11 Free Crochet Patterns for Dog Sweaters

Fluffy dog in a yellow gingham crochet sweater

Knit and Crochet Now / Annie's

If you have a chihuahua or other dog that gets cold easily, then these free crochet patterns for dogs will be functional. And no matter what size or breed your dog is, they'll look cute when they're all dressed up. Use these sweaters to keep your dog warm or to take that perfectly adorable pet photo.

Here are 11 dog sweater crochet patterns.

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    Easy Crochet Dog Sweater

    Medium sized dog in a crochet sweater standing on a deck

    Make and Do Crew

    It's easy to find cute crochet dog sweater patterns for small dogs. However, if you have a large dog, this can complicate matters. Many designers haven't adapted their patterns to fit big dogs. But that's not a problem with this free crochet pattern. The designer offers nine sizes, suitable to fit most types of dogs.

    Easy Crochet Dog Sweater from Make & Do Crew

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    Girlie-Girlie and Rough & Ready Dog Sweaters

    Small black and white fluffy dog resting on a couch in a pink crochet ruffled sweater

    Cattieluver Crafts

    While a crochet pattern is a step-by-step, row-by-row set of instructions, in contrast, a crochet recipe tells you pretty much how to crochet an item without giving specific counts. This allows you to adapt the project to the exact size you need, which is helpful when making crochet sweaters for dogs. This free crochet recipe is worked in single crochet and double crochet stitches, the latter forming a cute ruffle at the rump.

    Girlie-Girlie and Rough & Ready Dog Sweaters from Cattieluver Crafts

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    DIY Crochet Dog Sweater

    Small white fluffy dog in a pink crochet sweater vest

    Messy Beautiful Fun

    This is another free crochet dog sweater recipe, though it does have step-by-step instructions for measuring your dog. Moreover, it shows nine different common dog sizes, including three that have wide chests. Each size includes a list of dogs the size usually fits. For example, the medium size includes Jack Russell terriers and fox terriers. However, the largest dog breeds, such as mastiffs and Great Danes, aren't represented in the charts. Nevertheless, the recipe allows you to work the pattern to suit the measurements you take. You can actually work the pattern in any crochet stitch you like, so you have a lot of freedom to get creative with this design.

    DIY Crochet Dog Sweater from Messy Beautiful Fun

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    Granny Square Dog Jumper

    French bulldog in a colorful crochet sweater sitting on a deck

    A Stash Addict

    This is another crochet recipe. You start with a granny square, and then you add on to it to create the rest of the sweater. Thus, you need to know how to crochet granny squares, how to work other basic crochet stitches, and how to adjust a pattern to fit your sizing needs. With that in mind, this is an adorable sweater that all dogs look cute in.

    Granny Square Dog Jumper from A Stash Addict

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    Chihuahua Sweater

    A chihuahua in a blue, aqua, and teal crochet sweater sleeping on a blanket

    Niftynnifer's Crochet and Crafts

    This adorable pattern has a belt that wraps around the tummy, secured with two large buttons. It's worked in single crochet and half double crochet, sometimes using the back loop only.

    Free Crochet Pattern - Chihuahua Sweater from Niftynnifer Crochet and Crafts

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    Harley's Sweater

    Dachshund in a green crochet sweater sitting on a leather cushion

    Sewing My Way Through the USA

    This pattern has a double belt that wraps around the stomach. It makes for a unique design detail, and it secures the sweater comfortably around the pup as they move around. This crochet dog sweater is worked using three strands of yarn held together, so it's a bulky pattern that comes together quickly. It's practically a blanket. The pattern is designed for a dachshund but includes instructions for measuring to fit your own dog.

    Harley's Sweater from Sewing My Way Through the USA

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    Small Dog Crochet Sweater

    Brown fluffy dog in a rainbow crochet sweater

    Itching' for Some Stitchin' 

    This is an easy and free crochet dog sweater pattern designed specifically to fit Yorkies weighing about 10 pounds. It is worked in basic crochet stitches, including single crochet and double crochet with just a little bit of back post crochet for fit and detail.

    Free, Quick, and Easy Small Dog Crochet Sweater from Itchin' for Some Stitchin'

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    Bumblebee Dog Sweater

    White fluffy dog in a bumblebee sweater

    Crochet Guru

    Dress up your pooch like a bumblebee with this cute crochet sweater. Most of the effect comes from the black-and-yellow stripes. However, don't forget those cute wings! Use this as a Halloween costume, for a photo shoot, or just to make your dog look adorable.

    Bumblebee Dog Sweater from Crochet Guru

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    Gingham-Style Crochet Dog Sweater

    Fluffy dog in a yellow gingham sweater

    Knit and Crochet Now / Annie's

    Play around with color placement to create the gingham print for this cute crochet dog sweater. This pattern was offered through the Knit & Crochet Now TV show, and you can access that through the Annie's website. You do have to sign up to become a member, but membership is free.

    Gingham Style Crochet Dog Sweater from Annie's

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    Crochet Dog Coat

    White fluffy dog in color-blocked sweater


    This striped (or color-blocked) crochet dog coat gets its color changes from the yarn itself. Therefore, it's easy to create this stylish dog coat. It uses strategic placement of basic crochet stitches for a sophisticated design. The pattern comes in four sizes to fit dogs with chest sizes ranging from 10 inches to 30 inches.

    Caron Textured Crochet Dog Coat from Yarnspirations

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    Custom-Fit Dog Sweater E-Book

    Dog in a pink and brown crochet sweater

    Jenna Wingate Designs

    This cute crochet dog hoodie pattern is one of four crochet dog sweater patterns in a free e-book. The book also has information for changing up the collars, sleeves, and other details, so you can create your own versions of any design. Each one has instructions for fitting the sweater to the size of dog you have.

    Custom-Fit Dog Sweater E-Book from Jenna Wingate Designs