21 Sets of Free Canning Jar Labels

Homemade canned foods with handmade labels
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These free canning labels for jars will put that special finishing touch on those jams, pickles, veggies, and fruits that you've worked so hard to put up. Since they're free, you can print off as many as you'd like until you find just the right one. If you're giving canned goods away as a gift then these free canning labels will really make them look presentable and all wrapped up while still showcasing the actual jar. You can further jazz up your gift by using a free gift tag or even including your canning recipe on a printable recipe card.

There are all types of free canning labels here for your jar lids, canning jar, or to use as a hang tag around the lid. They come in all different kinds of styles as well—vintage, traditional, modern, and everything in between. Not only are these free canning labels pretty but they're also quite functional letting the recipient know what's in the jar, when it was canned, and who did the canning.

Tip: These free canning labels print very nicely on Avery 5293 (to top regular mouth jar lids), Avery 5294 (wide mouth lids), or Avery 8163 (rectangular for the side of the jar) labels. They also will work great on sticker paper or a full page label that you can then cut out after printing. If you don't have the funds to buy labels, print out these free canning labels on cardstock and glue or tape to the lid. They'll still look great!

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    Chalkboard Labels by Lily & Val

    Pumpkin butter chalkboard style canning labels
    Lily & Vail

    These free canning jar labels are in an adorable chalkboard style and are ready-made for pumpkin butter, apple butter, grape jam, raspberry jam, marmalade, strawberry jam, and peach jam.

    Bonus: Don't forget to check out their free pumpkin butter recipe that will have you drooling!

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    Canned With Love by Ladyface Blog

    Jars with
    LadyFace Blog

    These free canning labels have a cute image of a jar along with a handwritten phrase "canned with love". There's also room for you to write in what's inside the jar. You can print these free canning labels for wide mouth and regular canning jars. They print six per page.

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    Chalkboard Labels by Lia Griffith

    A group of canning jars on a table with chalkboard style canning labels.
    Lia Griffith

    If you love the chalkboard style look, you won't want to skip these free canning labels from Lia Griffith. There are lots of options of designs and sizes here, including editable 2-inch jar lid labels, editable large canning jar labels, 2-inch decorative round labels, 1.5 inch decorative round labels, and editable 1.5-inch jar lid labels.

    In addition to the free canning labels, there are also free dated freezer and canning labels, while allowing you to easily date and mark the contents of the jar or freezer bag.

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    Create Your Own Jam Labels With the Jam Labelizer

    A screenshot of the Jam Labelizer website
    The Jam Labelizer

    The Jam Labelizer will create your own jam label complete with your name, the jam type, up to two taglines, the batch date, and your choice of purple, green, and orange labels. You can choose jam labels for 4 oz., 16 oz., or 25 oz. jars before you print.

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    Labels and More by Paper Crave

    A jar of marinara sauce with a canning tag
    Cottage Industrialist

    I love the simple feel to these free blue and white canning labels from Paper Crave. Not only are there free canning labels you can download, but there are also matching canning party invitations, jar tags, and recipe cards you can print out for free.

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    Jam Jar Dress Ups by Design. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    Design. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    If you're looking for some free canning labels for your jams that are something a little different then you'll love this design. These free canning labels come in orange, blue, red, and purple with the saying "Spread the Love" making them perfect for gift-giving. Also included are matching homemade tags where you can put the name of the jam along with the date and creator.

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    Colorful Labels by Sissyprint

    Colorful labels on canning jars

    These gorgeous canning labels by Sissyprint is going to look great on any type of canned item. Print out a page of these free canning labels and you'll get blue, pink, green, yellow, brown, and purple labels.

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    Patterned Labels by Garden Therapy

    Sheets of free canning jar labels with jars
    Garden Therapy

    These free canning labels will dress your canning jars up in polka dots and plaid. They come in green, purple, pink, yellow, orange, and red in a variety of styles. You can print either 2" or 2.5" labels and use a hole punch or scissors to cut them out. They print 12 per page.

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    Readymade Labels by Merriment Design

    Blueberry jam and apricot jam jar labels
    Merriment Designs

    Merriment Design has a ton of pre-made canning labels you can print for free that include those for blueberry jam, strawberry jam, salsa, and relish. You also can print these free canning labels off in blue, red, yellow, and green and then hand write your own creation on them.

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    Coordinating Labels by A Sonoma Garden

    A sheet of orange and green jar labels
    A Sonoma Garden

    A Sonoma Garden has a sheet of 12 free canning labels in four different designs that include checkerboard, tomatoes, vegetables, and a green and white label. Print these canning jar labels out and add the name and date and you're ready to go.

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    Marmalade Labels by Wendolonia

    A jar of key lime marmalade


    These adorable free canning labels that are especially for marmalade. You can print out one of these lovelies from Wendolonia as an orange, lemon, or lime slice.

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    Jam Labels by Black & Iffel

    A canning jar with a raspberry jam label
    Black & Iffel

    These free jam labels from Black & Iffel can be stuck on the jar lid or used as a hang tag to go around your canning jar. You'll find free canning labels here for your peach, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry jam.

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    Garden Labels by Ira Pavolovich

    Vintage jam labels
    Ira Pavolovich

    I love the vintage feel of this free canning label collection that includes labels for your blueberry, peach, apricot, grape, cherry, marmalade, raspberry, mixed berry, and strawberry jams.

    Each of these sets of free canning labels can even be typed onto before printing.

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    Berry Labels by Packagery

    Printable canning jar labels for jam

    These free canning labels are just for jams with labels for berry, cherry, raspberry, and strawberry jam. After you print these free canning labels there is also room for you to add the date.

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    French Country Labels by The Elli Blog

    A jar of raspberry jam on a table

     The Elli Blog

    The Elli Blog has designed a set of French country inspired canning jar labels in a classic black and white style. They say "Homemade Preserves" and "Jam-Packed With Love". 

    Each label is a 2" circle and they print 12 per page from a free PDF file. There's enough room available for you to write whatever the contents of your jar are after you print and cut them out. 

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    Graphic Motif Labels by Home Grown

    A sheet of green, red, and blue canning jar labels
    Home Grown

    There are two different sets of free canning labels here, one is Flowers and Leaves and the other is Fruits and Veggies. Both of these sets of canning jar labels are very colorful with greens, reds, and blues, creating unique designs.

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    Garden Labels by Ink Tree Press

    A sheet of free canning jar labels
    Ink Tree Press

    These free canning labels are so cute and nostalgic, you'll want to can something just so you can use one! There are specialty labels made for blueberry jam, strawberry jam, spaghetti sauce, apple butter, and salsa. All you need to do is print and add the date.

    There are also blank canning labels available here in blue, green, red, and yellow. They open as PDF files with auto-fill enabled so you can even type on the details before printing.

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    Orange Labels by How About Orange

    Orange and white canning jar labels
    How About Orange

    How About Orange has some wonderful free canning labels perfect for any time of year. These orange canning labels are 2" in diameter and come 12 to a page.

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    Vintage Labels by Miss Cutiepie

    A sheet of canning jar labels
    Miss Cutiepie

    These vintage labels make perfect canning jar labels with space to write the name of the canned item along with the date. Print out one page of these free canning labels and you'll get 6 labels in pink, gray, olive green, teal, green, and purple.

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    Jam Labels by Eat, Drink, Chic

    A cherry jam canning jar label
    Eat, Drink, Chic

    These adorable jam labels come in sets for your cherry, rhubarb, strawberry, blueberry, apricot, or marmalade homemade jam. The free canning labels included in each set include labels with the type of jam, a "homemade" heart, and a "homemade with love" gift tag.

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    Jam Labels by Domestifluff

    Strawberry jam with a kraft paper label

    You'll find both free canning labels and hang tags here at Domestifluff just for your jams. You can print off the canning labels for strawberry, peach, cherry, plum, blueberry, raspberry, mixed berry, blackberry, and damson jam as well as orange marmalade.