8 Free Christmas Tree Templates

An illustration of Christmas tree cutouts on a crafting table

The Spruce / Maritsa Patrinos

Family Christmas crafts help you usher in the holiday season by engaging in a festive project together. We've rounded up some free Christmas tree templates that can be printed, and then cut out and decorated by children and adults alike. You'll find a wide selection of shapes and styles of Christmas trees that you can use for just about any craft project. These designs can be transferred to regular paper, colored construction paper, or heavy-duty cardstock. Use Christmas tree cutouts to make a garland for your windows, laminate them and gift them as ornaments, or use your finished designs to decorate handmade Christmas cards.

Kiddos can make their Christmas tree creations uniquely theirs by using craft supplies, like markers, crayons, paint, sequins, feathers, and magazine cutouts.

For more detailed tree templates, check out this list of ​Christmas tree coloring pages. Here, you'll find all kinds of Christmas trees to suit your project perfectly.