10 Easy Free Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Projects perfect for the brand new crocheter

When you are first learning how to crochet, it is helpful to have beginner crochet patterns to work with. Of course, you could just learn the stitches in rows without a pattern in mind but that's not nearly as satisfying as being able to create a finished project. This collection of easy crochet patterns is perfect for people who are working on their first few crochet projects. Of course, they are also great for advanced crocheters who are interested in working on simple meditative crochet...MORE patterns that take them back to the basics. You can work these crochet patterns if you have learned the basics of crochet including how to slip stitch, chain, single crochet, double crochet and change colors.

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    This easy design is crocheted using only chains and single crochet stitch. You could crochet this design as either a baby blanket or a lapghan. It is worked with a larger than normal crochet hook, allowing you to easily see your stitches and also allowing for quick crocheting. This is a very satisfying project for a new crocheter to complete. It is also a nice meditative design for crocheters of any level.

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    This free crochet pattern is easy because it uses only single crochet stitches. The only thing that elevates it to a more advanced beginner level pattern is the fact that there are color changes. These changes are simple and it's a great way to learn about changing yarns, which is a foundational crochet skill. If you change the yarn and hook to larger sizes, you could use this same crochet pattern to make a rug or blanket.


    Stripy Single Crochet Placemat by Jessie at Home

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    This is one of those crochet designs that looks far more complicated than it is, which always makes the new crafter feel very accomplished. This crochet pattern uses single crochet stitches and allows you to practice working in the back loop only, which is an advanced-beginner technique.


    Millenial Pink Headband by Keep Calm and Carry Yarn

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    The basic beanie is a really good crochet project for beginners. This one is designed with detailed photos and instructions, without the use of abbreviations, to help people who are new to crochet feel comfortable. This crochet beanie is a unisex adult beanie that will teach you a lot about how to crochet in the round.


    Easy Men's Crochet Hat Pattern by JJCrochet

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    This free crochet accessory pattern combines chains, single crochet and double crochet to create beautiful texture. Change colors periodically to create a striped design that really showcases the stitches. Alternatively, work it one color for a simpler design.


    Wildwood Cowl by Unraveled Mitten

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    Beginner's Baby Cardigan Sweater Pattern
    Erica Jackofsky

    This pattern is intended especially for beginners. The sweater's simple shapes make the crocheting easy. All the instructions are written out, with no abbreviations used, making it easier for total beginners to understand. If you are ready to crochet your very first item of clothing, start here!

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    These crochet slippers use single crochet stitches throughout. You will have to do some decreasing (sc2tog) so it's a great opportunity to learn about that. This crochet pattern is worked both in rows and in the round. It is an advanced beginner pattern but don't be intimidated to give it a try.

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    This is a collection of three crochet bags, each worked in a different basic crochet stitch (sc, hdc and dc), and each designed a little bit differently. Working all three of them will give you a great understanding of the difference between the stitches, some working knowledge of varied ways to construct crochet purses and information about the difference between US and UK crochet terms.


    Crochet Starter Projects by Bobble and Knit

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    The great thing about the classic granny square is that once you've learned it, you'll never forget it, and you can use it over and over again in so many different ways. After learning how to work the first few rounds, you'll know all that you need to create a square in any size so you can use the pattern to make coasters, placemats, cushions, rugs, blankets and more. Once you learn the additional skill of joining crochet squares, you can combine small squares to make almost...MORE anything!

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    After you have mastered the easy classic crochet granny square, you can expand into additional types of squares. There are nearly three dozen crochet square patterns in this roundup, featuring squares as small as 3" in diameter and as large as 12". Although some of these crochet patterns are better for advanced crafters, there are plenty of sweet and simple crochet squares that use only basic stitches and are easy enough for newbies to the craft.