20 Gorgeous Free Crochet Cardigan Patterns for Women

Cardigans are the perfect layering garment. They slip on easily and can be worn over almost anything to give a finished look to your outfit. They keep you warm and cozy without requiring a jacket; or they can be worn under a jacket on the coldest days of the year. Crochet cardigans are, of course, particularly cozy. They are also surprisingly easy to make, thanks to the simplicity of their shaping. Crochet cardigans make great gifts for women of all ages; they are special and personal. Or if you don't want to make them as gifts, you could use these crochet cardigan patterns to create your own wardrobe additions!

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    Pewter Ruffled Cardigan

    Pewter Ruffled Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern
    Pewter Ruffled Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern. Lori Baker Crochet

    This is a very simple crochet pattern worked primarily using double crochet stitches. This would be a great choice for a beginner's first crochet cardigan. Each portion of the cardigan (back, front, sleeves) is worked separately, with the sleeves worked in the round and the rest worked in rounds. The instructions are for size small and there is information for increasing to larger sizes. Designer Lori Baker suggests  that this would be a beautiful holiday garment, especially since it is worked in a shimmering yarn.

    Pewter Ruffled Cardigan by Lori Baker Crochet

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    Movie Night Cocoon Cardi

    Movie Night Cocoon Cardi Free Crochet Pattern
    Movie Night Cocoon Cardi Free Crochet Pattern. Alexandra Tavel

    Crochet designer Alexandra Tavel says, "Like the hug of a blanket, this shrug-style cardigan comfortably drapes over your shoulders for that extra bit of warmth". It is worked with very basic crochet stitches and has super simple shaping (basically it's a 40" square with some seams in it), making this another great choice for beginners to cardigan crochet. It is available as a free pattern download on Ravelry.

    Movie Night Cocoon Cardi by Alexandra Tavel

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    Wrap Cardigan

    Wrap Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern
    Wrap Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern. African Expressions

    This is a gorgeous crochet cardigan with long sleeves and pockets. It is worked in a solid color so you don't have to worry about color changing, and much of the construction is seamless. This pretty wrap is written for six different sizes with detailed information about measurements. This free crochet cardigan pattern is part of the "Adore" pattern collection by African Expressions.

    Wrap Cardigan by African Expressions

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    Crochet Summer Air Cardi Vest

    Crochet Summer Air Cardi Vest Free Pattern
    Crochet Summer Air Cardi Vest Free Pattern. Maz Kwok

    There are cardigans for every season of the year, even summer when the evenings can get a little chilly. This short-sleeved openwork cardigan by Maz Kwok is a great option for days like that. It is a V-stitch crochet pattern made with sport weight yarn and it buttons all the way up the front. The Large size of the crochet pattern is available for free; other sizes are available for sale.

    Crochet Summer Air Cardi Vest by Maz Kwok of Be a Crafter

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    Crochet Bolero

    Crochet Bolero Free Pattern
    Crochet Bolero Free Pattern. Crochetology

    This bolero design doubles as a simple summer cardigan. It is worked from the bottom-up in a single piece. However, it provides instructions for making both small and large modifications to adapt the pattern into more complex cardigan shapes. The pattern is written for three adult sizes.

    Trippletimer Bolero by Crochetology

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    Crochet Shrug

    Summer Shrug Crochet Pattern
    Summer Shrug Crochet Pattern. Deanna Young

    Here is one more summer cardigan crochet pattern. This one is designed as a one-size-fits all pattern worked in cotton yarn with a size J hook and a very open, lacy design. The shaping is simple and the pattern works for a range of ages.

    Hot Blue Shrug by Deanna Young of The Yarn Yogi

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    CAL Cardigan

    CAL Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern
    CAL Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern. KT and the Squid

    This cardigan was originally designed for a Crochet-Along so it's written in pieces across several posts. Each post has very detailed information about how to complete that step of the process so it's a good pattern for beginner crocheters who want some hand-holding along the cardigan-crafting process. This crochet pattern is written for seven different sizes, making it the most size-inclusive and flexible design on the list.

    Kram Cardigan by KT and The Squid

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    Roses Granny Cardigan

    Roses Granny Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern
    Roses Granny Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern. Gea Crea

    This beautiful jacket-style cardigan combines striped rows with floral granny square motifs. It has a flirty, feminine, nostalgic feeling to it and is definitely impressive when it walks into a room. This is an advanced crochet pattern because of the assembly and shaping although it utilizes mostly basic crochet stitches.

    Roses Granny Cardigan by Gea Crea 

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    Hooded Rainbow Cardigan

    Hooded Rainbow Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern
    Hooded Rainbow Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern.

    This crochet cardigan is made using two large granny-inspired hexagons. Once they are made and stitched together, the sleeves and hood are added. The size of the cardigan can easily be adapted simply by making larger or smaller hexagons, allowing you to shape the cardi to your body as you craft. The hood gives a bit of coat-style to this cardigan and makes it great for colder weather.

    Hexagonal Hooded Cardigan by Celeste Wood of Knotty Fashions

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    Tunisian Crochet Cardigan

    Tunisian Crochet Cardigan
    Tunisian Crochet Cardigan. Christina Adorjan

    Get a knit-like crochet cardigan when you work it in Tunisian crochet. This crochet pattern uses simple Tunisian stitches and very basic shaping to give you a short-sleeved no-button cardigan. It has a honeycomb border that gives nice textured details to the front flaps of the piece. This pattern is available as a free download on Ravelry.

    Tuwe Tunisian Crochet Cardigan by Christina Adorjan

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    Tailored Cardi

    Tailored Cardi Free Crochet Pattern
    Tailored Cardi Free Crochet Pattern. Hooker Chick

    This beautiful crochet cardigan is designed to fit comfortably with a tailored style that gives a high-fashion edge. The luxury level is enhanced because this cardigan is made using luscious alpaca yarn. This pattern, written in UK crochet terms, uses simple stitches and has detailed information about the assembly that makes it easy to understand how to craft this garment.

    Tailored Cardi by Hooker Chick

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    Pineapple Cardigan

    Pineapple Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern
    Pineapple Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern. Peggy Grand

    Pineapple crochet is a beautiful lace niche of the craft. It looks terrific on cardigans since it has such feminine flair. This free crochet pattern by Peggy Grand, offered as a download through Ravelry, is for a short-sleeved cardigan that buttons up the top half. The pattern, which is available in both French and English, uses basic crochet stitches including half double crochet. It is written for three sizes (S, M, L).

    Pineapple Cardigan crochet pattern designed by Peggy Grand from Ravelry

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    Pink-Mix Circular Cardigan

    Pineapple Crochet Circle Cardigan Free Pattern
    Pineapple Crochet Circle Cardigan Free Pattern. Heidi's Crochet Scrapbook

    This is another cardigan crochet pattern that incorporates that pineapple motif. The way that it is worked in this design makes it looks a lot like a set of individual crochet hearts that together form a large flower. It is a beautiful use of the motif. The cardigan is worked in the round as a circular crochet cardigan; it was adapted from a tablecloth design. This crochet pattern comes with both written instructions and symbol charts. It is written for one size (small) with instructions for increasing to three additional sizes.

    Pink Mix Circular Cardigan from Heidi's Crochet Scrapbook

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    Mandala Duster

    Mandala Duster Free Crochet Cardigan Pattern
    Mandala Duster Free Crochet Cardigan Pattern. Morale Fiber

    Round patterns make a great basis for crochet cardigans, especially when you add sleeves to the design. That's what Morale Fiber did here, adapting her mandala-inspired throw pattern into a long-sleeved bohemian cardigan. This pattern incorporates shell stitches and cluster stitches for a textured design.

    Mandala Duster by Morale Fiber

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    Sleeveless Cardigan Button Wrap

    Sleeveless Cardigan Button Wrap Free Crochet Pattern
    Sleeveless Cardigan Button Wrap Free Crochet Pattern. Miss Neriss

    This is a beautiful crochet pattern for a sleeveless cardigan that secures in front with one large statement-piece button. The pattern uses half double crochet stitches worked as post stitches to give it terrific cozy texture, making it a great layering piece to add to any wardrobe. This pattern is written for four sizes from small to extra large.

    Peek-A-Boo Wrap by MissNeriss

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    Baggy Cardigan

    Baggy Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern
    Baggy Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern. Happy Berry

    People who are seeking a super warm crochet cardigan that is roomy and comfy will find this pattern to be a perfect choice. It works up quickly with a size L hook and bulky weight yarn. It has a bit of texture from post stitches but mostly uses basic crochet stitches for the design. It has long sleeves for an even roomier shape but comes with instructions for shortening the sleeves to your liking.

    Baggy Cardigan by Happy Berry

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    Cropped Crochet Cardigan

    Cropped Crochet Cardigan Free Pattern
    Cropped Crochet Cardigan Free Pattern. Diane Langan

    Crop tops are right on trend and this cropped cardigan is a great way to show off your sense of style. This free crochet pattern has a simple design that is accented by a lovely picot edging that adds femininity to the already girly design. This is a great pattern for teenagers and young adults. It is written for three sizes.

    Coral Picot Cropped Cardigan by Diane Langan

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    Crochet Button Cardigan

    Crochet Button Cardigan Free Pattern
    Crochet Button Cardigan Free Pattern. Megan Nieves, The-Leaky-Cauldron

    This is also a cropped crochet cardigan. What makes it really unique is that it uses crochet buttons for stylized closure. The design is inspired by Luna Lovegood of Harry Potter.

    Luna Lovegood's Thestral Cardigan by Megan Nieves, The-Leaky-Cauldron

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    1940's Cardigan

    1940's Cardigan Free Vintage Crochet Pattern
    1940's Cardigan Free Vintage Crochet Pattern. Free Vintage Crochet

    There are many terrific designs for vintage crochet cardigans such as this one that was originally from 1942. This crochet pattern uses post stitches; note that because it is a vintage pattern it may be difficult to read and is probably best tackled by experienced crocheters. The design is well worth the effort since it has that great retro flair!

    Americana Cardigan Pattern via Free Vintage Crochet

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    Square Motif Cardigan

    Square Motif Waterfall Cardigan
    Square Motif Waterfall Cardigan. Crafts by the Sea

    This is a DIY crochet tutorial that provides detailed instructions for assembling a cardigan using crochet square motifs as the basis of the design. It includes everything you need to know for both assembly and sizing.

    Square Motif Waterfall Cardigan by Crafts By The Sea