1,407 Free Butterfly Clipart Images

Where to Download Beautiful Images of Butterfly Clip Art for Free

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These free butterfly clipart images reflect the beauty and elegance of these majestic insects. They'll look great on your next project.

There are all different types of butterflies represented in these clip art images in all different colors and sizes. Some of the free butterfly clip art images are elegant, some are whimsical, and others are more scientific. You should be able to find the perfect image for whatever you're working on.

Download any or all of these butterfly clip art images...MORE in high-quality files that you can begin using right away.

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    A Monarch butterfly

    Clker has a large storage of hundreds upon hundreds of free butterfly clip art, including not only just butterflies but also flowers, borders, and other things that may be related to butterflies.

    Some of the butterfly clip art at Clker have several very similar images that are simply a different color, while others are of all sorts of designs.

    When you download free butterfly clip art from Clker, you can save them as small, medium, or large PNG files as well as in the SVG format.

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    A brown and yellow butterfly
    Bob Mcdonald

    There are several more free butterfly clip art images to be found at Free Clip Art Store. A few are much smaller than others but I can sure see use for some of them.

    The images here are non-animated clip art that you can download as regular picture files by just right-clicking on them to copy or save them.

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    A multi-colored butterfly
    Classroom Clipart

    You can find over 25 free butterfly clip art at Classroom Clipart, spread about through a few different pages.

    There are some really nice, clean images here that can all be downloaded free of charge.

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    A spotted neon butterfly

    Sweet Clip Art has a page of high-resolution free butterfly clip art. When opened, each of these images are of great quality and very large in size.

    The free butterfly clip art at Sweet Clip Art is a bit similar to the others on the download page, but the design and colors are unique.

    Be sure to click through a couple times to get the largest size you can download, and then just right-click and save it to your computer.

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    Amulti-colored butterfly

    eDigg has a great page full of free butterfly clip art. All sorts of butterfly colors and designs can be found here. There are around 10 in total.

    The clip art at eDigg is entirely free to download and use, so just click the download button next to the images to open their download pages, and then follow the instructions on that page to download them.

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    A green butterfly
    Visual Pharm / IconBug

    IconBug has a couple pages of free butterfly clip art, and on each download page is a nice description of the butterfly.

    There are around 30 pictures here that can be downloaded in any of these sizes: 128x128, 64x64, 48x48, 32x32, and 24x24

    On each download page is the total download count and the license information for reusing it.

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    A butterfly trapped in a jar
    Laura Strickland / MyCuteGraphics.com

    MyCuteGraphics has many elegant images of free butterfly clip art, and most of them are available in a large size.

    The colors are simple and clean with labels to identify the butterfly species.

    Just click on any butterfly clip art at MyCuteGraphics to be taken to the download page, then right-click to save it or copy the picture to the clipboard.

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    A two-toned yellow butterfly
    Clipart Panda

    Clipart Panda has 170+ free butterfly clip art images that feature butterflies of all different colors.

    You'll find realistic butterflies and also more fanciful butterflies in all the colors of the rainbow. There are also some stunning black and white images that would look great in any type of project. 

    Click on a thumbnail and you'll be able to view the number of views, the number of downloads, filetype, and dimensions of the clip art image before downloading.