braiding pieces together to make the final design. 

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    Cotton Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Kim Guzman

    The bold color makes this free crochet scarf pattern from CrochetKim all the rage.

    Kim Guzman shares this free cotton crochet scarf pattern with us. The yarn color that she's selected is perfect for any season while the cotton fabric is especially ideal for summer.

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    Lacy Infinity Scarf Pattern

    Sooz Jewels

    Sooz Jewels brings us a beautiful crochet scarf pattern for people who like a lacy look.

    This free infinity scarf crochet pattern highlights the joy of lace. It's perfect for spring with its floral style. Thanks to Sooz Jewels for this free scarf pattern.

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    Spots and Stripes Scarf

    Helen Watson

    Helen Watson shares this beautiful bold crochet pattern as a free Ravelry download.

    Beginner crochet Helen Watson has done a great job of creating a crochet scarf pattern here that is beautiful but still designed for starting crocheters.

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    One Skein Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Jessie Rayot

    This is a free Jessie at Home crochet scarf pattern.

    Use just one beautiful ball of yarn to create this asymmetrical crochet scarf pattern designed by Jessie Rayot.

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    Shell Stitch Free Crochet Pattern

    Lacy Treble Shell Scarf
    Amy Solovay

    The shell stitch is easy to learn but looks fancy even on a simple scarf.

    The free shell stitch crochet scarf pattern is lacy, yet textured, for a unique but simple accessory. This design is worked up in Neapolitan ice cream colors so it's great for cool summer nights. 

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    Eyelash Fur Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Trendy Women's Scarf Crocheted in Fancy Fur Eyelash Yarn
    Amy Solovay

    Novelty yarn can elevate a simple free crochet scarf pattern to something super stylish.

     The use of eyelash fun fur gives a sophisticated look to this free crochet scarf pattern.

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    Fringed Crochet Scarf

    Knit Cloth Background
    V_Sot / Getty Images

    Adding fringe to a crochet scarf pattern can make it look different from the original design.

    Here are some free tutorials for learning how to add fringe to a crochet scarf pattern. 

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    Spiral Net Ruffle Scarf

    Jessie Rayot

    Get creative with fun yarn using this free crochet scarf pattern from Jessie Rayot

    Have you ever used net yarn to create a crochet scarf? This free ruffle scarf pattern shows you how to do it.

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    Brick Stitch Scarf Pattern

    Nyela d’Endel

    Practice the simple brick stitch with this free crochet scarf pattern by Nyela d’Endel.

    Nyela's Hook shares a free crochet cowl/scarf pattern that teaches the basics of the brick stitch and shows how different colors can make this stitch look special.

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    St. Patrick's Day Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Jessie Rayot

    This crochet pattern from Jessie Rayot can work as a shawl or an oversized scarf.

    Jessie At Home says that this is a great crochet scarf pattern for St. Patrick's Day but it could really be worn all year round. 

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    Irish Flag Crochet Scarf


    This crochet scarf is designed to look like the Irish Flag.

    Canny Craftz has designed this free crochet infinity scarf pattern with the colors of Ireland's flag in mind. Wear it for St. Patrick's Day, to show off your Irish pride, or to Fighting Irish sports games!

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    Front Loop Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Cream of the Crop Crochet

    Cream of the Crop Crochet shows us how working in the front loop of dc stitches can create a pretty pattern.

    This easy free crochet scarf pattern is made special when you work only in the front loops of the double crochet stitches.

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    Rainbow Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Jessie At Home

    If you're in love with all of the colors of the rainbow then give this crochet scarf pattern a try.

    Jessie Rayot created this free crochet scarf pattern with rainbow happiness in mind. She calls it Skylark in Wonderland.

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    Picot and Corkscrew Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Tanis Galik, Interlocking Crochet

    Tanis Galik of Interlocking Crochet has created a terrific free crochet scarf pattern for people who like picots.

    This free Interlocking Crochet scarf pattern uses picots for a really special textured look that only gets enhanced when you add the fun corkscrew fringe. 

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    Super Fast Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Easy Thick and Thin Crochet Scarf
    Amy Solovay

    Want a crochet scarf pattern that you can finish in a jiffy? This free pattern has you covered.

    This is a thick-and-thin style crochet scarf pattern that is worked up with a large P size hook so that you're done with the pattern almost as soon as you've begun.

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    3-Color Eyelash Scarf Crochet Pattern

    Striped Scarf in Eyelash Yarn
    Amy Solovay

    Eyelash yarn turns a beginner's crochet scarf pattern into something special—especially when you add stripes.

    There are three different colors of eyelash yarn used in this free novelty yarn crochet scarf pattern. It has a fuzzy design that's fun to the touch and it works up easily using a big P hook.

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    Skinny Scarf Crochet Pattern

    Slanted Vs and Ridges Sash Belt - designed by Sandi Marshall
    Sandi Marshall

    An extra-skinny crochet scarf can also be worn around the waist.

    This free crochet scarf pattern will show you how to make an extra-skinny, long scarf that can be worn in several ways.

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    Two-Strand Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Jessie At Home

    This easy crochet scarf pattern is intended to keep you warm.

     This free crochet scarf pattern by Jessie Rayot uses two strands of chunky weight yarn held together to create a thick, warm piece of neckwear.

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    Unforgettable V-Stitch Crochet Scarf

    Undeniable Glitter

    Undeniable Glitter brought out the best of Boutique Unforgettable yarn with this v-stitch crochet scarf pattern.

    Use a J Hook and celebrate the beauty of Double V-stitch with this free Unforgettable yarn crochet cowl pattern by Alyssa Titus.

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    Oversized Purple Crochet Scarf

    Jessie Rayot

    Jessie Rayot calls this free crochet pattern Lavender Blooms, hinting at the floral feeling the design captures.

     This is a free crochet shawl pattern that could also be worn as an oversized triangle scarf.

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    Simple Double Tunisian Scarf


    Leajcrochet provides this easy free crochet pattern for people who want a Tunisian crochet scarf.

    Practice the niche of Tunisian crochet with this simple free crochet scarf pattern.

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    Double-Strand Mobius Scarf

    Jessie Rayot

    The mobius scarf is a twisted variation on the infinity crochet scarf.

    This free mobius scarf crochet pattern is worked with two strands of worsted weight yarn that come together quickly using a large hook. It's by Jessie Rayot.

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    Long Fringe Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Posh Patterns

    Posh Patterns created this free crochet scarf pattern that celebrates the beauty of long crochet.

    This is a really easy free crochet pattern that uses only double crochet and chain stitches. It works up quickly with a great yarn and an L hook. The long fringe completes the stylish look.

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    Slanted Little Fans

    Jessie Rayot

    Jessie Rayot, the crochet designer behind this pattern, calls it Slanted Little Fans.

    This free crochet pattern is intended to be a shawl or oversized scarf. I adore the original color choices the designer has made.

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    Patriotic Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Fourth of July Scarf
    Amy Solovay

    There aren't too many summer holidays to celebrate. The big one is the Fourth of July. This scarf is perfect for it.

    This red, white and blue crochet scarf pattern is great for any occasion where you want to show off your patriotic pride.

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    Checkered Furry Scarf Pattern

    Checkered Crochet Scarf
    Amy Solovay

    Two very different yarns are combined in this crochet scarf pattern for an original checkered design.

    This unique free crochet pattern incorporates a fun fur yarn with a more standard yarn to give you an original checkered design.

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    5-Skein Ribbed Double Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Kathryn Vercillo

    This crochet scarf is easy to make although it takes a while because it's so huge.

    This free crochet scarf tutorial is a basic dc design that alternates different variegated colorways of Lion Brand Homespun Yarn to make the biggest, cozies scarf you've ever seen.

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    Hooded Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Lara n Castle

    Lara N Castle offers this free crochet scarf pattern as a Ravelry download.

    This beautiful crochet scarf pattern includes a hood in the design. Designer Lara N Castle calls this Freya's Hood. She created it for charity for the New York Cares volunteer project for the visually impaired.

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    Skull Scarf Crochet Pattern

    Stitch Noir

    This free crochet scarf pattern by Stitch Noir is great for Halloween but works for other occasions as well.

    Stitch Noir created a striking free crochet scarf pattern here that uses unique stitching to show off openwork skull shapes. Any goth fan, Halloween lover or themed-party-goer will want to add this to their closet.

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    Long Ripple Crochet Pattern

    Jessie At Home

    This crochet scarf pattern by Jessie At Home shows us how to work the chevron crochet in a new way.

     This is a crochet ripple scarf pattern with an original extended design.

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    Sunkissed Fishbone Wrap Pattern

    Jellina Creations

    This free crochet wrap scarf pattern by Jellina Creations is available in both Dutch and English.

    I love the unique pattern created by the joining, blocking and outlining in this free crochet wrap/scarf pattern by Dutch crochet designer Jellina Creations. 

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    Skinny Vine Scarf Pattern

    Kristy Medina

    Kristy Medina suggests that her free Ravelry crochet scarf pattern be worked in any yarn type.

    This free crochet scarf pattern, available as a Ravelry download, is a terrific option for anyone who is seeking a super skinny scarf that has a bold design.

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    Tunisian Crochet Cowl Pattern

    A Crochet Journey

    This free Tunisian crochet pattern by A Crochet Journey was inspired by Cobbled Streets.

    Designer Sol of A Crochet Journey shares that this is an easy Tunisian crochet scarf pattern that uses only two different stitches. 

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    Green Ripple Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Katie Cooks and Crafts

    Katie Cooks and Crafts brings us a simple crochet wave pattern using green hues.

    Do you enjoy chevron crochet? This free crochet scarf pattern uses two different shades of green to create the popular ripple stitch design. 

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    Simple SC Scarf Pattern

    Basic Beginner's Crochet Scarf
    Amy Solovay

    Sometimes you just need a simple meditative crochet project. This scarf is it.

    This free crochet scarf tutorial gives you all of the information that you need to work up a K-hook single crochet scarf in a single colorway. Simple and sweet.

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    Hexi Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Watercolor Hexagons Crocheted Scarf Pattern
    Sandi Marshall

    It's fun to work up a bunch of hexagons and then stitch them together into a crochet scarf.

    Use colorful watercolor-inspired yarn to create a crochet scarf that looks like a painting with this motif-based hexi crochet scarf pattern.

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    Chain Stitch Crochet Scarf

    Peach. Unicorn on Ravelry

    This free Ravelry crochet pattern celebrates the simple chain stitch.

    You can do more with a crochet chain stitch than you ever imagined, as we see in this free Ravelry download crochet scarf pattern from Peach. Unicorn.

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    Warm, Lacy Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Meladora's Creations

    This is a lacy but warm free crochet pattern by Meladora's Creations.

    Crochet designer Meladora's Creations uses a fun combination of post stitches and V-stitches to create a free scarf pattern that is lacy but still works for cold weather wear.

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    Looks Like Knitting Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Little Wendy Crochet

    Little Wendy Crochet shared this free Tunisian crochet scarf pattern as part of a CAL.

    This crochet scarf pattern combines Tunisian crochet with post stitches and other crochet stitches for a constantly-changing pattern that has a knit-like design.

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    Pretty Pink Crochet Scarf

    Girlie's Crochet

    Girlie's Crochet honors feminine flair with a beautiful pink crochet scarf pattern.

    This free crochet scarf pattern takes the color pink and turns it up a notch. It uses picots and v-stitches among other stitches.

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    Stitch Sampler Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Tracy of The Red Spotty Mushroom

    Tracy of The Red Spotty Mushroom calls this the Pixie Elements Scarf Pattern.

    This free multi-stitch crochet scarf pattern incorporates a huge variety of stitches but pulls them altogether through color to create a cohesive design.

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    Rainbow Granny Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Rosalind Evans

    Work long rows in rainbow colors to create a pretty crochet scarf pattern designed by Rosalind Evans.

    If you love the crochet granny stitch, like to work long meditative rows of crochet and enjoy the colors of the rainbow then you must try this free crochet granny scarf pattern.

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    Mobius Crochet Scarf in 6 Sizes

    Jessie Rayot

    This crochet mobius scarf pattern by Jessie At Home is available in many sizes.

    Jessie Rayot offers us a free crochet mobius scarf pattern that is super chunky since it's worked with two strands of bulky weight yarn. She offers variety, though, with instructions for six different sizes of this crochet scarf.

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    SC Checkerboard Fur Scarf

    Checkered Scarf Crocheted Using Eyelash Yarn
    Amy Solovay

    Three colors, two yarn types, and one original free crochet pattern.

    The stitches in this checkerboard crochet scarf are simple but the design looks complex because of the unique combination of two different yarn types worked in three different colors. 

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    Christmas Crochet Scarf Pattern

    Christmas Scarf Pattern
    Amy Solovay

    This crochet scarf pattern is worked in Christmas colors for a perfect holiday flair.

    This is an easy nine-row crochet scarf pattern that you can create quickly for the winter holidays. Make one for everyone in the family and wear them for a matching Christmas card picture this year.