Free Christmas Tree Coloring Pages for the Kids

Grandmother Watching Granddaughter Drawing in Front of Christmas Trees

Caiaimage / Monashee Alonso / Getty Images 

These Christmas tree coloring pages are an excellent activity for the kids when the weather outside is indeed frightful. They'll love ​decorating the trees just how they like with crayons, markers, or any other craft item you have around your home.

The Christmas tree coloring pages here are all free and can be downloaded and printed out in a matter of minutes. You can easily create a whole coloring book of Christmas tree coloring pages that the kids will love in no time.

If your kids love coloring these Christmas tree coloring pages, they'll probably also love some other Christmas coloring pages and Santa coloring pages that feature many more Christmas traditions and fun images. There are also Christmas tree templates where the kids can use their imagination to decorate their tree.