21 Free Crochet Poncho Patterns

Orange poncho laying on a lawn with colorful leaves


These free crochet poncho patterns all stand out from the pack. They are diverse in color, stitch, shaping, and style. However, they all embrace that chic level of comfort that modern fashionistas have come to expect from the poncho. In addition to classic poncho styles, you'll find some crochet ruanas and other variations in the mix. There is truly something here for everyone, so whether you want to load up your own closet with crochet ponchos or use the patterns to make gifts for everyone you know, this is a collection to bookmark.

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    Knit-Look Crochet Poncho

    Grey poncho with fringe


    If you're looking through free crochet poncho patterns, then this one is going to jump out at you. For one thing, it comes in sizes ranging from toddler to women's 5XL, so you can truly use this pattern to make a poncho for almost anyone. Additionally, it uses basic crochet stitches—primarily single crochet and half double crochet (HDC)—so it's an advanced beginner pattern. What makes it advanced is that you work in the third loop of HDC, which gives you the cozy knit-like texture of the poncho. Finish it off with some fringe, and you have a poncho that can go anywhere.

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    Crochet Tunic Poncho

    Poncho Tunic

    By Katerina

    The best thing about a crochet poncho pattern is that it uses really simple shaping—usually just joining a few rectangles. This smart design combines that approach with some added length to create a tunic-like silhouette.

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    Crochet Poncho With Sleeves

    Crochet poncho sweater

    Make and Do Crew 

    In this free crochet poncho pattern, there's a small adaptation to the typical shaping—the addition of long, fitted sleeves. This gives you the contemporary style of a poncho with the functionality of a full sweater.

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    Lace Crochet Poncho

    Lace crochet poncho

     My Accessory Box

    Although free crochet poncho patterns are popular in the winter months, you can find designs that will fit your wardrobe all year round. This open mesh lace poncho is the perfect example of a summer wrap.

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    Striped Crochet Poncho

    Striped poncho


    This women's poncho is sophisticated thanks to its neutral palette that's enhanced by a few simple black stripes. Made primarily in half double crochet, this poncho is designed to be oversized, so it's a style that's frequently on-trend. Instructions are included to easily change both width and length for a different fit.

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    Crochet Blanket Poncho

    Oversize poncho


    Wrap yourself up in this blanket-style oversized crochet poncho. It would be perfect for a chilly night sitting in the stands to watch a sports game. The stitches are dense with no open spaces, so no wind will get in to give you a chill. Do note that this is originally a Japanese pattern, so you have to be able to read a crochet symbol chart in order to use it.

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    Mandala Crochet Poncho Pattern

    Mandala poncho

     A Loop of Sunshine

    Crochet ponchos are made up of squares or rectangles that are stitched together. In this design, the square begins as a circle, so there is a beautiful mandala design in the center of each square. This design incorporates both open and dense stitches. This makes the poncho warm and gives it a great drape, while also giving you a little bit of airflow.

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    Slant Stitch Crochet Poncho

    Orange poncho laying on a lawn with colorful leaves


    Learn how to crochet the unique slant stitch with this free crochet poncho pattern. It gives undulating texture to the fabric, which is a delight to the touch. People will want to look closer at what you've made every time you wear this accessory.

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    Boho Crochet Poncho

    Boho crochet poncho


    The crochet poncho has become a staple of chic closets everywhere. They originated from South America, and now are beloved accessories for people all around the world from all different eras. If you're looking to exaggerate that bohemian vibe, try incorporating granny squares and many colors into the poncho, as shown in this pattern.

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    Crochet Sweater Poncho

    Crochet sweater poncho


    It's a sweater, it's a poncho—it's a swancho. This crochet garment incorporates an infinity-style twist to give truly original shaping and draping to the design. If you are seeking to create something different, but are inspired by free crochet poncho patterns, then this is a good one to give a go.

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    Crochet Poncho With Tassel Detail

    Crochet poncho with tassel detail

     By Mimzan

    This crochet poncho would be perfect without any added detail thanks to the beautiful herringbone stitch used to make it. However, it's really elevated into a special piece precisely because of the attention to detail. A pink border of textured stitches gives a feminine flair. Add in some beaded tassels and you've got a date night poncho.

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    Tropical Crochet Poncho

    Silk crochet poncho

    Ivonne Montano / Darn Good Yarn 

    This poncho was designed to create a tropical feel. It works well in any setting, from use as a swimsuit cover-up to layered over sweaters in the spring or fall. It is intended to be made with lace-weight yarn that has been 100% recycled from silk scraps. You'll feel as good about helping the earth as you do about wearing this pretty piece.

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    Seaside Crochet Poncho

    Sea-inspired poncho

    Brenda Grobler / Nurturing Fibres 

    This crochet poncho design was inspired by the sea. Utilizing terrific jewel tones, it hints at the everyday luxury of sea glass. It is made using basic and tall crochet stitches. Note that this pattern is written using UK crochet terms.

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    Pineapple Lace Crochet Poncho

    Pineapple lace crochet poncho

     The Purple Poncho

    Pineapple lace is a repetitive motif pattern that was very popular in vintage crochet designs. It has been updated here in this crochet pineapple poncho, which is a perfect choice for a breezy summer evening.

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    Hooded Crochet Poncho

    Hooded crochet poncho

     Merry Mary Stories

    Ramp up your poncho game by adding a hood to it. This design is made with simple double crochet stitches that are worked in the back loop only for that ribbed texture.

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    Shell Stitch Crochet Poncho Pattern

    Shell stitch poncho

    Kathy Lashley / Furls 

    This crochet poncho pattern makes a perfect Valentine's Day garment. Its lush color and feminine shell stitches give it a flirty feeling, but it still keeps you nice and warm. This pattern comes with written instructions, charts for both right and left-handed crocheters and photos to help you along the way.

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    V-Stitch and Shell Stitch Crochet Poncho

    Two-texture crochet poncho

    Cecilia Ruiz-Smith / Ravelry 

    This crochet poncho has one of the simplest construction methods ever. Basically, you just crochet one large rectangle, then you seam two ends together to make an asymmetrical poncho. What makes it special is that you begin with a selvage edge foundation chain; there are instructions, including a link to the video. Then you work rows of crochet V-stitch on one side of the chain, turn it around and work rows of shell stitch in the other. This design gives you a different texture on either side of the poncho.

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    Coffee Shop Wrap

    Crochet wrap

    Hanjan Crochet 

    This wrap is a short crochet poncho. Also called a ponchette, it is made by crocheting a large rectangle then seaming it at the bottom, which becomes the top when you wear it. The best part about it is the chunky alpaca blend yarn that makes it particular cushy. The pattern combines single crochet with treble crochet—the pattern is written in both US and UK terms—to create a design that captures the eye.

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    Bobble Crochet Poncho

    Long cowl poncho

     Hopeful Honey

    Use a crochet bobble stitch to create the geometric pattern on the front of this long, elegant poncho. The draping cowl neck further enhances the power of the design.

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    Denim Crochet Ruana

    Crochet ruana

    Two of Wands

    This crochet ruana pattern was designed to showcase the seven different colors of yarn in the Lion Brand Jeans yarn collection. It's made with a series of half double crochet rectangles. Some of them have bobbles on top, while others are left plain. The whole thing is cinched together with a simple crochet belt.

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    4 Ways Crochet Poncho

    Crochet poncho with buttons

    Maritime Family Fiber 

    That's right, you can wear this crochet poncho four different ways. The addition of simple, stylish buttons opens up the possibilities for wear. The cabled edging is another special detail on this piece.