Free Crochet Bath Mat and Towel Patterns

Improve the design and style of your bathroom decor by updating it with crochet. Start with our free crochet bath mat patterns, which make a big, bold statement on your bathroom floor. Then add crochet to other areas of the room with the additional free crochet bathroom patterns in this collection. Whether you make your bathroom spa-like year round or update it seasonally, crochet can give it both comfort and flair.

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    Rainbow Crochet Bath Mat Free Pattern

    Rainbow Crochet bath mat
    Jessie Rayot

    Jessie Rayot originally published the steps for this crochet bath mat as a crochet-along but now the whole pattern is available for free. It is a beautiful option, with terrific texture from Jacob's Ladder Stitch as well as popcorn crochet stitches. It is worked in a rainbow palette that will brighten up any bathroom with good cheer.

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    Rag Rug Crochet Bath Mats

    Crocheted rag rug

    Amy Solovay

    Have you ever considered crocheting a cotton rag rug for the bathroom floor? A small rag rug would be a warm and inviting addition to any tile bathroom floor. Our rag rug crochet patterns and tutorials provide the instructions you need to make a gorgeous new bath mat. Try our oval rag rug free crochet pattern.

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    Star Stitch Oval Crochet Bath Mat Free Pattern

    Star stitch oval doily
    ATELIER *mati*

    If you want to try an oval-shaped bath mat that isn't worked as a rag rug, a great pattern to consider is this one from Atelier *mati*. This pattern is actually intended as a doily pattern but can become a rug by working it with a thick yarn and larger hook. It incorporates the beautiful crochet star stitch, making a great textured design that will feel lush under your feet in a thick, plush yarn.

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    Granny Square Crochet Bath Mat

    T-shirt yarn granny square bath mat
    Kathryn Vercillo

    One of the easiest crochet bath mats to make is simply to crochet a large scale crochet granny square. You want to make sure that the bath mat is able to absorb water when you step on to it from the shower. The rag rug option mentioned above is a great choice, but it's not the only option. Cotton yarn and t-shirt yarn are also great options for a granny square bath mat. Of course, you could also crochet a circle to make a round bath mat.

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    Pink Doily T-shirt Yarn Crochet Bath Mat Free Pattern

    T-Shirt yarn doily rug
    Crochet in Paternoster

    If you want a crochet bath mat that has more style than a basic square, rectangle, circle, or oval, then a terrific design choice is a doily-inspired rug. This free t-shirt yarn rug crochet pattern is from Crochet In Paternoster. The lovely cotton candy color is perfect for a girly bathroom but you could work it in any color that suits your own bathroom decor.

    Another great doily-inspired bath mat is Angie's free crochet rug pattern, which is also worked in a t-shirt yarn.

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    Watermelon Crochet Rag Rug Free Pattern

    Watermelon Crochet rag rug
    Elecia Cooper

    Watermelon crochet patterns are super cute in the bathroom, brightening it up especially during the summer months. This is a rag rug crochet pattern from Elecia's Creative adorably designed in the shape of an watermelon.

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    5 More Free Crochet Bath Mat Patterns

    Puff stitch bath mat
    Puff stitch bath mat. Stoneface Creations

    There are so many great bath mat crochet patterns available for free. It is tough to choose just one. Hopefully you have more than one bathroom in your home! Here are some more of the best free crochet patterns for bath rugs:

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    Free Crochet Washcloth Patterns

    Sumptuous hand-crocheted washcloths

    Amy Solovay

    One of the best ways to add even more comfort to your bathroom is to make crochet washcloths. They are fun to make, providing instant gratification because they work up so quickly. They are functional, of course. And they add a cozy personal touch to your home. (They also make great gifts, in case you find that you have filled up your own bathroom and still want to crochet more.) There are several great free crochet washcloth patterns, including an easy single crochet mesh cotton washcloth, a soft organic cotton washcloth, and a three-color organic cotton washcloth.

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    Hand Towels With Crochet Edgings

    Hand Towel with crocheted edging

    Amy Solovay

    You can crochet all of the towels for your bathroom, not just the washcloths. Of course, it can take a long time to crochet large bath towels. A good alternative is to take a towel that you already have an add a crochet edging to it. You can do this with hand towels as well as on body towels.

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    More Ideas for Bathroom Crochet

    Crocheted curtain

    Rosmarie Wirz / Getty Images

    Once you have crocheted all of the bath mats and towels that you can possibly crochet, there are still plenty of other items that you can make for your bathroom. Just a few of the other bathroom crochet patterns that you might want to look for include patterns for bath poufs, spa baskets, soap cozies, and crochet curtains.