Hundreds of Free Christmas Printables

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The free Christmas printables below will make your holiday shine extra bright this year. You'll save time and money and concentrate on being with your family and friends.

You'll find all kinds of free Christmas printables such as holiday cards, gift tags, coloring sheets, decorations, and much more. It's a great mixture of printables for both you and your children.

No matter what your style, you'll be able to find it in these hundreds of free Christmas printables. There really is something for everyone.

If you find something's missing from these free Christmas printables, consider adding a free holiday font or border or frame to them. They'd also look adorable with some Christmas clip art including clip art of Christmas trees, stars, and Santa.

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    Printable Christmas Cards

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    These holiday cards are free Christmas printables that will save you time, money, and still look fabulous when they arrive in the mailboxes of your friends and family.

    There are also Christmas card templates that will help you create beautiful holiday photo cards that you can then print and send out. Use a homemade envelope and your custom address labels to make them even more special.

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    Printable Christmas Newsletters

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    Here's a free Christmas printable that you can stick right into your holiday cards that you send out in the mail each year.

    These newsletter templates help you create your own Christmas newsletter so you can keep everyone updated on what's been going on in your family over the past year.

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    Printable Christmas Gift Tags

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    These free, printable Christmas gift tags will look great atop your wrapped gifts this year. There are hundred of styles to choose from in both classic and modern designs.

    Print off full sheets of the gift tags on regular paper or label paper and you'll have instant one of a kind present toppers.

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    Printable Christmas Stationery

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    Stationery is a great Christmas printable because it can be so versatile. You can use this for Santa letters, holiday newsletters, or just to write friendly notes on during the holidays.

    There are lots of different styles of holiday stationery and you can print out one or all of them for free.

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    Printable Christmas Party Invitations

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    These holiday party invitations are a must have Christmas printable if you are having any kind of gathering this year.

    You'll be able to customize your party information, print them off, and then be ready to share them with all your guests.

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    Printable Christmas Bingo Games

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    These free Christmas printables are fun for both kids and adults. Christmas bingo is a fun holiday game that can be played at parties or even at the kitchen table on a cold snowy night.

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    Printable Christmas Coloring Pages

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    These free Christmas printables are supposed to be just for the kids, but no one's keeping track if mom wants to do some adult coloring to combat the stress of the holidays. There are thousands of Christmas coloring sheets that you can print off for free here.

    You can also find free Santa coloring pages and free Christmas tree coloring pages to keep the kids occupied while you plan for the holidays.

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    Printable Christmas Word Search Puzzles

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    Christmas is a great excuse for making learning fun. The kids are going to love these printable Christmas word search puzzles that are organized by skill level - easy, medium, and challenging as well as grade level.

    There are also printable word search puzzles for winter, other holidays, or just any time of the year.

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    Printable Letters to Santa

    Letter to Santa Claus in mailbox
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    The kids will be so excited that you ran across this free Christmas printable.

    These Dear Santa letters are all free and can be printed off right from your computer. They'll help your child write a heartfelt letter to Santa this year and they'll have a blast doing it.

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    Printable Christmas Thank You Cards

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    After you've opened your gifts, it's time to send out those thank you cards. These free, printable Christmas thank you cards will help you do just that.

    There are even thank you cards here especially for the kids who can fill in the blanks to make writing the thank you notes quick and fun.

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    Printable Letters from Santa

    Santa claus reaching for cookie
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    Use a letter from Santa template to create a Christmas printable that will fill your child with joy and magic this holiday season.

    This free letter from Santa Claus can be customized for your child and then printed when finished.

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    Printable Christmas Lists

    Writing to Santa Claus
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    Print off one of these Christmas printables so Santa and everyone else knows exactly what you want for Christmas this year.

    There are Christmas lists here for young kids, older kids, teenagers, and adults.