Michaels' Classes are an Inexpensive Way to Learn a New Craft

Free and Inexpensive Craft Classes at Michaels for Adults and Kids

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Michaels in-person craft classes are currently on hold. They are expected to return in the near future.

Michaels' craft classes and events include craft projects and demonstrations that are held at Michaels craft stores. There are classes for adults and children, as well as classes that the whole family can participate in.

Some of the Michaels' craft classes are free and some are very inexpensive. This can be a great way to get out and try something new without breaking the bank.

How to Find Classes and Events at Michaels

To see this month's featured classes, visit Michael's Classes and Events and scroll to the bottom. Here you'll see some of the featured classes that are happening soon.

To see a complete listing of the classes that are scheduled at your local Michaels store, visit Michaels In-Store Classes and click on a category that interests you and then click the red button that says See Schedules by Store. Select the store you'd like to attend a class at by entering your zip code, setting the distance you want to look for a store from you, and clicking Search. Select the store close to you that you'd like to visit for a class.

You'll see the next few month's worth of classes that you can view as a list or in calendar form. Each class has a name, date, time, number of sessions, the number of seats available, and cost. 

Click on the title of the class you're interested in to bring up all the specifics about the class. This includes a description, materials list, skill level, recommended age, and if supplies are included in the class. Keep in mind that if it's a free class but supplies are not included, you may have to buy supplies when you're at the class. You can contact your local store for more details on supply costs.

Classes and Events for Kids at Michaels

Michaels also has craft classes that are just for kids. To find those, visit Michaels In-Store Classes and click on Kids' Programs. Choose See Schedules by Store and put in your zip code and select your store.

Here you'll see the kids classes available over the next few months. Most of the crafting classes at Michaels are part of the Michaels Kids Club and cost $2.00. This isn't a bad deal considering that most of the time all the supplies are included. Some of the classes, especially holiday-themed ones, will be free for the kids to ​participate.

Michaels usually does extra craft classes for kids in the summer, called Camp Creativity. These take place during different days of the week, so be sure you check your store's schedule to find out when. Some of these classes are free, while others cost $2-$5 per child.

There are more classes just for kids available at places like Lowes and Home Depot, The LEGO Store, and Lakeshore Learning.

How to Register for a Michaels' Class

If you've found a class that you would like to attend, you'll need to register for it so save yourself a seat.

Use the Book Your Class Now button in the class description to register for the class. You'll need to create an account or log into one before you can register. Fill out the form to sign-up for the class that you're interested in.

Types of In-Store Events and Classes at Michaels

At Michaels, you'll find a wide range of craft classes and projects. These classes teach you how to create unique crafts including jewelry, painting, flower arranging, paper crafts and much more. There are several new projects every month and with all the classes offered you're sure to find a craft that you'd like to make.

Demonstrations at Michaels often includes cake decorating, new product demonstrations and advanced craft techniques. You won't get to take home a completed craft project at the demos but you'll often be able to try out techniques in the store.