Free Holiday Beading Patterns

Find the perfect Christmas beading project in this list of free beading patterns. Whether you're looking for patterns for charted peyote stitch, bracelets, cuff bracelets, you'll find something fun to make here. Many of these patterns are Christmas themed but some work for any winter holiday.

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    Bead Angels for Earrings, Charms and Ornaments

    Beaded angel jewelry
    Lisa Yang

    Learn to make two different variations of bead and wire angels that are perfect to add to pendants, earrings and other jewelry. They also make great ornaments for your Christmas tree. Angels are both a symbol of hope and a beautiful reminder of loved ones that we've lost.

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    Netting Stitch Beaded Ornament Cover

    More Rounds of Horizontal Netting Being Stitched on the Ornament
    Purchased ornament covered with rounds of beaded netting stitch. © Chris Franchetti Michaels

    Create a lacy Victorian-style holiday ornament cover with horizontal bead netting stitched in rounds. WIth simple increases and decreases, you can adjust the size of the cover and drape.

    Once you master this basic technique, you can make the ornaments more elaborate by adding beaded fringe or using a combination of different types of beads.

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    Beaded Wire Frame Holiday Ornaments

    Wire and Bead DIY orngaments
    Wire seed beads to a wire frame for unique ornaments. Lisa Yang

    Use craft wire to make an ornament shape that you fill in with beads. The best part is that you can use your existing ornaments as models for your new decorations. This project is a great way to use up a lot of your extra beads!

    Add crystals for extra holiday sparkle and don't forget to make some custom wire ornament hangers for these and other decorations on your tree. Smaller sized wire ornaments are a perfect way to add a little something extra to your gift wrapped packages or place settings around the holiday table.

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    Green and Gold Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

    Emerald City Flat Spiral Bracelet
    Emerald City Flat Spiral Bracelet. Lisa Yang

    Sparkle through the holiday season with this fashionable holiday colored bracelet.

    The emerald green Swarovski bicones and the bright metallic gold of the seed beads used to make this flat spiral bracelet will be a sparkling addition to your favorite holiday dress!

    Substitute red crystals or an assortment of jewel colors to brighten up the holiday festivities.

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    St. Petersburg Bough and Holly Bracelet

    St Petersburg Beadwork Free Tutorial
    St Petersburg Stitch Bracelet. Lisa Yang

    The single St. Petersburg stitch is perfect to make a leafy wreath for your wrist. This bracelet, beaded using Czech size 11 beads in green, gold and opaque deep red looks like decorated boughs and holly, perfect for your winter and Christmas celebrations.

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    Easy Swarovski Crystal Bead Bracelet Tutorial

    swarovski crystal bracelet RAW
    The completed crystal tennis bracelet. © Lisa Yang

    Silver or gold crystals will bring out the holiday sparkle in this project. This crystal tennis bracelet can be made in no time at all. It's great to make for yourself or as a gift. It uses right angle weave and four-millimeter bicone crystals. Be sure to use FireLine or other fishing line style thread to ensure the beads don't cut through the thread either while you are making the bracelet or when you are wearing it.