Free Crochet Rose Filet Pattern

Free Chart for Pretty Crochet Flower

Filet Crochet Rose Chart
Sandi Marshall

This is a free chart for a beautiful crochet rose design. This is a filet crochet chart that could also be used to work any type of graph-based crochet pattern such as a tapestry crochet design or a pixel graphghan. This is a feminine crochet flower pattern with a romantic aesthetic; it has been adapted from a vintage 1920 crochet pattern.

Materials and Finished Sizes

This is a rectangular crochet pattern that can be worked in any choice of thread or yarn. The appropriate matching sized crochet hook should be selected based upon the chosen yarn weight. When the crochet chart is worked through once in 4 dc mesh, the approximate finished sizes in different yarn weights are:

  • With size 10 thread (170 yards) and a size 7 steel hook, finished size is about 7.1 inches x 12 inches. 
  • With size 20 thread (159 yards) and a size 9 steel hook, finished size is about 6.8 inches x 11.5 inches. 
  • With size 30 thread (149 yards) and a size 11 steel hook, finished size is about 6.5 inches x 11 inches. 
  • With fingering/baby weight yarn (372 yards) and a size F hook, finished size is about 21.7 inches x 34.6 inches.  
  • With sport weight yarn (432 yards) and a size G hook, finished size is about 24.8 inches x 39.4 inches.  
  • With worsted weight yarn (491 yards) and a size I hook, finished size is about 27.9 inches x 44.2 inches.

Filet Crochet Rose Free Pattern

This crochet pattern can be worked in 3dc or 4dc crochet mesh but is intended for 4 dc mesh. If working it as such, the starting chain is 94, plus chain 3, (which will count as first dc of first row).

Begin by working a double crochet in the 5th chain from the hook. After that, follow the chart for all instructions.

The chart is worked starting at the bottom right; work first row right to left. Second row is worked left to right. Continue alternating row directions in this same manner, following chart. 

What To Make With This Filet Crochet Chart

The pattern as shown creates a rectangular shape (with approximate sizes as described above). This could be used to make a table runner, window curtain or blanket. Multiple panels could be sewn together to achieve the desired size for a larger afghan. Work it in a white or cream thread for a vintage appearance or in more colorful yarn for a contemporary design. The chart is intended to be worked through once but it could be repeated for a longer vertical design.

Vintage Crochet Pattern

This free rose crochet pattern is based on an original design from Filet Crochet & Cross Stitch, Book 7, created by Hugo Kirchmaier. This pattern was published in the year 1920. It was re-charted by Sandi Marshall who altered it slightly from the original, including adding lacets to the design.