16 Free Build It Yourself Bed Plans

An illustration of a twin bed being built

The Spruce / Ellen Lindner

Use one of these free bed plans to build a bed for yourself, your child, or to give as a gift that will be cherished for years.

There are free bed plans here for all sizes and types of beds including king beds, Murphy beds, daybeds, queen beds, platform beds, double and twin beds, and bed frames. Many of the plans can also be modified so you can get exactly the size and look that you want.

The free bed plans below include directions for building the bed, photos, and diagrams to give you a visual look, and some include videos and comments if you have any questions or need to see exactly how it's done.

If you enjoyed these free bed plans, consider looking into other free woodworking plans for building things such as a loft bed, bunk bed, desk, dresser, and bookcase.

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    King Size Storage Bed Plan

    A white DIY storage bed

    Do It Yourself Divas

    Use this free plan from Do It Yourself Divas to build yourself a king-size bed with 6 storage drawers — 3 on both sides, as well as two large hinged spaces below where the mattress lies.

    There are four parts to this plan, so be sure to follow the links to the other steps at the end of each page. There are material and cut lists as well as real pictures at each step for a thorough explanation of how it’s done.

    King Size Storage Bed Plan from Do It Yourself Divas

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    DIY Farmhouse Bed

    A DIY farmhouse bed

    A City Born Love

    This DIY farmhouse bed plan from A City Born Love looks like it has leaped out of the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog. There are plenty of photos, diagrams, instructions, and links to videos and tips, meaning that you'll have extra support if you tackle this beginner-friendly project.

    DIY Farmhouse Bed from A City Born Love

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    Romantic DIY Bed Plan

    A custom built DIY bed

    The Accent Piece

    This beautiful bed plan from The Accent Piece features a headboard with detailed curves that are just stunning. No one will believe that you made this bed! The Accent Piece has included photos and written instructions so you can build this DIY bed too.​

    Romantic DIY Bed Plan from The Accent Piece

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    Free King Size Bed Plan

    Shanty 2 Chic King Size Bed

    Shanty 2 Chic

    This plan from Shanty 2 Chic explains building a large king-size bed that’s around 7 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 5 feet tall.

    You can see a step-by-step set of instructions to follow with real-life pictures, as well as download a PDF detailing the list of supplies you’ll need, the length of every board, and color-coded illustrations of the building process.

    This bed can be built for nearly 1/10 the price that it would cost to buy it, so this is a great DIY project to save money.

    Free King Size Bed Plan from Shanty 2 Chic

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    Hanging Daybed Plan

    Picture of a hanging daybed


    Lowe's has a free plan you can view for instructions on building a hanging daybed, as seen in this photo. The estimated time to complete this project is just a couple of days, and the cost comes in at under $500. The bed is supported with chains on all four sides and is perfect for a porch or pergola.

    All the materials and tools are listed out so you know what you need before getting started. A video gives a quick overview of how the bed will be put together, but there are also step-by-step instructions for building and trimming the frame, installing the main panel, applying the finish, and installing it.

    Hanging Daybed Plan from Lowe's

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    Platform Bed Plan With Storage

    Picture of a platform bed with storage compartments


    This plan from Lowe's comes in different sets so it can be used for a twin, full, queen, or king-size mattress. There are 10 storage compartments that surround the base of the bed, and no need for box springs.

    Before getting started is a full list of the materials and tools that are required to work through the project, which is then followed by a quick video overview of what you'll cover in the steps.

    Platform Bed Plan With Storage from Lowe's

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    Free Queen Sized Storage Bed Plan

    Picture of a white bed with storage drawers

    Ana White

    Like the previous plan, this one from Ana White also has storage space surrounding the bed, though this one is made for a queen-size mattress.

    See the shopping list and tools you’ll need to complete this project, as well as the cut list for building the pieces, and images and descriptions for each step.

    The estimated cost for building this bed is between $150 and $200.

    Free Queen Sized Storage Bed Plan from Ana White

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    Free King Fancy Farmhouse Bed Plan

    Picture of a white king size bed frame

    Ana White

    Ana White also has an elegant plan for a farmhouse bed that's easy to follow and is marked as requiring intermediate skills to build it.

    All of the details are included so you get full images along with measurements, a shopping list, and a collection of tools that are required to put this together.

    This links directly to the king-size plan, but Ana White also offers a plan for Mom's Fancy Farmhouse bed.

    Free King Fancy Farmhouse Bed Plan from Ana White

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    Murphy Bed Plan for a Twin Mattress

    carpenter at work

    artist-unlimited / Getty Images

    Estimated to cost around $150, this plan from Ana White details how to build a Murphy bed, also called a pull-down or wall bed. It stands 6 ½ feet tall against the wall and lies just over 6 feet when fully extended into the room.

    A PDF download includes all the items you need to buy to build the bed, as well as the tools required to assemble it. There are also illustrations that go along with the written instructions so you have a visual idea of what you’re doing.

    Murphy Bed Plan for a Twin Mattress from Ana White

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    Rustic Barnwood Twin Bed Plan

    A rustic twin bed

    Her Tool Belt

    Her Tool Belt has a free bed plan that uses reclaimed barn wood to build a twin bed frame, headboard, and footboard.  The plan includes a free cut list, building instructions, diagrams, and color photos so you can build it too.

    Rustic Barnwood Twin Bed Plan from Her Tool Belt

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    DIY Toddler Bed

    A toddler bed in the shape of a house

    The Okie Home

    Design Confidential used these free DIY toddler bed plans to build this whimsical bed for their little one that's in the shape of a simple house. Design Confidential also has a similar platform twin bed and a full-sized version. They even have a free plan for a toddler bed rail if you need it.

    DIY Toddler Bed from The Design Confidential

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    Collapsible Bed Frame Plan

    Picture of a collapsable bed frame


    This plan from Andrew K Love for Instructables definitely isn't as sophisticated as most of the others from above, but it’s very useful if you move often and would like to take your bed with you, as it breaks down into a very easily manageable pile of wood. Images are shown for the steps and there’s a list of tools and materials you’ll need.

    Collapsible Bed Frame Plan from andrewklove/Instructables

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    How to Build a Basic Bed

    Picture of a simple bed

    Wood Gears

    There isn't much to this bed from Wood Gears except what's needed, which are sides, ends, and feet. There isn't anything fancy or interesting about it, which should make it pretty easy to put together. There are pictures to accompany the steps, but the text isn't as detailed as some of the other plans from this list.

    How to Build a Basic Bed from Wood Gears

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    Free Queen Size Bed Plan

    A sketch of a queen sized bed

     Wood Gears

    Wood Gears also has a few other queen-size bed plans in this list that are easier to build, but I've included this one in case you want to try something a bit more challenging.

    As you can see in the picture, the bedposts are rounded at the top, and the headboard is fancier than just a simple panel.

    All the measurements are clearly shown so you know exactly how to cut these pieces and put them all together. There's also a printer-optimized format of this plan that has larger images along with the written instructions.

    Free Queen Size Bed Plan from Wood Gears

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    Rustic Metal Strap Queen Bed Plan

    Metal strap bed

    Designs by Studio C

    Designs by Studio C has another queen bed plan with a total of six drawers for storage. The bed will end up looking rustic due to the aluminum bars.

    All details for building this bed are shown through the link above, where there's a material, lumber, and cut list, as well as illustrations with each step to understand the different sizes and how they fit together. This plan can be downloaded as a 10-page PDF for offline viewing.

    Rustic Metal Strap Queen Bed Plan from Designs by Studio C

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    Industrial Platform Bed Plan

    Illustration of a platform bed

    Sawdust Girl

    Here's another free platform bed plan, this one from Sawdust Girl. It doesn't have dedicated storage space like the one from above, but it is easier to build and has wheels so you can move it around with ease.

    The plan can be manipulated to fit all types of beds, like twin, full XL, queen, king, and California king sizes. These sizes are found at Sawdust Girl so you know what needs to be changed to fit your mattress.

    There's also a list of materials you need and detailed instructions with images to show you how it's built.

    Industrial Platform Bed Plan from Sawdust Girl