8 Free Crochet Barbie and Doll Clothes Patterns

Create quick and easy crochet doll fashions

Two handmade crocheted dolls in blue with scarf and hat on a white chair
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Personalize any Barbie or other dolls with its own unique crochet clothing. You can make designs that look like what your child wears so she can have a "mommy and me" experience with her doll. You can crochet designs that reflect your culture, society, or beliefs, making Barbie more in line with your family's style without compromising your child's love of the doll. Crochet doll clothes don't use a lot of yarn, so they are a great way to use up leftover yarn from your stash. Make a whole wardrobe of crochet Barbie or doll clothes, starting with these eight free crochet doll fashion patterns.

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    Crochet Barbie Doll Clothing Set

    Crochet barbie clothing free patterns for hat, cowl, purse skirt, shrug, and cape
    Emi Harrington

    Emi Harrington on Ravelry offers a set of six crochet doll patterns as a free download. This set of patterns includes a cape, a shrug, and a skirt as well as three accessories: a hat, a cowl, and a purse. You can crochet them in a variety of colors, and create a big mix-and-match Barbie wardrobe.

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    American Girl Crochet Doll Capelet Pattern

    American girl crochet doll capelet pattern
    Danielle Bonacquisti

    The American Girl doll comes in just after Barbie for popularity. A free Ravelry crochet capelet pattern from Danielle Bonacquisti is designed for her, or for any other doll that is approximately 18 inches tall. The same crochet pattern could be used as a doll skirt, especially if you add a drawstring to adjust for size.

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    Doll Jacket, Pants, and Hat Free Crochet Patterns

    Doll jacket, pants and hat free crochet patterns

    Is It a Toy

    Is It a Toy is an adorable amigurumi blog that features many free crochet toy patterns. There is also a free crochet pattern set for a jacket, trousers, and matching hat that can be worn by a doll. The instructions for the jacket come in two different sizes, so it can be made to suit different dolls. This also shows you how to scale the pattern up and down; you can use this technique to turn doll clothes into baby clothes.

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    Vintage Liddle Kiddle Dolls Crochet Dress Pattern

    Vintage Liddle Kiddle dolls crochet dress pattern
    Karen Glasgow Follett

    Designer Karen Glasgow Follett collects vintage 1960s dolls including Liddle Kiddle dolls, which have large heads but small two-inch bodies. Oftentimes she finds that vintage dolls look messy only because they need new clothes, so she offers a free crochet doll dress pattern for like-minded collectors.

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    Doll Onesie Free Crochet Pattern

    Doll onesie free crochet pattern

    A cute free crochet pattern set from Idea Ivana includes a colorful onesie, a granny stitch hat, and matching doll slippers. The outfit is worked with bulky yarn and a mid-sized hook, so it works up quickly to create a beautiful finished project. Its crochet doll outfit is for 12-inch dolls, but it includes instructions for adjusting the size to fit Barbies, American Girls, and all other types of dolls.

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    Crochet Short Overalls for Dolls

    Crochet short overalls for dolls
    Family Traditions Crafts

    Family Traditions Crafts on Craftsy is a shop that offers a wide array of crochet patterns for babies as well as several cute designs for dolls. The short overalls for 18-inch dolls are a terrific example of an item that you can't find in the store and your doll needs to have.

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    Doll Undies Free Crochet Pattern

    Doll undies free crochet pattern
    Julia Bremer

    Don't let your dolls go bare-bottomed. Use a free crochet pattern from Julia Bremer to make undies in all colors for your little dolls. The designer has additional crochet patterns for sale on Ravelry, including a cute sundress.

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    Crochet Doll Free Pattern (Including Clothing)

    Crochet doll free pattern, including clothing
    Kim McDermitt

    Want to make a unique gift for a little one in your life? Use this free crochet pattern from Strings N Things by Kim to crochet the doll yourself, and then you can also crochet multiple outfits to dress the doll. The doll is 14 inches tall. The clothing includes a dress and adorable little crochet overalls

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