50 Free Color by Numbers Worksheets

Illustration of a child's hands coloring a color by number page with markers all around

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Color by number worksheets are a great way to teach your kids or students basic number recognition, how to use a legend, and it will give them the opportunity to work on their fine motor skills.

There are tons of color by number worksheets below overall different sorts of themes. No matter what the kids are interested in, they are sure to find a color by number here that they'll love to tackle. 

Scroll further down the page and you'll find some free, printable color by calculation worksheets that will help your child or student practice their math facts.

In addition to these color by number worksheets, there are some great places they can go on the computer to play free color by number online games.

If your kids love these free color by number worksheets, be sure to check out some other free printable activities for kids including connect the dots worksheets, hidden pictures, and printable mazes.

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    Color by Number Worksheets

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    These color by number worksheets are like your standard coloring pages but kids will need to use a key to find out which color they should use to color in which area of the picture.

    These color by number coloring pages range in difficulty, some being very easy and others being more difficult for older kids.

    1. Ice Cream Cone: An easy color by number that makes up a picture of an ice cream cone.
    2. Care Bears: Use 5 colors to color in a Care Bear.
    3. Train: This easy color by number features a train.
    4. Princess: Any girl will love this princess color by number.
    5. Birthday Cake: Print and use 8 colors to complete this color by number.
    6. Fruit: A simple color by number perfect for the little ones.
    7. Butterfly: This color by number worksheet is a picture of a butterfly that uses 5 different colors.
    8. Mickey Mouse: Color in Mickey Mouse in this color by number.
    9. Penguin: A fairly easy color by number worksheet that features a penguin.
    10. Sailboat: Use 5 different colors to color in the sailboat and lighthouse.
    11. Park: A color by number coloring page that is a picture of a park.
    12. Beach: This 1-4 color by number worksheets is a picture with some items you'd use on the beach.
    13. Bee Dance: A color by number of two bees getting their grooves on.
    14. Ball: A very easy color by number for kids.
    15. Lighthouse: A fairly simple color by number that's so fun to do.
    16. Rocket Ship: Use 5 colors to color in this rocket ship.
    17. Fish: A more advanced color by number that uses 6 different colors.
    18. A is for Alligator: A color by number that also helps teach the letter A.
    19. Rose: A fun color by number that's great for kids of all ages.
    20. Boy: A lovely color by number that would be fun to complete.
    21. Garfield: Garfield is the highlight of this color by number.
    22. Lion: Use 7 colors to color in this lion.
    23. Pretty Butterfly: Use 6 different colors to color in the picture of a pretty butterfly.
    24. Firefighter: You'll need to use 6 different colors to complete this picture of a firefighter.
    25. Dinosaur: Practice numbers 1-10 and 11-20 with this dinosaur color by number counting worksheet.
    26. Summer: Color in the numbers 1-6 for this worksheet. It's in both Spanish and English.
    27. Clown: There are 6 different colors you'll need to add to the image to get a picture of a clown.
    28. Horse: Find the colors 1-5 to color in this picture of a horse and barn. Can you get all the colors right?
    29. Monkey: This monkey is swinging on a tree and needs 5 colors to be filled in yellow, orange, blue, green, and purple colors.
    30. Star: This is a super easy color by number worksheet that only uses two colors while leaving the background of the image white. This would be perfect for preschoolers.
    31. Kitten in a Basket: Color in 3 different colors in this adorable kitten in a basket color by number worksheet.
    32. Octopus: This picture is a little tougher, it uses 12 different colors. This is such a good worksheet for a child learning to count above 10.
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    Calculation Color by Number Worksheets

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    This group of color by number worksheets are for older students who need a step up from the more simple color by numbers. These worksheets require either counting, subtraction, addition, multiplication, or advanced math to complete.

    1. Counting Count the dots and color in the space with the corresponding color.
    2. Addition: Color by number this underwater picture with simple addition facts up to 20.
    3. Subtraction: Kids will need to use their subtraction skills to complete this color by number.
    4. Addition and Subtraction: Color in the pictures of kids enjoying the school day in this free, printable color by number.
    5. Hard Subtraction: This color by number is a little tougher with large digit numbers.
    6. Multiple Single Digit Addition: This color by number requires that anywhere from 2-5 digits be added together.
    7. Multiple Double Digit Addition: This color by number is a little harder with multiple double-digit numbers that need to be added together.
    8. High Digit Addition: Add together four digit numbers in this color by number.
    9. Multiplication: Easy multiplication needs to be done to solve this color by number.
    10. Multiplication and Addition: This color by number has both multiplication and addition calculations.
    11. Hard Multiplication: There are more than 2 numbers that need to be multiplied in this color by number.
    12. Parenthesis: A wide range of calculations involving parenthesis.
    13. Unknown Number: Color in this Coral Reef color by number worksheet by finding an unknown number in basic equations.
    14. Order of Operations: Color the picture of a cow by solving the order of operation questions.
    15. Integer Operations: Solve the integer operations in this advanced color by number worksheet.
    16. Back to School: Solve simple addition and subtraction equations to find what color your should use.
    17. Math Fact Color by Number: Color in the picture of a coral reef with this free color by number worksheet that has you practice addition and subtraction.
    18. Addition Color by Number: Solve basic addition equations to color in this picture of underwater fun.