9 Cross Stitch Border Patterns

cross stitch border pattern
Koekoek / Etsy

You just finished your current cross stitch project but you are looking for something to add a bit more flare to the piece. You don't want to leave the project blank. Why not add a border to your cross stitch? Below is a small sampling of free and for-purchase borders to make your cross stitch project stand out.  

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    Many people think that geometric borders equal mid century modern. Handmade Adelaide shows us that geometric shapes can be soft, more traditional and acceptable for any style of cross stitch. These borders are free on her website. You can print them out or save them to your computer. 

    Geometric Borders from Handmade Adelaide


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    Floral Border

    The Stranded Stitch / Etsy

    Hooplas have been a hot trend for a few years and show no signs of slowing down. The Stranded Stitch gets the hoopla craze with their Floral Border. This pattern is specifically for hoops or round frames. This floral pattern is perfect for any type of quote from snarky to sweet. You can also use it to remember a moment such as a wedding or birth of a baby

     Floral Border, $4.50, The Stranded Stitch via Etsy

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    Batik Inspired Borders

    Koekoek / Etsy

    Choosing the right border for your cross stitch can be challenging. Keokoek offers a wide variety of borders in their shop. The borders range from modern geometric shapes to more tribal to traditional. You can change the colors up to fit the project. Their Batik Inspired Borders are earthy while still showcasing a modern touch. 

    Batik inspired Borders, $6.00, Koekoek via Etsy

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    If you are seeking a more traditional border with a bit of color, this Flower and Vine Border is perfect for you. It is a bit more detailed than most borders and may be a little more difficult for beginning cross stitchers, but it is worth the work. It will make your center piece pop even more. This border would work beautifully with food or kitchen related cross stitch pieces. It is available for free on their website. 

    Flower and Vine Border from Cyber Stitchers 


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    Is there a beautiful poem or moment in time you would like to preserve? Why not cross stitch it and add this very detailed floral Perennial Border. This pattern is somewhat bigger and definitely more time consuming than most borders, but the details are worth the extra work. This piece would be beautiful for newlyweds' wedding vows. It can also be stitched in memory of someone who has passed on. It is a very elegant pattern that will treasured for years to come. 

    Perennial Border from 123 Stitch

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    Geometric shapes can come in a wide variety of styles. The Star Geometric Border from Cross Stitch gives a nod to a tribal or Native American pattern. These stars can be changed to any color to work with your cross stitch project; and they can be sized up or down. They can also be stitched up individually as ornaments, key chains or pieces of jewelry. The border would be perfect for a western themed cross stitch or a Big Lebowski quote. This border is free for you to download. 

    Geometric Border from Cross Stitch

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    Assisi Border

    Assisi is a small town in Italy and the birthplace of St. Francis. Assisi is also a kind of needlework that was popular in medieval Italy. The cross stitch features a background that is filled in and the main image is left blank. Everything Cross Stitch has taken this technique and created an Assisi Embroidery Border Pattern. This border is breathtaking and intricate. It is a border that will take your cross stitch to another level. 

    Assisi Embroidery Border Pattern, $12.00, Everything Cross Stitch

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    This Butterfly and Flower Border is the perfect cross stitch border for beginners. Even though it is not as detailed as others, it still is a statement piece. You can pick different colors depending on your likes and the imagery of the main cross stitch project. This pattern is for free at Broderie. You can adjust the pattern for the size of your cross stitch. It would also make a beautiful frame using plastic canvas and yarn. 

     Butterfly and Flower Border from Broderie

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    Petites Croix share this Folklore Frieze cross stitch border for free on their website. It mixes medieval images with more folk inspired artwork. It is done in one color, but would also look good with variegated floss. You could use this border on pillows and bookmarks. Cross stitch your favorite fairy tale and finish it off with this folksy pattern. 

    Folklore Frieze from Petites Croix