10 Free Crochet Ear Warmer Patterns

Headbands and Head Wraps That Keep The Ears Warm

Crochet Bow Ear Warmer Pattern
Rescued Paw Designs

Keeping your ears warm will help to keep your whole body warm when it is chilly outside. Why not do it in style? These free crochet patterns include ear warmers, headbands, head wraps and other designs to suit the different moods you have and outfits that you wear.

These crochet accessories also use different yarns, stitches, and crochet techniques to make sure that making more than one of them will keep you interested and engaged. Once you've made enough for yourself, whip up some more of these quick crochet ear warmers as gifts or for donation to charities.

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    Simple Crochet Ear Warmer Free Pattern

    The simplest ear warmer (or headband) design is a rectangle that is either worked in the round or stitched together to wrap around the head. This crochet pattern uses very basic stitches for that simple shape. It's easy enough for a beginner, plus it uses very little yarn and makes a nice accessory that complements any outfit. Work up a bunch of these ear warmers in different colors so that you always have one to wear.

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    Crochet Bow Ear Warmer Free Pattern

    Crochet Bow Ear Warmer Pattern
    Rescued Paw Designs

    A basic crochet rectangle can easily be adjusted into a bow with some simple steps. That is what Rescued Paw Designs did here, turning a simple rectangular headband into a crochet bow ear warmer.

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    Mock Knot Crochet Ear Warmer Free Pattern

    Mock Knot Crochet Ear Warmer Free Pattern
    Left in Knots

    This ear warmer style is also in the shape of a bow. It shows a different way of creating the bow shape, using a mock knot. This pattern by Left in Knots can be used two ways; with the knot out or inside-out so that the knot is inside. This creates different visual impacts and lets you get a two-for-one accessory for your crafting efforts.

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    Head Wrap Crochet Ear Warmer Free Pattern

    Saratoga Head Wrap Free Crochet Pattern
    Indie FiberArt

    When we think of ear warmers, we typically think of narrow designs. However, there are also larger, plusher crochet head wraps that keep the ears warm. This one by Indie Fiber Art makes a big statement and keeps you warm even in the winter.

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    Cable Crochet Ear Warmer Free Pattern

    Cable Crochet Ear Warmer Free Pattern
    The Snugglery

    You can make a small accessory like an ear warmer look complex with advanced techniques like crochet cabling. The single line of cables is easy to execute, so it's a great project for practicing the technique. The thick yarn combined with the stitch detail makes for a great accessory designed by The Snugglery.

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    Braided Crochet Ear Warmer Free Pattern

    Braided Crochet Headband Free Pattern
    Julie Measures

    A technique that slightly resembles crochet cables but doesn't require the post stitches is the use of braids in crochet. Julie Measures offers a written pattern as well as a video tutorial for this braided crochet headband, which she says can function as an ear warmer as well.

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    Seashell Ear Warmer With Matching Cowl Crochet Pattern

    Seashell Ear Warmer With Matching Cowl Crochet Pattern
    Jonna Martinez

    Crochet designer Jonna Martinez uses the beautiful crochet shell stitch to create two matching accessories in this free pattern set. The patterns are worked similarly, with the cowl larger than the ear warmer. You can crochet them in the same yarn or in complementary yarns and wear them together or separately.

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    Textured Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern with Matching Scarf

    Crochet Ear Warmer and Scarf Free Patterns
    By Jenni Designs

    This crochet pattern set includes a crocheted ear warmer with a scarf to match. The design is textured thanks to beautiful post stitches that add ribbing to the design. This helps to secure the ear warmer to the head so it serves a function as well as a design purpose. This crochet pattern from By Jenni Designs also uses the unique technique of working in the third loop in half double crochet, which is fun to practice on a small project like this.

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    Baseball Hat Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

    Baseball Hat Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

    Simple crochet ear warmer patterns can be unisex designs. There are also fancier crochet ear warmers for men. This free pattern by FThisStitch shows you how to add crochet to a baseball hat to keep ears warm in a casual way.

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    Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern for Dogs

    Teddy Bear Earwarmer Free Crochet Pattern for Dogs
    Twinkie Chan

    Your pooch can get cold ears too. Solve the problem and make him look super cute at the same time with this crochet dog ear warmer. Twinkie Chan designed this teddy bear crochet pattern that makes your puppy even more snuggly than usual.