9 Crochet Hat Patterns for the Whole Family

Unisex Designs Sized Newborn to Adult

A child with a colorful crochet hat

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Wouldn't it be so convenient if you could find a crochet hat pattern that would work for every single person that you know? That's exactly what you'll find here; in fact, you'll find nine such patterns to suit different styles. Each of these crochet hat patterns can be made in multiple sizes, as a unisex design (adaptable by color details and other choices), so that the same pattern will work as a crochet hat for every member of the family. You will find free crochet hat patterns as well as patterns you can pay for. Whether you are crafting matching hats for your own family portrait, a gift for people you know or winter wear for charity, one of these crochet hat patterns is sure to fit the bill.

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    It’s All About the Texture Free Crochet Hat Pattern

    Textured Free Crochet Hat Pattern Ombre All Sizes
    Oombawka Design

    The first thing that you might notice about this crochet hat is the beautiful ombre created by the yarn selection. After that, you will surely notice the texture. This free crochet hat pattern is made using alternating front post and back post stitches in a simple repetitive pattern that creates that texture.

    This crochet hat is made with a size I crochet hook, includes links to helpful tutorials to complete the project, and is sized in ten sizes from newborn through adult male. This is definitely a go-to pattern to bookmark if you enjoy making crochet hats for everyone.

    Textured Crochet Hat from Oombawka Design

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    Basic Crochet Beanie in Every Possible Size

    Basic Crochet Beanie Free Pattern
    Family Bugs

    The basic crochet beanie is the easiest possible hat to make. It is a design that suits everyone regardless of age, gender, or style. The basic beanie can pair with everything, and you can adapt it with earflaps, appliqués, and other design details.

    This free crochet pattern is for a double crochet beanie worked using a size J crochet hook. It comes with instructions for 10 different sizes, from preemie to adult large, so no one misses out when you use this pattern. People who are seeking a pattern that will work for any person, any age, or any occasion are going to find this one to be the one that works.

    Basic Beanie from Family Bugs

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    Family Ridge Beanie Crochet Pattern

    Ridged Crochet Beanie Pattern
    Sierra Fontaine / Ravelry

    This variation on a crochet beanie uses super bulky yarn for a really cozy, warm accessory that works up quickly. Ridges add texture and a pom on top brings in extra visual interest. This crochet pattern comes with detailed instructions including video assistance. There are three sizes to fit most family members. Advanced crafters will be able to adapt it further to suit additional sizes as needed. This is the perfect unisex crochet hat for winter.

    Family Ridge Beanie, $5, Sierra Fontaine via Ravelry

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    Organic Ribbed Crochet Hat for the Family

    Organic Ribbed Free Crochet Hat Pattern
    Jessica A. Chong / Ravelry

    This crochet hat is a simple design made with organic yarn so it works for even the most sensitive family members. People who have allergies or easily get itchy will have nothing to complain about when wearing this soft design.

    This free pattern uses simple crochet stitches combined with the front loop only technique to create vertical ribbing. It is a single crochet hat worked with a size J crochet hook and includes instructions for eight sizes from newborn through adult. 

    This crochet pattern is great for advanced beginners who understand working in the round and working in one loop.

    Organic Ribbed Hat from Jessica A. Chong via Ravelry

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    Big Kahuna, Unisex Slouch Hat for the Entire Family Crochet

    Big Kahuna, Unisex Slouch Hat for the Entire Family Crochet
    Darleen Hopkins / Ravelry

    While many people love the basic crochet beanie, there are just as many people who like the more casual crochet slouch hat. This crochet hat pattern is a slouchy hat available in three sizes to fit children, teens, and adults. Instructions include information for optional beading on the brim to personalize the hat for different family members. Crochet slouch hats are very versatile, and this is a great one to start with if you've never crafted one before.

    Unisex Slouch Hat, $4.49, Darleen Hopkins via Ravelry

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    Aviator / Trapper Crochet Hat for The Whole Family

    Aviator Trapper Crochet Hat Pattern
    Rachel Choi, Crochet Spot

    The aviator and trapper hats are super warm because of their fur-style design and the earflaps they use. This style of hat can fit everyone. Use it as a photo prop for baby or an outdoors hat for dad. This crochet pattern comes in five sizes and works up very quickly with a size N crochet hook. It is an instant-gratification crochet hat project that packs a lot of punch.

    Aviator Trapper Hat, $4.95, Crochet Spot

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    Spiral Crochet Hat Free Pattern

    Spiral Crochet Hat Free Pattern
    Christine Zanzinger-Sautter / Ravelry

    Have fun playing with color work by using two different colors to create a spiral crochet hat. This free pattern is available in all sizes. More importantly, the instructions tell your exactly how to measure out the specific size that you want when creating a hat, which is helpful for anyone interested in making crochet hats for the whole family. This is a fun design to make and to wear.

    Spiral Crochet Hat from Christine Zanzinger-Sautter via Ravelry

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    Crochet Owl Hat Free Pattern for All Sizes

    Crochet Owl Hat Free Pattern
    Repeat Crafter Me

    Make everyone in the family smile with a set of owl crochet hats. This free animal hat crochet pattern comes in seven sizes, for all ages, and includes instructions for adding braids to the earflaps if desired. The pattern uses a size H crochet hook, basic crochet stitches and comes with detailed photo instructions to make working it super simple.

    Crochet Owl Hat from Repeat Crafter Me

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    Cross Stitch Hat Free Crochet Pattern for the Family

    Cross Stitch Crochet Hat Free Pattern

    Combine crochet with cross stitch to create personalized, unique crochet hats for everyone you know. This one is perfect for gift making. The free crochet hat pattern comes in seven sizes. There are also several different cross stitch charts included, but you could also use any cross stitch design of your own choosing.

    Cross Stitch Hat from Mamachee