10 Easy Crochet Beanie Hat Patterns

Crocheted hats with yarn

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Crochet beanie hats are the perfect all-purpose gift: Babies need hats, elderly people wear hats, and so does almost everyone in between; they're great for keeping your head warm in cold weather but they also make a stylish accessory.

A handmade beanie is special because you made it by hand with someone in mind the whole time you were creating it. But this project can also serve a purpose, like as a charity crochet project for those undergoing chemo, for example.

Beanie hats are easy to make. However, they can also be easily dressed up. Change the crochet stitches, play with colors, and add details to make a basic beanie just a bit more special.

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    Chunky Pom Beanie Hat

    Chunky Pom Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern


    Elevate the basic crochet beanie by making it with chunky yarn. There are a few other things that make this particular hat extra special:

    • Big bobbles bring bold texture to this winter accessory.
    • Unique knit-like stitches on the bottom create nice ribbing for close-to-the-head wear.
    • A big pom on top makes this a statement piece.
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    Reversible Crochet Beanie Hat

    Reversible Crochet Beanie Free Pattern

    Made with a Twist

    This might look like a crochet slouch hat, but that's part of what makes it unique. It can easily be turned into a regular crochet beanie just by turning up the bottom to create a tighter fit with a brim.

    That's not all of the change that you can expect with this hat, though. This is a double-thick hat crocheted with one color on the inside and another on the outside so that it's reversible. You get double the wear plus that extra cozy thickness to keep your head warm.

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    Two-Tone Crochet Beanie

    Crochet Beanie Free Pattern

    The Unraveled Mitten

    This is a fairly basic crochet beanie pattern available in three child hat sizes and two adult sizes. It is worked in the round using single crochet and double crochet.

    So what makes this beanie special? It's the two-tone coloring that gives it a dip-dye effect, for starters.

    The stitch pattern on top is different than the one on the bottom, an effect achieved by the strategic placement of front-loop-only and back-loop-only stitches.

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    Easy Earflap Beanie

    Easy Crochet Beanie Free Pattern with Earflaps

    S​unny Sunflower Crafts

    This is a classic crochet beanie hat pattern worked primarily in double crochet stitches. In fact, you can use this pattern without the earflaps portion to make a beanie that's about as basic as can be.

    Add in those earflaps, however—which are just a few simple short rows on either side of the hat—and you've got a beanie that's a bit more special. This crochet pattern comes in four sizes: extra-small, small, medium, and large.

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    Crochet Bear Beanie Hat

    Crochet Bear Beanie Hat Free Pattern

    Ashley Leither Designs

    Animal crochet hats are extra popular, especially (but not exclusively) when made for children. You can add animal ears to a simple crochet beanie and instantly change the design of the hat. This free pattern shows you how to add cute rounded bear ears.

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    Lace Crochet Beanie for Messy Buns

    Sumer Beanie Crochet Hat Pattern


    The messy bun hat is a fun variation on the beanie. There is a ​hole in the top to put your ponytail or bun through, so you can have an updo and wear a beanie at the same time.

    This crochet beanie pattern is a particularly lacy design. It is intended as a summer hat, more for decoration than to keep you warm.

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    Buttons of Love Crochet Beanie

    Crochet Button Hat Free Beanie Pattern

    Skillful Stitches

    Use this free crochet hat pattern to learn how to create a beanie using half-double crochet stitches. Make it a bit more special with color changes that create stripes on the bottom portion of the beanie. Then make it extra special with the simple addition of a button detail.

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    Diagonal Raised Beanie

    Diagonal Raised Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

    Dana Marie Moreno/Ravelry

    This crochet beanie hat for adults is special for several reasons:

    • Front post and back post crochet stitches create thick eye-catching texture.
    • The unique placement of stitches creates a design that looks like diagonal lines swirling up the hat.
    • It's a one-skein crochet hat pattern designed in a bold mustard color.
    • This is a unisex crochet hat pattern. Anyone can wear it!
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    Plaid Crochet Beanie Hat

    Plaid Crochet Beanie Hat Pattern

    Cera Atchison/Ravelry 

    If you are new to crochet, then you might be surprised to learn that you can recreate the look of plaid using special techniques. This particular crochet beanie pattern can be made using either tapestry crochet or a graphghan approach to color work. The result is an original beanie with a bold design, especially when topped off with a pom pom.

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    Moss Stitch Baby Beanie With Matching Crochet Sweater

    Crochet Baby Hat and Sweater Patterns

     Allison McDonough/Ravelry

    There are advanced techniques like tapestry crochet to create bold colorwork designs. However, there also are really easy stitch patterns that use two colors and still have that graphic appeal. That's the case with this crochet baby beanie worked in an easy crochet moss stitch. For added cuteness, there is a matching crochet sweater pattern sold separately.