Free Coloring Pages for Older Kids

Find Advanced Coloring Pages That Are Detailed and Challenging

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Crayons and coloring are not just for little children anymore. Older children (and even adults) may find that coloring will help them improve their mood, enhance mindfulness, and reduce mental stress. For some, it's just fun or may be reminiscent of their younger years.

Take a look at the many coloring pages resources that you can find online that offer challenging, more intricate patterns and designs for the older set.


This site has more than 10,000 free printable coloring pages, sorted by categories as wide-ranging as school, food, holidays, and more. There are lots of great coloring pages for younger children, and you can find a great variety of more complex pictures that will be more challenging for older kids.

Free Printable Coloring Pages

This is a one-stop shop for coloring pages for children of all ages. So while there are lots of simple pictures of snakes and frogs, you can also find detailed coloring pages of reptiles that will appeal to older kids. You may find that some butterfly pictures will be easy to color, meanwhile, others will feature more intricate details that will be challenging for older kids.

This site is chock-full of great free coloring pages for older kids featuring everything from superheroes and transportation vehicles to countless other subjects and themes. One of the best groups of coloring pages for older kids is the numbers category, which features multiplication coloring pages. Kids have to color in the pictures using a paint-by-numbers formula, but they first have to figure out the multiples of each equation before they can figure out what that number is. These pages are fun and are a great tool for encouraging older kids to learn their multiplication facts while they color.

Mandala Coloring Pages

Mandalas are intricately-patterned circles that have spiritual and ritual meanings in Eastern religions and philosophies. To kids, these pieces of art are tons of fun to color. The detailed and complicated patterns may be too difficult for younger children, but they are perfect for older grade-school age kids. The benefits of coloring mandalas may go beyond fun. Mandala coloring books are used in meditation and art therapy, and people often report a sense of calm and well-being when coloring mandalas. So the next time you are looking for fun coloring pages for your older kids, try some free mandala coloring pages.

Crayola Coloring Pages

Crayola—the household name that is synonymous with crayons—is an American handicraft company known for its art supplies. It is only fitting that Crayola has some great printable coloring pages for older kids. They have illustrations of the human body such as the eye, heart, and skeleton as well as coloring pages that are also games and puzzles. Crayola's free pages for the public are challenging, educational, and fun.

For a bit of Americana and a nod to U.S. history, this website offers educational coloring pages for older kids. Built around the theme of U.S. history, children can get lessons about historical people, places, and events. You can find pages referencing the Boston Tea Party and Mount Rushmore, and you may find depictions from great moments and figures in American history.

DLTK's Free Coloring Pages

You can find pages as simple as the alphabet and basic animal coloring pages to famous works of art such as Edvard Munch's "The Scream" or "The Tree of Life" by Gustav Klimt. You can search among the many pages addressing different cultures old and new from ancient Egypt to classical Japan and countries from almost every continent. Or, color images from myths, legend, and fantasy from Norse mythology to fairies and castles.

Learning Links

The University of Texas at El Paso offers a learning resource with information and coloring pages about different animals from the region, Native American cultural artifacts, and more. Your child can color a black mesa pitcher, a Navajo cradleboard, and a burrowing owl among other educational objects and creatures.