10 Free Christmas Card Templates

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Use a free Christmas card template this year to create a one-of-a-kind Christmas card that you can send to everyone you know. These templates look great and will save you lots of money doing it yourself instead of having them made for you. You'll also appreciate the fact that you did it all yourself, creating your own handmade holiday tradition.

You may find that when you download these free Christmas card templates that some of the fonts used in the card aren't installed in your computer. You can try to track these down and download them or use a free holiday font to complete the card.

After you're finished with the free Christmas card template, you can print out your finished card. It will look best printed on photo paper but cardstock can work too. You can upgrade the look by having them printed inexpensively at a store near you.

If you don't have envelopes to fit your cards, you can easily make your own with matching address labels. To include a longer update on your family's big events, you can even include a Christmas-themed newsletter with your card.

If these Christmas card templates look like too much work, you can find other free printable Christmas cards that are all ready to go.

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    Happy Holidays

    A mock-up of a folded Christmas photo card

    Jeff Hendrickson Design

    This Christmas photo card template says "Happy Holidays" with a spot that you can add your family's last name. A folded card like this will look great printed out with your own photos and heartfelt holiday wishes and you can edit them in Photoshop or any other graphics program.

    You'll need to subscribe to the creator's newsletter and then you'll get the link to the download files which includes 9 other free Christmas card templates.

    Happy Holidays from Jeff Hendrickson Design

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    Merry Christmas Collage

    A Christmas card template in red, green, and blue with room for 3 photos.
    Simple As That

    This blue, green, red, and white Christmas card template wishes everyone a Merry Christmas this holiday season. There's room for you to add your last name as well as three family photos.

    There are two other free Christmas card templates on Simple As That, all with a unique style that you should check out when you're there.

    Merry Christmas Collage from Simple As That

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    Be Merry

    A large photo Christmas card template that says "be merry"
    Simply Kierste

    This Christmas card template from Old Salt Farm is designed to show off a big photo of your family, send your holiday greetings, and have your name and year on them. You can print them with the text in white as shown here or in gold.

    There's an easy to follow tutorial that will help you create this gorgeous photo cards along with 3 other templates.

    Be Merry from Old Salt Farm

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    Merry Christmas

    A photo Christmas card

    Simply Kierste

    In just a few minutes, you can add your family photo, name, and year to this free Christmas card template that simply says "Merry Christmas" in colorful letters.

    Step-by-step directions will guide you through making this card your own. Old Salt Farm also has a chalkboard style card and the Be Merry card.

    Merry Christmas from Old Salt Farm

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    Making Spirits Bright

    A colorful Christmas card template with room for 3 photos

    Creative Live

    "Making Spirits Bright!" with a happy holidays message from your family comes across in bright and bold colors that a little more modern than your traditional Christmas card.

    This template from Creative Live includes room to add 3 photos in this Christmas card template which can easily be done in any graphics program.

    Making Spirits Bright from Creative Live

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    Joy to the World

    A "Joy to the World" Christmas card template.
    Moritz Fine Designs

    Moritz Fine Designs has created this lovely yet simple Christmas card template that shouts "Joy to the World" to anyone lucky enough to receive this card.

    Add your own photo and name to the card, and you're ready to print it out and send it to everyone you know.

    Joy to the World from Moritz Fine Designs

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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    A blue and brown Christmas card template with spots for 4 photos

    Milk and Honey Designs

    Milk and Honey Designs has created this lovely Christmas card template in pale blue and brown. On the right side, it says "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" and on the left, it says "From Our Family to Yours."

    This is a .PNG file and it can be opened in any graphics program. You can then add your photos and print it out. It prints out as a 5X7.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Milk and Honey Designs

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    Pink and Cream Holiday

    A pink and cream Christmas card template

    Project Alicia

    This free Christmas Card template from Project Alicia has pretty pink snowflakes floating all over it. The front of the card has room for a photo and the inside of the card allows you to add a custom greeting along with your family's names.

    Pink and Cream Holiday from Project Alicia

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    Peace and Joy

    A Christmas card template that says "Peace, Holidays, Joy, Noel, Snow Day"

    Chole Moore Photography

    Simply add a photo and your message and this "Peace, Holidays, Joy, Noel, and Snow Day" card is all ready to be sent. There's also a great tutorial here about how to add your photograph to the card before printing.

    There are a few other free Christmas card templates Chloe Moore Photography that you'll want to check out as well.

    Peace and Joy from Chole Moore Photography

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    Merry Christmas Dots

    A Christmas card template that says "Merry Christmas"

    Lovely Little Snippets

    Here's a vertical Christmas card template that is 6"x7.5" with room for a 5"x7" photo. It says "Merry Christmas" in muted Christmas colors, giving it quite a vintage feel.

    There are four other templates on Lovely Little Snippets that you may want to consider as well. Each design has a place for a single photo and you can add custom text to the card before printing.

    Merry Christmas Dots from Lovely Little Snippets

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