113 Free Christmas Tree Coloring Pages

The Best Places to Find Printable Christmas Tree Coloring Pages

Grandmother watching granddaughter drawing in front of Christmas trees
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These Christmas tree coloring pages are a great activity for the kids when the weather outside is indeed frightful. They'll love ​coloring and decorating the trees just how they like with crayons, markers, or any other craft item you have around your home.

The Christmas tree coloring pages here are all free and can be downloaded and printed out in a matter of minutes. In fact, you can easily create a whole coloring book of Christmas tree coloring pages that the kids will love in no time.

If...MORE your kids love coloring these Christmas tree coloring pages, they'll probably also love some other Christmas coloring pages and Santa coloring pages that feature many more Christmas traditions and fun images. There are also Christmas tree templates where the kids can really use their imagination to decorate their own tree. These are just a few of the Christmas freebies I have to help save you money this holiday season.

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    A son and father carrying a Christmas tree.
    Color Me Good

    Color Me Good has a full page of free Christmas tree coloring pages that your kids are going to love.

    There are plain Christmas trees, Christmas trees decorated with snow, and Christmas trees all decorated for the holidays.

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    A pine tree

    Here you'll find a whole page worth of Christmas tree coloring pages that even include a connect the dots, color by number, and tracing pages.

    Click on the Christmas tree coloring page thumbnail and then No Ad Version to print the coloring sheet ad free.

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    A decorated Christmas tree
    Raising Our Kids

    There are more than ten Christmas tree coloring pages for kids over at Raising Our Kids.

    To print any of these Christmas tree coloring pages, click on the thumbnail and use the printer icon to print directly from your browser.

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    A Christmas tree decorated with bulbs, lights, and a star.
    Coloring Castle

    Coloring Castle has a handful of printable Christmas tree coloring pages, all of which can be downloaded as a PDF file and then printed.

    These Christmas tree coloring pages include trees that are all uniquely decorated just in time for Christmas.

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    A man peering from behind a Christmas tree at his gifts.
    Fantasy Jr.

    Fantasy Jr. also has a nice selection of Christmas tree coloring pages that feature Christmas trees alone or with some Christmas characters.

    In just two simple clicks you'll have any of these Christmas tree coloring pages printed and ready for the kids.

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    A happy Christmas tree hugging the presents.
    Hello Kids

    At Hello Kids you can choose from Christmas tree coloring pages where the trees have lights, ornaments, or are all decked out.

    These free Christmas tree coloring pages are super cute and easy to print off in just a few clicks.

    Kids might also enjoy coloring these Christmas tree coloring pages online using the Hello Kids virtual crayons. All of the fun and none of the mess!

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    A Christmas tree with gifts underneath it.

    There's only one Christmas tree coloring page here but I had to include it on the list because it makes such a nice project for the kids.

    Print out this blank Christmas tree coloring page and let the kids' imaginations go crazy decorating it just how they want.

    The Christmas tree can even be colored online using virtual markers, crayons, and colored pencils.

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    A color by number Christmas tree coloring page
    Twisty Noodle

    There are 30+ free Christmas tree coloring pages at Twisty Noodle that include natural trees and trees with ornaments.

    You'll also find Christmas tree coloring pages that make a book, help with math, teach kids colors, and other fun activities.

    Each coloring sheet can be printed off with or without a title, with your choice of font, as a tracer page, and you can even add a custom title if you'd like.